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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a surgical branch that deals with the elimination of congenital or later anomalies, shape and/or dysfunctions and correction of body contours. Plastic, from Greek “plasticos” it is an incoming word and means “to shape”, “to fit into a mold” also similar to the Turkish language.

Reconstructive is a Latin word and means “to do again”! Here it is possible to reconstruct a structure that has been damaged or lost due to accident or the congenital reasons using similar tissues. For the plastic and reconstructive surgery in Turkey also includes plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.

The area that the plastic and Reconstructive Surgery branch deals with is quite large and deals with every point and structure of the body. This area can be leather for example, muscle, bone, adipose tissue, cartilage tissue, soft tissue, nerve tissue and vascular tissue can also Nov. Again, in plastic surgery, there are methods and plastic surgery operations that can correct more than one of these tissues at the same time.

Soft tissue injuries include accidents and burns, incisions, tissue defects, novelties, vascular and nerve injuries, facial soft tissue injuries, human and animal bites, if we try to summarize the issues of plastic surgery.

Another issue of interest to plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is tumor structures. These tumors can be benign tumors of the skin, I (nevus), polyps, papillomas, warts, verru, pigmenre lesions of the skin, as well as hemangioma (vein tumors), tumors of skeletal muscles, nerve tissue, bone tissue can also be tumors. Again, malignant tumors of these tissues, that is, cancers (basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer, malignant melanoma, sarcomas, angiosarcoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, etc.) is also treated by plastic surgery in Antalya.

Another pathology that Turkey plastic surgeons treat is congenital abnormalities. The most common congenital anomaly is cleft lip, cleft palate. This problem, popularly known as Rabbit lip, since the baby is 3 months old with cleft lip surgery, cleft palate repair surgery in Antalya can be performed from the age of 12 months.

Again, rare facial cleft (Tessier cleft), facial deformities due to syndromes, eyelid defects and problems are also repaired. One of the common congenital anomalies is hand anomalies. Polydactyly (excess finger), Syndactyly (conjoined finger), cleft hand, Brachydactyly (short finger), Aracnodactyly (long finger) are some of these anomalies that the best Turkish plastic surgery deals with.

Hand injuries, hand surgery, nerve and tendon incisions, burn-related contractures, Microvascular surgery, cysts of synovial fluid (Cystic hygroma) are treated by the Top Turkish plastic surgeons in Turkey JCI hopitals by Turkey Medicals medicals assistance.


Anomalies of urogenital system Hypospadias (Prophet’s Sunnah), Epispadias, is the vagina and penis reconstruction, circumcision can be repaired in childhood or corrected in adulthood. Maxillofacial surgery; jaw, nose operation in Turkey, fractures of the cheekbones, bones and around the eyeslid, and their treatment with forehead and plaque screw are among the main topics of plastic surgery in Antalya the city of sun, sea and sand holidays in the world famous Turkish riviera, known in the southern Mediterranean part of Turkey.

Odontogenic and nonodontogenic cysts, tumors related to this area and the dental area can be treated. Diseases and Pathologies of the temporomandibular region are quite common in the face of plastic surgery. In plastic surgery the golden rule for repair is the choice of the simplest and least damaging method to the body. First, primary repair of the wound (for example, suturing) is considered, if there is a loss of tissue, graft (skin patch) or local flap application is performed.

In cases where these methods are also not suitable (such as deep and complex tissue losses, Open bone and tendon injuries), more complex flaps should be used.

The basic rule in plastic surgery is to repair the tissues closest to the lost tissues. In both plastic surgery and plastic surgery, first of all autologous tissues, that is, the use of self-taken tissues of the person is suitable. But the source problem for autologous tissues or other materials can be applied if the patient is not suitable.

These are homogrefts, heterogrefts and alloplastic materials.


In order to get more detailed information on behalf of top plastic surgery, to learn the prices of plastic surgery in Turkey packages, to have an idea about Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you may contact Turkey Medicals Patient Support Center direct or in the contact form area.



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