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Turkey Medicals – attractive and healthy teeth indicate the quality of life. People with an aesthetic smile are more confident in themselves. As a result of the implant application performed using a laser, as long as bone support is available, it is possible to remove the patient from the clinic where he came toothless as a gear.

Implant applications performed using a laser are known as a minimally invasive method. This method can be applied in any area where the bone volume is appropriate. The purpose of the method is to apply the implant only after opening the gum in the area where the implant will be applied; using any of the Erbium, Diode, Nd-YAG, Co2 lasers and reaching the bone tissue, the compact part of the bone, which is the hardest layer, is also opened with a single mill slot in the diameter of the implant using only the Erbium laser.

Since the laser-assisted minimally invasive implant application method is performed only in the implant-applied area, the comfort of the patients after the operation is at the maximum level. With the hydrokinetic cutting technique of Erbium-YSGG lasers, all kinds of bone surgery operations and implant applications can be performed without damaging the bone tissue, without thermal damage, and bone boiling after the operation is at the maximum level.


Laser-assisted procedures in implant patients after Diode or Nd-YAG lasers made with Biostimulasyon (given in low doses inhibits the formation of laser energy during the treatment process accelerates tissue healing and pain during or after surgery) applications, increases patient comfort and promote wound healing. A three-dimensional computed tomography that will be taken from the patient before starting the laser-assisted implant application gives details about the width and depth of the bone tissue where the implant will be placed, so that no surprises are encountered during the operation.

As a result of the implant application performed using a laser, the patient has the appearance that no surgical procedures have been performed in his mouth, as long as bone support is available, we have the opportunity to remove the patient from the clinic where he came toothless as a gear.

All On Four and Columbus

Bridge methods, which are now being applied worldwide, heal faster when applied with laser support because there are no open wounds and make it easier to use teeth after surgery because there are no stitches.

Especially in case of single tooth deficiencies, the implant can be applied immediately with laser-assisted implant application and ceramic reconstruction can be performed with CAD/CAM method on the implant tooth and the patient’s permanent tooth can be glued in as little as two hours to ensure use. The types of lasers we are talking about can be applied individually or combined in all hard and soft tissue applications in dentistry.

Laser-assisted implant applications in patients with bleeding and wound healing problems provide laughable results.

The main advantage of this type of application is that it eliminates the need for suturing, as it is entered from a very small area, and therefore also minimizes bleeding.

There is no need for anesthesia in small applications that will be performed with a laser on the gum before or after implant operations.


People with an aesthetic smile are more confident in themselves, which has a good effect on their psychology.

Thanks to digital dentistry, the patient knows how to look after the treatment and gets a beautiful smile in less time.

Attractive, healthy teeth indicate a quality of life. It makes us more confident.

A happy smile is the most natural right of every person. This is also one of the most important parts of our daily lives. Self-confidence also plays a big role for our social environment and psychology. Do we have the teeth to laugh happily? We often encounter people who have advanced caries in their mouth because they don’t pay attention to their dental health, or who feel the need to close their mouth with their hand while laughing due to dental problems.

So, what can dentists do to solve such problems?

What treatment opportunities do emerging digital technologies offer for patients?

There are treatments that are done to solve such problems related to our teeth; such as surgical interventions or orthodontic treatments with braces. However, these may not make our smile beautiful sometimes.

This situation is not a problem without a solution. Digital technologies are catching up with the help of dentists and patients in such situations.


10-15 years ago, it was even a dream to share photos on the phone, but nowadays you can make video calls wherever you are in the world. This technological progress has also rapidly entered dentistry, so much so that it is enough to move our camera around the teeth to take an image from the inside of the mouth. After about 8-10 minutes of operation, we produce the patient’s tooth and finish the treatment of one tooth within 45 minutes. The digital technology system provides long-lasting and aesthetic treatment opportunities in one session, without long treatment sessions. Digital technology system; it is a computer-aided application for all ceramic fillings, crowns and veneer costing that is performed only on one dentist appointment in Istanbul and Antalya hospital clinic.


If you are experiencing one of the following, it is time to take advantage of aesthetic dentistry.

1- If your front teeth are not the same length, if they are eliminated.

2- If any of your teeth are cracked or broken.

3- If one or more of your teeth are missing.

4- If the color of your teeth is yellow at birth or if there are antibiotic stains.

5- If the middle of the front two teeth is not proportional to your face.

6- If the shape of your teeth does not complement your face shape.

7- If there are space between teeth in the front teeth.

8- If there is a distortion, tightness in your teeth.

9- If the part of your old coating near the gum has started to turn gray.

10- If your gums look too much when you smile.

11- If your teeth look too long due to the pull on your gums.

12- If the tip of your teeth is not visible when you smile slightly.

13- If the size of your incisors is not proportional to your other teeth.

14- If you close your mouth when talking because of the black spots on your front teeth.

15- If you can’t laugh easily when you want to.


In today’s modern dentistry, instead of heating paper and candles, a state-of-the-art computer-aided closing analyzer is used to adjust the closing relationships of the teeth with each other. This devices;

At the first examinations of patients who came to the clinics,

To ensure that the prostheses are not broken and stay in the mouth for a longer time,

Double-sided, clear measurement and recording of the pressure on the teeth in a computer environment,

Recording the early contact points and pressure forces of the entire mouth simultaneously on the computer,

For the safe finishing of prostheses made,

In the filing of patient education and information,

How to adjust the balance for the mouth in patients with gnashing teeth,

It is used to determine what is true and what is false during the patient’s closing analysis.

Problems related to closure cause toothache, dental and prosthetic fractures, gum disease, tooth loss, headaches and jaw joint disorders in patients.


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