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Even small changes on the nose can significantly affect the overall appearance of the person’s face. Rhinoplasty – a very important indicator in terms of the aesthetic appearance of an person’s face in rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul performed using various different methods on the nose, maintaining the natural structure and appearance of the patient’s nose and giving the patient’s nose the necessary shape without disturbing this structure. It’s the most important indicator of how successful you are. Because of this condition, it is very important to design a nose specific to the patient. After rhinoplasty surgery, the person’s nose should be proportional to the face, natural and beautiful, and also it should not be understood from the outside that plastic surgery is applied to the person.

Both rhinoplasty and septum deviation (septoplasty) operations before the patient has realistic and logical expectations and in consultation with an experienced surgeon who specializes in this, good intervention in the patient with planned surgery will be able to bring the person’s sense of satisfaction after surgery to the highest levels.


All aesthetic changes made in accordance with the person’s facial structure and facial lines, without excessive changes, without disturbing the structure of the task of the nose, is called rhinoplasty, that is, rhinoplasty surgery.

Aesthetic nose operations in Turkey with the technique of “nose surgery without tampons”.

Rhinoplasty and the nose of a person’s so called the natural functions of the nose in order to improve the image of bone and cartilage in a safe for the purpose of shaping is applied aesthetic practice. The goal of rhinoplasty is to aesthetically correct the nose to adapt to other features of the face.

In practice of rhinoplasty, applications such as adding or removing a number of specialist doctors are performed in the cartilage tissue of the nose in order to give the patient’s nose the desired shape surgery is applied. In rhinoplasty operations, successful results of the operation after the operation (rhinoplasty) can be characterized as positive not only on the patient’s nose, but also on the entire face it reveals changes and differences, and rhinoplasty surgery ensures permanence on the person throughout the person’s entire life, as well as ensuring the person’s self-confidence and ensuring that the person lives a peaceful life with himself it is one of the most commonly performed procedures among plastic surgery operations.


Although the answer to this question may seem “yes” when you look at the results of many rhinoplasty operations; this is not always the case. Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) usually reducing the size of the nose and sometimes enlarging, reshaping the tip of the nose, gives the nasal Arch a shape compatible with the patient’s face within the desired frame of the patient and ensuring that the patient breathes comfortably while performing this procedure intended. In addition, rhinoplasty operations are also performed to correct the unwanted angle present between the patient’s upper lip and nose, or angular problems in the area between the nose and forehead. Rhinoplasty in operations, sometimes it is necessary to add tissue to the nose in order to correct the appearance and shape of the nose. All of these procedures, which must be performed on the nose, are performed with a single operation.

Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey, as the patient’s nose structure and shape are corrected, however, various breathing problems observed in the person due to curvature in the nose and deviation in the nose or Concha hypertrophy observed in the nose are also rhinoplasty surgery it can be corrected during. In patients with curvature in the nose, curvature is also observed on the outer parts of the nose. Correction of the curvature inside the patient’s nose can be recorded on the outside of the person’s nose it provides an improvement. This condition, seen in the patient, should be corrected by the surgeon in a single operation during the operation. For example, in rhinoplasty surgery, curvatures located in the inner parts of the patient’s nose and breathing associated with the nose a combination of problems can be corrected in a single surgical operation. After rhinoplasty surgery, the patient does not see any negative changes in the senses, such as smell and breathing. Nose the method and scope of Aesthetic Surgery is carried out in accordance with the wishes and demands of the patient in the manner that the surgeon deems appropriate.

Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is at the beginning of the operations where the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise of the surgeon who will perform the operation comes to the forefront and is important compared to all other plastic surgery operations it takes. Rhinoplasty operations, when performed by experienced and specialized surgeons, are operations in which both the functional and external appearance of the patient’s nose is corrected. Nose located in the middle of the person’s face it is an organ with characteristic features specific to the person, and surgical operations to be performed on the nose, which are important both because of its function in the body and because of the aesthetic characteristics it adds to the person, are performed by careful and experienced specialists should be done.


A condition called septum deviation in medical literature is a flat wall located between the person’s nostrils, which forms a kind of post in the middle part of the nose. It is necessary to shift the line to the right or left side.

Septum deviation (septum shift) is a problem that can also lead to serious problems from the patient’s point of view and should be focused on. Septum deviation completely or partially closes one of the person’s nostrils, it can block the passage of air through the nostrils. This condition, on the other hand, manifests itself as the patient experiences various breathing difficulties and even sometimes nosebleeds.


Problems and problems related to the septum in a person usually do not manifest themselves publicly. Most patients continue their lives unaware that they have septum deviation. Symptoms of septum deviation include:


  • Nosebleed due to septum dryness.
  • Obstruction in the ducts connected to the nostrils.
  • Loud and loud breathing during sleep, snoring.
  • Common sinus infections.
  • Frequent repeated pain in the face and head area.


Factors that cause septum deviation in a person can be listed as follows;

  • Hereditary-congenital factors (genetic factors).
  • Trauma and injury conditions in the nose due to subsequent environmental factors.
  • Conditions of skewing that occur in the septum bones due to aging.


A surgical procedure that requires surgical intervention for permanent correction of the deviation if the symptoms of septum deviation are serious in the person and affect the person’s standard of living it needs to be implemented. The operation performed to remove the deviation of the Septum is called septoplasty.

Rhinoplasty surgery performed for aesthetic purposes and septoplasty surgery performed for functional purposes are operations that can be performed simultaneously in a single operation. The Septum is of great importance in terms of nasal anatomy. Septum name the given structure is located right in the middle of the cartilage structures that shape the nose and performs the task of carrying all the structures that make up the nose, as well as providing support to the structure that the nose has from the inside of the nose that shapes the nose it keeps the structure afloat. When various curvatures are detected on the septum, which has such an important function in the nose, the part that causes the curvature is cut and removed by the surgeon in the nose. Depending on the patient’s septum condition if the condition of cartilage removal occurs, the area up to half the size of the septum is removed.

Septum deviation (curvature) surgery the main principle of septoplasty operations is to leave and not remove an area at least 1-1.5 centimeters wide in the structure of the nose in the parts that make up the back of the nose in the patient references If this condition is not observed, the supporting structure of the nose will be weakened, and in this case it will cause a number of collapses and weakening in the patient’s nasal area over time.


This condition, popularly called a fall of the nose after rhinoplasty operations, is actually due to this complication seen in cases where more than half of the septum is removed in the patient. Patient removing excess cartilage from the nose at the right rate does not cause the patient to breathe comfortably and comfortably. The important issue here is not the removal of excess cartilage structure from the patient’s nose, but the deviation of the septum it is the issue of what amount of cartilage is left in the patient’s nose by removing it. Therefore, after the patient has had rhinoplasty and septum deviation (septoplasty) surgery, if the surgery is an expert and experienced Aesthetic, Plastic and if it was performed by a reconstructive surgeon and/or otolaryngologist, there should be no concern or concern that any fall or collapse will occur in the nose.


Septorinoplasty repairs a structure called a septum in the middle part of the nose, which makes it difficult for a person to breathe through the nose, as well as applying rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty) to the patient in the same operation to the patient’s nose it is the name given to the process of giving a shaped and aesthetic appearance.

Septorinoplasty surgery is known today as one of the most preferred plastic surgeries. A plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in the technique and principles of septorinoplasty operations the patient can breathe through the nose in a comfortable and comfortable way for life, and can have a stylish and aesthetic nose.

In septorinoplasty surgery, the goal is both to breathe comfortably through the patient’s nose and to make it an aesthetic appearance without disturbing the proportional harmony of the external appearance of the person’s nose with his face. References a nose that cannot breathe in a healthy way, no matter how aesthetic and beautiful it is, will still be included as an element that has a negative impact on the comfort of a person’s life.


Rhinoplasty, septoplasty, septorinoplasty all rhinoplasty operations are individual, specific procedures.

For this reason, it is not right to talk about a fixed price of Turkey rhinoplasty surgeon. Bone and cartilage structure of the nose, the level of septum deviation (if present) is the main factors determining the difficulty of the operation. Prices for rhinoplasty also vary depending on these factors. Rhinoplasty is the most accurate and healthy examination of your Turkish doctor to get information about prices.

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