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Turkey Medicals Co-ordinator, “First of all, I get into the subject by immediately stepping in from our soul, body state.” said.

The first station from which the SEROTONIN train departs is INTESTINAL STATION. As we know, Serotonin is an ELIXIR of God that controls not only our emotions, but also our body, as it has a say over our feelings such as happiness, vitality and fitness!

It is also a neurotransmitter that carries signals in our nerve cells; can we say that it is also a carrier of the communication channel of individual consciousness with great consciousness? I’ll leave it to you. If a child says dad, it is a cause of surprise, like dad surprise who does not hear him, Serotonin!

We usually get up in the morning tired and restless and unhappy!

When we look at the whole country, about half of you are like this, approximately.

The problem of an unhappy country is not only the big issues, but also the individual unhappiness of the lives it contains, the unhappiness of the country. There is something in us, especially in the lower layer, that is, in our intestines, that does not go in place, there is something that does not fit into place, so we can say that the upper system is the cause of the abnormality that puts a dent in the peace of the brain, now!

If we are in an unhappy state, even though we have everything; our house, our car, a beautiful family, no matter how much we have, if our guts are unhappy, our brain is also unhappy. We are unhappy too!

The journey of the happiness hormone SEROTONIN from the first place of production to the brain and heart is our happy journey.

Serotonin is not a hormone produced in the brain as we know it, it’s just; its main source is our intestines. We can also say that it is the whole digestive system.

That is, colon cleansing is our first reason for leaving. One of the valuable experts for the health of the intestines, also pointed out: ”Only nutrition is not enough for a happy life, but the beginning of everything is nutrition,” he explains this thesis as follows:

“When we talk about unhappiness or depression, the first thing that comes to mind is serotonin, known as the happiness hormone. 95% of the serotonin substance is made by probiotics in the intestines, and 5% is made by the brain. The intestines are also the most important organ of the immune system. 70% of immune cells are located in the intestines. In other words, the first and most basic thing that we need to fix both in the immune system and depression is nutrition.” he says, and the basic chemical biological arguments of the feeling of being happy underline that it is our intestines.

Of course, many experts agree on this, you can also find that they “agree” in the vast ocean of information.
I have been writing for a long time that this is the main reason why my holistic health, peace and happiness accelerated forward when I reached this consciousness for a long time, by living.

It is with my feelings to share my very sincere feelings and my sense of responsibility for life.

A happy gut is a Happy brain, A Happy Brain has a happy family and country!

Then when we say that a nail will save a country, a Happy gut means a happy country. It means a happy person. It means happiness.

Believe me, the truth of the matter is that it is. Happiness, Peace and well-being drags us into the consciousness of the reasons that cover the whole that starts from the gut, what the first source is and how the reactions and echoes continue. Being healthy is a consciousness of life.

One thing we don’t know is that serotonin is not used only in the brain. One of its secrets is that it is used in the heart. When we say love your heart, Serotonin is the hormone that mediates this love. When we say go to the car, if there is no gas, it will not leave.

The primary and mysterious fuel of your heart is Serotonin.

The wisdom of the intestines, the fact that it turns into joy in the heart and brain, gives happiness, also indicates that we should no longer throw everything into our mouths.

We know how to turn a short-term taste and pleasure we get on the tongue into restlessness in the brain and heart!?

In this tunnel, a healthy hormone is produced in our intestines and we distribute it to the most functional organs of the body. From there, we bring Our peace in a mental and vibrational field to spring in the heart and brain.

Only if consciousness and will are harmoniously synchronized can we introduce this discipline into your life.

Knowledge and wisdom; Knowledge is now very easy. We get it cheaply from anywhere in the most economical way.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is the harmonious realization of will and consciousness. It requires high labor.

Being conscious is our main issue. The main reason for human purification and the meeting of knowledge with arif is wisdom.

Then we will have stepped into universal peace.

We shouldn’t simplify anything!

When we synchronize the knowledge and wisdom of a problem that we have reached its source with the dual principle, the world is a paradise for us.

In this heavenly place, where we find life with a possibility of infinity, we become HAPPY with eternal peace and a series of happiness only by being embodied in flesh and bone by the wisdom of being conscious and by the embodiment of high attention and will.



Seeing light through a tunnel is like seeing SEROTONIN from the gut.

Plenty of serotonin, may your life be heaven, may your life be long.



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