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The family tables that used to be established have decreased. We don’t do enough sports, we don’t eat fiber. The human body is not designed to eat and sit. The problem we are facing is a real addiction problem. Our Dr. from Antalya MedicalPark Hospital gave remarkable information about how we should eat, especially for longer life period.

Q- You know, we’re still experiencing the pandemic. Are the balances surprised when you say inactivity, weight gain, unhealthy junk food? What should be done?

Modern life was already problematic in this respect, the pandemic intensified this even more. The biology of human beings is not based on sitting and eating all the time, and nature has never been a restaurant where you can order the food you want. We should try to eat real and plant foods as much as possible, exercise for at least 45 minutes and at least moderate intensity at least 4 days a week, sleep around 7.5 hours, protect ourselves from blue light (screen lights) at night, try to develop relationships based on more understanding and love both with ourselves and with others.

The scientific findings clearly support the benefit of all this. For example, a study involving about 3000 health professionals found that a predominantly plant-based diet reduced the risk of severe Covid-19 by 70 percent. A study in Denmark found that 1.5-2.5 hours of light running per week can add a healthy 6 years to life. One of the most basic features of long-lived societies is that the feeling of social solidarity is intense.

Q- There are serious problems with fiber intake. What do you think people should add to their life even if they can’t cook vegetables every day?

Vegetables are not the only source of fiber. Pulses, whole grains, beans and nuts, fruits also contain dense fiber. Fiber is not just a solution for constipation. Fiber foods feed beneficial bacteria, protect against heart disease and bowel cancer, affect our emotions, hormones, immunity and, increasingly, all body functions.

The human intestine is closer to herbivores in the range of full carnivores and full herbivores. We cannot see the movement of our lower jaw from right to left in real carnivores. This movement is for living things that consume more fibrous foods. The absence of our large front teeth, a very athletic body structure and claws are other indicators of this. First of all, we can turn to other fiber sources. Despite all this, if you feel that you are not getting enough fiber, you can add fiber to your diet, for example, fisilium obtained from cactus.

Q- Which of the maternal habits do you think we should bring back that we have lost?

Human beings have lived together in small and close communities for thousands of years, for at least several generations. He has always based his values, lifestyle, habits, personality on this. In the last 100 years or so, we have seen that people have started to become more atomized, they have become lonely in millions. Loneliness can trigger many diseases, from depression to Alzheimer’s disease and heart attack. Dizzying technological developments are also fueling the fire.

Recently, a newspaper report said that a former TV star was found at his home 1 year after he died. About 18,000 facebook messages on his computer that remained open could not prevent his loneliness, dying alone, and even his death was noticed only 1 year later. In addition, these developments increase the differences between generations to incredible dimensions. If we think that a healthy head structure is essential for a healthy body, it is understood that we should try to create individual and social solutions to these problems brought by modern life.

Q- What are there to pay special attention to in the 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond?

With age, our metabolism slows down, our fat ratio tends to increase and muscle ratio tends to decrease. Abdominal fat causes an invitation to many diseases. Inactivity, poor nutrition, stress, environmental pollution, psychological problems, etc. then the aging process accelerates and we shorten the time that nature gives us. But the body also has the potential to repair and renew itself. Due to the influence of some emerging health problems, usually some of the people at this age begin to ask themselves the question of how we can live healthier. Since it becomes difficult to lose weight at this age, it is necessary to be especially careful about this.

It may be useful to eat real and unprocessed foods as much as possible, exercise at least 3-4 times a week, and keep calorie intake at a very low level a few days a week.

Q- The other day I was in a group talking about bentoni clay liquid, spiriluna and fiber drinks. What are these? Why should he come into our lives?

These are products that are natural and have some health benefits. Fiber-rich drinks can be considered as a good alternative, especially for people with insufficient fiber intake through nutrition. As we have explained before, fiber is one of the basic needs of the human digestive system. Bentonite is a kind of clay that can absorb toxins. Therefore, it is necessary not to think of bentonite as a food. Bentonite should be used mostly for special purification and detoxification needs. We may recommend its use under the supervision or consultation of a dietitian/doctor.

Spirulina, on the other hand, is a food that contains up to 60 percent protein and has a very rich nutrient and antioxidant, mineral content. The protein content is even higher than meat. But it is very important to choose a quality one, because low-quality spirulina products can contain seashells, heavy metals and neurotoxins.

Q- Are women entering a period that is especially feared after menopause? What do you think should be the nutritional difference of that period so that the quality of life does not change?

It is necessary to keep bones and muscles intact. Eating a natural and predominantly plant-based diet is beneficial in maintaining the balance of hormones. Foods such as mushrooms, broccoli, legumes, garlic, spinach, root vegetables are especially prominent in this regard.

This period consists of seeds (ex. flaxseed) is a period that should be used more. It is also necessary to take advantage of the benefits of the sun as much as possible. Especially jumping and weight lifting exercises are very very important for women. If you are not a vegan or vegetarian, you should choose animal protein consumption carefully and without exaggeration. Unfortunately, there are many negative studies about milk. The Swedish Milk Study is a good example for this. Organic fermented homemade dairy products (kefir, yogurt) can be a good alternative. According to the Harvard Red Meat Study, the safe limit for red meat is once a week.

Q- Junk food is very common among young people. What will all this junk food do to them? Do you have any suggestions for families?

This is a huge problem. Since junk food is produced especially with smells, sweeteners and additives that will lead to addiction, the problem we are facing is a real addiction problem. As you know, the treatment of addictions is not easy at all.

If the child is very young, it is very important to shift the taste habit towards healthy foods. Instead of fighting with older children, we should try to provide information and try to produce delicious alternatives. For example, when you make mashed balls with boiled beans, dates softened by soaking in water and pour powdered cocoa on them, you get a delicious, but at the same time nutritious, protein, fiber snack.

Q- Sugar, hypoglycemia, blood pressure, weight are now a more common mass problem. Why do you think? What happens if this state continues?

We can also call them metabolic syndrome. Abdominal fat is a result of excess calorie intake in all mammals, including humans. Abdominal fat, insulin resistance, diabetes, hypertension, etc. it is related to diseases such as. The continuity of this condition can significantly shorten the life expectancy. I advise all adults to skip dinner twice a week or have a very light and early dinner to start with.



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