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People with olfactory disorders are vulnerable to certain life-threatening conditions. They can’t understand when there is a gas leak in their house, they notice it late when there is a fire, they are more exposed to food poisoning because they can’t understand if the food is spoiled or not. 1. The experts who met at the International Smell and Taste Symposium emphasized the importance of the sense of smell, explained the causes and treatment of odor blindness and stressed that children should be checked.

Olfactory impairment is seen at an underestimated rate, such as 1 in 5 of society. However, stating that there is not enough awareness about this issue yet, experts note that the olfactory disorder makes patients open to some dangerous situations. Stating that the smell also affects the sense of taste, Turkey Medicals member and Hospital ENT Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. gave information about the causes and treatment of odor blindness.

These questions were answered at the International Smell and Taste Symposium; along with the stories of the patients, the world of those who cannot smell and taste was witnessed. At the Press Conference held before the symposium, different experiences were experienced, from Anosmic menus specially prepared for people who cannot smell and taste to practical odor testing. While the participants learned about the relationship between smell and taste, they listened to the treatment methods of ‘odor blindness’ from experts who have made a name in their field.


The International Smell and Taste Symposium, which was held with the participation of leading experts in the field of domestic and foreign, Assoc. Dr. stated that the inability to smell is an important disease, there are thousands of people living with this problem, and gave information about innovations aimed at treating the disease.

There are many reasons for the olfactory disorder, Assoc. Dr. “smell disorder nasal and sinus diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infections and head injuries are commonly known outside of the reasons, is often overlooked, but also in our clinical practice in many ways some of the causes endocrinological problems in front of us, and toxic causes. In addition to diseases such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, many toxic factors such as air pollution also lead to olfactory disorders, which seriously reduces the quality of life,” he said.

Assoc. Dr. “Previously, many patients who could not smell were told that there was no solution in medicine, now many people who have lost their sense of smell are gaining the ability to smell again thanks to the current treatment methods and early detection that we have identified,” said. Assoc., who has been doing important studies in this field for many years and has represented our country with his work in this field at many meetings abroad. Dr. “Now we are planning not only the treatment of people who subsequently lost their sense of smell, but also the support and rehabilitation processes of people who cannot smell from birth, the way they eat, the necessary trainings for their safety in social life. For this purpose, we have developed the “Universal Odor Test” for the detection of children with early childhood olfactory disorders within the scope of the project, in which 20 countries are jointly involved in the work, and we have also ensured the suitability of this test for children,” he said.


the symposium, which lasted 2 days, became the center of attention of domestic and foreign participants. One of the most important figures in the world in the field of odor science Prof. Dr. emphasizes that each molecule vibrates differently and emits different smells with these vibrations.

Dr. who has signed important studies on early stage olfactory problems in children, speaking at the meeting, said that there are many people who do not know that they have a smell disorder, adding: “First of all, I am honored to be at such a comprehensive meeting, which was held for the first time in Turkey. Now we want to test the sense of smell at an early age, as well as the detection of hearing levels at an early age. My colleague Assoc. Dr. The ‘new smell test’ that we have produced in partnership in Turkey with other scientists will serve this purpose,” he said.


Professor from the Smell and Taste Clinic stated that olfactory disorders are a general disorder and said that this problem affects one fifth of the society. Stressing that the main causes of olfactory loss are viral upper respiratory tract infection, sinus-nasal diseases and head injuries, Prof. Dr. stressed that this ailment is also very common among otolar decyngologists. Loss of sense of smell; stating that the inability to enjoy food, poisoning from food and the inability to notice the smell of cigarettes lead to disorders such as Prof. Dr. added:

“The inability to smell to some extent creates difficulties in social settings and in business life. Most patients are able to cope with these restrictions, but some patients, albeit to a small extent, have significant restrictions and depression that affect their quality of life.”


Known for his research on the cultural history of smell, from leading experts in speech at the meeting of scents also, by specifying that the sense of smell and taste is of vital importance “for example; during a gas leak or possible exposure to toxic substances, the sense of smell as an early warning system, while the person who lost his sense of smell remains vulnerable to the deadly risks of both as well as a significant reduction in quality of life occurs. There are many things in which the sense of smell plays a leading role and is of vital importance for humans,” he said.

The disease faced by millions of people around the world and in our country, stating that there will be awareness through organized activity, referred to the smell of coffee, he said: “the seeds of a small red fruit, coffee, and all over the world and in Africa began to catch up in the course of history has changed many things. Some historians even suggest that the age of enlightenment would not have been possible without coffee and coffee houses. In addition, coffee has been one of the first tools of public diplomacy. Studies show that the smell of coffee, like coffee, positively affects human psychology.”


MN, who lost his sense of smell and taste as a result of an accident he had after studying cooking and working as a cook for 1 year, told how this situation he experienced affected his professional life and his struggle with the problem he was experiencing. Assoc. Dr. who said that the relationship between the patient doctor that started with him made him have another awareness, said, “Why not prepare meals for people who can’t smell together,’ and I found out that this is the philosophy of the menu with his guidance. Although I started to smell again with the treatment, we are trying to create a new kitchen with tastes unique to Turkish cuisine to help other people,” was said.


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