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Turkey Medicals, “2023 World Aesthetic Trends Report” Has Been Announced

Women now want their own renewed-looking forms. Recent research also shows that beauty is now more than just looking young. At the congress where the Aesthetic Report, conducted by Ipsos under the leadership of Allergan and including a total of 20,500 consumers and 1,800 doctors from 22 countries, including Turkey, was announced at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine Congress held in the USA, we learned about the aesthetic trends of 2023 at the same time as the world.

The popularity of medical aesthetic applications is increasing gradually with the Decaying of social taboos compared to the past years, the acceleration of technological developments and the participation of men to the aesthetic patients, who are determined to be between the ages of 21-35 on average.

The world medical aesthetics Sunday, which had a value of 10.12 billion dollars in 2016, is projected to have a value of approximately 33.57 billion dollars in 2026. In recent years, the demand for non-surgical applications, especially facial injections, has been increasing. In the healthcare sector, it is stated that this demand will increase by 29 percent next year.

World Aesthetic Industry

Today, when there is the highest interest in medical aesthetic applications, one of the most comprehensive and reliable studies has been prepared on the subject so far. This study, called the Aesthetic Report, was conducted with 21,800 people sensitive to aesthetics – who describe themselves as willing to look better and spend for it – accompanied by 1,500 physicians in 18 countries. So, what was the mission of this study? The aim was to examine more closely the different perspectives of people of different ages, cultures, genders and the perspectives of the specialists who treat them.

But this is not a one-time study. The goal is to improve the understanding of these studies by updating them regularly, doctors, patients and industry-wide. The understanding of these three pillars is intended to help promote increased innovation, better treatment outcomes and easier access. Another purpose of this report is to examine the emerging trends based on all the collected data and to create an open source that is intended to be shared. Now, let’s examine in more detail where the aesthetic industry is today…

A Toronto CA, Plastic Surgeon who is in the working group, notes that aesthetic applications have become a big part of general health and personal care today. During the research, 70 percent of the people they asked questions said ‘it’s important to do my best for my career and daily activities’, while 65 percent answered ‘Looking fit and healthy, following fashion and beauty trends increases my self-confidence’.

The New Recipe for Beauty

Among the terms commonly used to describe beauty today, the terms natural, healthy, strong and curvaceous stand out decently. It is seen that among women in the younger group between the ages of 21 and 35 in America, they prefer to use the term ‘curvaceous’ for themselves more than women in the older group between the ages of 55 and 75. A California plastic surgeon involved in the research, Dr. says this result means that “Positive definitions about their bodies have expanded our definitions of beauty, especially among younger generations.”

Consumers around the world use the most famous names to help identify beauty. In America, Canada and India, the definition of beauty of women is made from the circle of friends and family rather than celebrities. According to Aesthetic Report’ report, aesthetic practices are perceived as more social and acceptable than they were 5 years ago. In short, we have entered the ‘age of transparency’ in the field of medical aesthetics. Consumers are no longer afraid to get the look they want with the help of their doctors. While 65 percent of American consumers want to revitalize their appearance or look like renovated versions of themselves, 85 percent are inclined to invest and spend money on their appearance.

Popular Generation Y

The understanding of beauty is an important measure in many countries of the world. One of the things that women are most worried about in Turkey is that it affects the volume of their cheeks and the round shape of their face… Aesthetic applications are also gradually increasing in popularity in light of these concerns and needs. Accordingly, the research reveals that 75 percent of consumers worldwide expect to spend money on aesthetic applications in the next year. This rate was around 50 percent last year.

70 Percent of the plastic surgeons in the world believe that the volume of those who want to have aesthetic applications will increase in the next few years. One of the participants in this large-scale study is a Californian Dermatologist Dr. According it is certain that social media greatly affects how generation Y, who has come of age, sees themselves, “This generation is not thinking about whether to have an aesthetic application, but when to start,” she says.

Consumers between the ages of 21 and 35 who were asked questions during the research:

– 98% of them say that they are considering having a professional aesthetic touch at any time in their lives.

– 82% of them state that non-surgical practices are socially acceptable.

– 60% say that overall appearance significantly affects success.

– 75% of them say that at some point in their life, they are considering having an application that will reduce wrinkles.

– 32% of them say that they will have a dermal filler injection at some point in their life.

– 85% say, ”I always use apps to change or delete something on my body before uploading a photo on social media”. (US consumer)

– 36% say ‘I always use apps to change or delete something on my face before uploading my photo on social media’. (US consumer)

It All Ends In The Eyes

The main areas of concern worldwide – regardless of age- are lines and wrinkles in the upper facial area. A Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Dr, “Eye contact is the first step on the way to empathy and trust. That’s why it’s one of the first characteristics we notice in others. So it’s not surprising that we are aware of how our own eyes look, ” he says. USA  Plastic Surgeon Dr. also notes that the increasing acceptance of aesthetic practices allows men and women around the world to see this option as part of the process of developing their own potential.

Again, if we turn to the results of research around the world, consumers:

– 32% are considering having a non-surgical application on their face next year.

– 55% of women think that under-eye bags are a big problem.

– 38% of women think that wrinkles around the eyes are a big problem.

– 41% are considering having a non-surgical body shaping application.

– 35% are considering having this application starting from next year.

– 41% are satisfied with their body shape, while 19% are considering having this application within the next year.



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