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This week’s guest Turkey Medicals, is the president of the Association of muscle diseases of Turkey,

Professor, Can you tell me the history of when your association was founded?

In 1978 the association is headquartered in Yeşilköy-Istanbul.

What are the general areas of activity of your association?

Problems faced by disabled people include employment and inability to participate adequately in social activities. In order to bring such problems to the minimum possible level, “basic computer and computer Accounting Association” courses are organized in our association building, which we organize in a total of two semesters covering the spring and last spring semesters.

Basic computer training course which provides participants with basic computer usage information işkur disabled after the protocol, we have achieved our basic computer course lasts three months, and the main Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point programs, and the internet are taught.

Computer accounting course has implemented the “ computer accounting” course with the support of IŞKUR funds in order to provide professional and economic rehabilitation of novelists and other physically and mentally disabled people. Jewelry-wood painting course also continues every day for the week in our association.

Physical therapy and Rehabilitation Service is a mandatory treatment method for patients suffering from one of the neuromuscular diseases. Rehabilitation units in our country are unfortunately insufficient both in terms of numerical and expert staff. Considering this problem, the dissemination of rehabilitation services in our country is one of our most important goals. Social services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK) provides free services to our patients who are among our members of Maltepe nursing home and Izzet Baysal nursing home in Istanbul with the important support provided to our association.

We provide home care services to our members who need home care. The service is carried out with the personnel support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Bakırköy Municipality. Our aim is to structure the home care service within the association.

Again, the need for breathing apparatus, cordless and manual wheelchairs and some medical supplies are met within the framework of the opportunities of the association, especially for our members who do not have Social Security.

There are many activities carried out by our association. Among them, we can say social events, artistic events and various conferences, seminars, conferences and educational works.

As a social event by our association, trips, picnics, dinner meetings, theaters, cinemas, signature days traditional prom and concerts are organized in order to ensure the full and effective participation of our patients in social life with certain periods.

As our artistic activities, we have various organizations that we organize to promote the paintings and sculptures that our members who are talented towards the Fine Arts and the essays, articles and poetry books that our members who are talented towards literature have written.

In addition to all these, our association organizes educational activities, conferences, seminars and meetings for patients and their families, as well as employees and volunteers of the association.

Our aim with our activities for patients and their families is to inform patients and their families about their diseases and rehabilitation and to meet them with expert staff. In this regard, meetings are held at regular intervals in our association Center.

In our activities, we aim to inform the association’s employees and volunteers who serve and support novelists. For this purpose, in-service training programs are provided at regular intervals in our association Center.

Are there any national and international meetings attended by your association? If it does, can you give a few examples of these meetings?

Our association, the World Association of diseases (WANDA), World ALS / MND Associations Union (World Alliance Of ALS/MND Associations) EAM (Europe Union of disease associations ), EDF (European Disability Forum), MSM (a collection of Mediterranean Mythology), WMS (World Society of diseases), NMD TREAT (European diseases are among the participants of the communication network on

Every year, we plan to participate in international meetings held within certain periods, representing our association.

Do other associations serve in your area?

ALS / MND Association. The association was established solely for the purpose of serving ALS patients.

Who can become a member of your association? What are your current members?

Novos patients over the age of 18, their families, health workers and anyone who wants to provide voluntary service in this field can become members of the association. The number of members is 1,195. Our association has 5 branches throughout the country; these are Ankara, Bursa, Gaziantep, Trabzon and Izmir.

How long before the General Assembly and member elections are held? When was the last time the election was held?

The Ordinary General Assembly is held every 3 years. Last election date 15 March 2009

Do you have a periodical scientific publication published by your association?

Among our periodically published publications are e-newsletters that we send to our members every 2 months.

Does your association have a Qualification Board? Is there a qualification exam, if any?

As our association was established primarily to ensure the social integration and full participation of novelists and their families in life, exams, etc. there are no studies.

Can you give information about the Congress and other scientific events organized by your association?

Once a year, a national Turkish Neuromuscular Diseases meeting is held in our country, attended by doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and other health disciplines specializing in muscle diseases. The meetings were decamped for a while, but were brought back to the agenda.

Do the Association have Scientific Working Groups?

At the moment, we don’t have a sitting study group.

Are there any international organizations that you are a member of? What are the joint studies?

Our association, the World Association of diseases (WANDA), World ALS / MND Associations Union (World Alliance of ALS/MND Associations) EAM (Europe Union of disease associations), EDF (European Disability Forum), MSM (a collection of Mediterranean Mythology), WMS (World Society of diseases), TREAT-NMD (European diseases are among the participants of the communication network on diseases. Again, our association is a founding member of EYAF (Federation of life without obstacles).

What are the association revenues?

Our association income consists of dues that we receive from our members and donations to our association in various ways.

How much of the Association’s income does dues account for? Does every member pay dues? What are the sanctions imposed if they are not paid?

We do not receive dues from our members who are unable to pay dues. If it is not paid, there is no sanction that we apply.

Do you find the specialized training time for your branch sufficient/excessive?

Neuromuscular diseases are not a specialty. In some of the main branches of neurology and especially in University Medical Schools, there is a branch of Neuromuscular Diseases. It has not been a minor specialty. In neurology clinics, there are neurologists who work in this branch who are interested in this issue and deepen

What are the goals that your association intends to achieve in the short or long term?

The aim of the association is to reach all muscle patients in short and to ensure a dignified life for them.


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