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Fish oils are at the top of the food supplements that doctors recommend the most for children. So why is fish oil so important? Turkey iHealth member and JCI Antalya hospital Specialist in Children’s Health and Diseases Prof. Dr. recommended from the age of 1 the great benefits of liquid fish oil regular use upon the healthy development of children by describing, “pregnancy and the breastfeeding period regularly since omega-3 showed that children’s intelligence scores higher than others in tests need to be met,” he said.

Omega-3 is a must-have nutrient for children. Since the age of 1, small children should regularly meet their Omega-3 needs, stating that they constantly warn parents, Child Health and Disease Specialist Prof. Dr. said, “Because the fastest December of brain development is in the 0-3 age range and a significant part of the brain is composed of the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA. There are many studies that show that children who take Omega-3 regularly every day during this period are very beneficial for baby brain development. It is very important that the mother regularly meets the need for Omega-3 for the brain development of the unborn baby during pregnancy. After birth, the Omega-3 needed by the baby is passed on to the child through breast milk. In other words, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the baby also benefits from this Omega-3 by meeting the mother’s own Omega-3 needs.

In a study conducted by Norwegian scientists, it was found that children who regularly need Omega-3 during pregnancy, pregnancy and childhood score much higher on the intelligence test administered when they reach the age of 4 than others. Omega-3 has numerous benefits not only for brain development, but also for the healthy growth of children. It helps to have a strong immune system, reducing inflammation, which is a common cause of many diseases. A serious decrease in the rate of heart and vascular disease is also observed in people who regularly use Omega-3,” he said.

We have to meet omega-3 fatty acids from the outside

Since we cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids in the body, we must definitely take it from the outside, Prof. Dr. said, “So how many families are there in our country that can regularly feed their child fish every week? Unfortunately, very little. For this reason, starting the use of liquid fish oil for a child who has reached the age of 1 is of great importance for regular Omega-3 intake. it is worth noting that children who use about 500 mg of liquid fish oil per day until the age of 3 and about 1000 mg every day after the age of 3 are lucky to have a healthy brain and baby body development,” he said.

How does regular use of Omega-3 affect the development of intelligence in children

“Which shall we prefer?” Doctor, who also made suggestions to those who asked, suggested liquid fish oils obtained from cod fish, which are in the form of Cod Liver Oil, and added:

“Because you meet both high levels of DHA and EPA, as well as vitamins D and A, which are important for child development.”

‘It is necessary to use it in all seasons’

Doctor, who said that there is incorrect information left from the past in the form of “the use of fish oil is Dec in the summer“, said, “Is the body that cannot produce Omega-3 in winter starting to produce Omega-3 at the same time in the summer? Of course, no. For this reason, Dec is a great benefit to use 4 seasons of the year without a break so that you can see the necessary benefit,” he said.

As a doctor, they recommend liquid fish oils for children’s use, stating that these oils meet the child’s needs with higher amounts of EPA and DHA, and are the most natural form of fish oil. Dr. said, “I don’t prefer Omega-3 supplements that are presented in the form of gels or candies to encourage consumption. Because compared to liquid fish oil, the amount of DHA and EPA in them is very small. In addition, many additives can be used to prepare fish oil in the form of sugar. For this reason, the most correct fish oils for your child are those that are in liquid form. As in our childhood, you don’t have to worry about whether children will use liquid fish oil. Children are now very comfortable using liquid fish oils flavored with natural aromas. Because there are fish oils that are quite tasty in taste and that children can use with love,” he said.

Be careful when trying to save money

Stating that many brands were derived especially during the pandemic period after the importance of fish oils was understood by families, Prof. Dr. concluded his words as follows:

“However, the production of fish oil is an extremely sensitive issue. Based on the amount of Omega-3 written on the label of a product whose production quality is unclear, I think it is inconvenient to choose it just because its price is appropriate. Because it is extremely important for our children to have confidence in a product that we use constantly. “

For this reason, I believe that reliable brands derived from fish living in cold seas that have proven their worth in the field of Omega-3 for many years should be preferred.