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Aromatherapy applications, whose history dates back to the 10th century, have many uses, from cosmetics to improving mental and mental health, from creating a pleasant atmosphere to massage. Aromatherapy with essential oils is generally applied in two ways.

Special mixtures are used by inhalation, in the form of spray and mist, or by releasing into the air through a diffuser (air diffuser) Tue. The mixtures affect the limbic system, causing various changes in the body. In another application, the mixtures are applied on the skin.

It was discovered through experiences that aromatherapy is effective in business life as well as its benefits in many areas. Turkey Medicals International Patient Center, the Co-ordinator, shared with everyone the tips and recipes of a happy working life that he achieved thanks to aromatherapy with a book.

1- You have completed the department’s guest book called Happy Business Life with Aromatherapy. But this is not exactly a book… Shall we talk about it first?

Yes, this is actually a book/notebook. It contains both information that you can find in a book and blank pages like a notebook. The purpose of such a two-way is to ensure that the flow of information is interactive. There is usually a one-way communication in the book, we read what the author writes and interpret it in our own vocabulary. In this work, I wanted readers to experience and write appropriate versions of the information contained in the book, and also to write down their feelings and thoughts by communicating with their inner worlds. Because in my opinion, for true happiness, it is necessary to communicate with our inner world. We also colored the book/notebook with illustrations, so I aimed for my readers to have a more enjoyable, more fun and easier experience.

2- What do you think are the common problems that many of us complain about in business life?

I think the main problem is the lack of happiness caused by various reasons. In order to achieve happiness in business life, many factors need to coexist; peace of mind, self-confidence, creativity, love, stress management, motivation are the most prominent of them. Stress management is especially on the agenda because although stress is a single word, it contains many concepts underneath it; for example, a person with focus problems feels stress more, or those who can’t really use their breaks to relax also have difficulty managing stress. For me, underneath all of this is not knowing ourselves enough and feeling valuable, and accepting ourselves as we are and not loving us enough.

3- When we say aromatherapy, many people think of oils and massages made with them. In what other ways are oils used?

Yes, when I say aromatherapy, one of the first words that comes to mind is massage. Massage is one of the application areas of aromatherapy. However, it is actually not the most prominent and most common one. For me, the most powerful area of aromatherapy is to benefit from the power of essential oils in the environment we are in through smell. We usually give the smell of essential oils to the place with devices we call diffusers or air diffusers. In this way, on the one hand, we ensure that aromatherapy reaches our minds thanks to the smell, and on the other hand, we clean the environment by mixing the molecules in the essential oils into the air. We also benefit from the energy frequency of essential oils. Aromatherapy is also applied through the skin; skin care and problems and pain issues are applied through the skin. In addition, mist, bath, compresses, internal applications can also be performed medically, but only specialist physicians can direct this.

4- How can we benefit from aromatherapy in business life? Are there any practical ways to do this?

We can benefit from aromatherapy in business life in the easiest and most effective way through smell. As I mentioned, thanks to diffuser devices, we can incorporate the odors, molecules and frequencies of essential oils into our office. You can find all the practical suggestions in my book. In my book, I have covered the 19 themes that I have benefited the most from aromatherapy in my own business life. There are topics such as self-confidence, fitness, breathing a fresh air, stress management, focus in these themes. My book contains practical aromatherapy suggestions and formulas for each theme.

5- Are all fats good for every problem? And can it have the same effect on every person?

Not all fats are good for every problem. Oils are very effective and very powerful if used correctly. However, it would not be right to look at essential oils from a miraculous point of view. There are dozens or sometimes even hundreds of active molecules in a single oil, so a single oil works on more than one issue and feels good. But still, each plant has different uses and benefits. For this reason, it is necessary to apply aromatherapy in consultation with people who know the subject well. It would be best to buy products not from some transfers that say everything is good for every plant, but from pharmacists and physicians who know the scientific aspect of this business. Aromatherapy does not create the same effect in every person, it can even create quite different effects most of the time. Because our sense of smell is special to us, just like our fingerprint. Therefore, a plant smell that makes me feel good can have a negative effect on someone else. In addition, the active molecules in essential oils can cause allergic reactions in some people. For this reason again, aromatherapy is a personal application and it is necessary to apply it in consultation with competent people.

The biggest change in business life came with the pandemic. Some people said that working from home was enjoyable, while others found it difficult. The biggest reason why it is difficult is the lack of focus and concentration… Is it possible to benefit from aromatherapy to collect attention?

It’s definitely possible. One of the topics in my book is to be able to focus on our work thanks to aromatherapy. A practice that has been proven by clinical studies that the smell of essential oils works for attention gathering. For example, there is a scientific study conducted that rosemary essential oil works for focusing in students with attention deficit. Again, there is evidence that rose oil has a positive effect on memory. We also know from hundreds of people who have been contacting us for years that it is possible to collect attention and focus with the right fragrance applied to the right person.

5- One of the issues that almost all of us complain about is eye diseases. The hours spent in front of the computer all day are exhausting for the eyes. Are there ways to protect the eyes in natural ways?

The place that shows our tiredness the most is usually our eyes. For this, hydrolates (flower waters), which are the secret heroes of aromatherapy, are very useful. We cannot use essential oils on a sensitive organ such as the eye, but we can use hydrolates, which are a side product that occurs when essential oils are obtained, to rest and soothe our eyes. Especially cornflower hydrolat does not die with cornflower hydrolat is very effective. By closing our eyes, we can put this cotton disc soaked in hydrolates over our eyes. We can observe that it soothes the area around our eyes through skin absorption.

6- It is known that aromatherapy has mental as well as physical effects on a person. How do aromatic oils affect a person’s psychology?

One of the reasons why aromatherapy is so effective is that it provides both physical, mental and spiritual effects at the same time. It does this through smell, with the active molecules in essential oils, and thanks to the frequency of essential oils. When we smell an essential oil, this smell immediately goes to the limbic system in our brain. The limbic system is the part that governs our life functions as well as our emotional state and long-term memory. Therefore, thanks to aromatherapy, it is possible to influence how we feel and our behavior and turn it into a positive one. In other words, thanks to aromatherapy, we can manage our psychology. This is actually a big gift that has been presented to us. We have been given a simple and effective key that reaches the limbic system. If we learn how to use this key correctly, we can easily open the door. But if we disrupt the switch with incorrect information and products, then we will not get the effect we want, or the opposite effects may occur.

7- What kind of path would you advise someone who has never met aromatherapy to follow?

First of all, I recommend Consulting a pharmacist who is knowledgeable about aromatherapy would again be a very correct method. After obtaining the information from the right source, it is equally critical that we make the application with the right products. Unfortunately, the aromatherapy Sunday is in a very complicated situation and there are dozens of brands that write labels on oils just by bottling them. However, in order for the oils used in aromatherapy to work safely, they must be made with products that are certified organic, have GCMS analysis reports and safety documents, comply with the regulation. The number of brands that fulfill these conditions is almost nonexistent. Consumers must necessarily look for the quality and the right product, otherwise the desired effects may not occur, and the opposite effects may occur, creating inconvenient situations.

8- In what other areas besides business life can we benefit from aromatherapy?

In fact, we can benefit from aromatherapy in many areas of life. There is a very wide range of products such as cleaning our house, perfuming our house, skin and hair care, solving simple problems we face in everyday life, preventive health, as a perfume, to sweeten our meals, to flavor our drinks. Skin and hair care is one of the areas where aromatherapy is very effective. It has also been scientifically proven that aromatherapy mixtures that will be specially prepared for the hair and skin type and the person himself are very effective. One of the issues that aromatherapy comes to the fore in skin care is that it provides an antiaging effect. It has many benefits such as strengthening the hair, facilitating hair growth.



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