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Septum deviation, also known as internal curvature of the nose, is a displacement of the nasal septum. One becomes smaller compared to the other and is popularly understood as the curvature in the middle part of the nose. This part should be straight.

Turkey Medicals Co-ordinator, “If the severity of this deformity is intense, chronic nasal congestion, breathing difficulties may occur. In addition, nasal congestion may also occur due to swelling caused by curvature. Septum deviation surgery aims to eliminate this problem.” was said.


Nasal curvature may not show symptoms in many cases. That is, it is normal for a person not to know that he has a deviated septum. The characteristic symptoms of this disorder are as follows:

1- Noisy breathing: This discomfort can occur during the day or during nighttime sleep. Due to curvature and swelling, sound occurs when breathing in and out.

2- Nasal loop awareness: The nasal loop is the displacement of the nasal obstruction side. First, one side gets blocked, and after a certain period of time, the blockage passes to the other side. The patient suffering from deviation easily notices the nasal cycle condition.

3- Blockage of the nostrils: One or both of the nostrils may be blocked at once. Congestion causes breathing difficulties.

4- Nosebleeds: The surface section of the nasal septum may dry out and bind the scab. This can also cause nosebleeds.


There are several main factors that cause nasal curvature. You can find them below:

  • It can occur during childbirth.
  • Septum deviation may develop due to aging.
  • It may have developed due to a physical trauma that occurred during childhood.
  • Falls and decapitations, traffic accidents, serious injuries are among the most common causes.
  • Blows received during sports such as wrestling and boxing can cause nasal curvature.

If you are engaged in sports that will cause physical injuries, it is important to wear a helmet. If you have difficulty breathing or if you have been suffering from nasal congestion for a long time, we recommend that you see a specialist doctor in Turkey.



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