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As the new technologies are providing dental patients with more comfortable, painless and painless treatment opportunities day by day, laser treatments are also easily used in many areas, from cleaning carious teeth to removing buried teeth at Antalya and Istanbul JCI hospital, dental clinic departments.

Turkey Medicals – A new generation of dental lasers does not cause pain due to heat, vibration and friction, and anesthesia is not required for most treatments. The use of a laser in implant treatments makes it easier to perform the surgery necessary to make the superstructure (fixed tooth) and the treatment is performed faster for dental patients in Turkey.

100 Percent disinfection and sterilization are provided in the area where the laser is applied, and the possibility of re-infection disappears.

In surgical applications performed with a laser, bleeding decreases to a minimum during the procedure.

The possibilities of complications, swelling, discomfort that may occur after surgical application are reduced and recovery occurs faster.

It is possible to get results in a very short time in laser teeth whitening procedures.

Laser peeling (peeling) can be performed to solve the problem of excessive purple discoloration (hyperpigmentation) that may occur genetically in the gums in some people.

Wounds on soft tissues and gums can be treated with a laser.

Before gluing porcelain laminates and crowns, laser etching can be performed on the surface of the teeth, which reduces the risk of falling crowns.


It is mainly used for sterilization purposes, for the treatment of abscesses and infections that are very difficult to heal. Nd YAG laser, thanks to its wavelength of 1064 nm, acts only on bacteria that cause infections, does not damage the surrounding tissues. It reduces the need for anesthesia by 96 percent during treatment, eliminates vibration and prevents odor formation. During treatment with this type of laser, bleeding is reduced to a minimum. It offers effective solutions especially for children, pregnant women, those at risk of anesthesia, those with heart and diabetes, those with bleeding problems.


Its difference from the Nd YAG laser is that the wavelength has been changed with a filter that passes in front of the crystal. Although the mechanism of action is almost the same as Nd YAG laser, its application around the implant is a different aspect. The KTP laser has a special whitening system; bleaching using green light in combination with this laser is much more effective than halogen bleaching with blue light yesil.


It is mostly used for cutting tissue in surgical procedures; the incisions made by this laser are very slow to heal. It creates an effect called ‘carbonization’ on the incision surface. It should be applied by specialized hands.


It is a laser with Erbium crystal in its content, which is mainly used for painless cleaning of bruises. The color of carious tooth tissue is selected by the laser. Thus, when removing carious tissue, its effect on intact tissue is minimal, it acts only on carious tissue. In addition, it is ineffective in removing old tissue materials by removing them, or it cannot give the tooth enough shape to hold the filling. It provides a high degree of patient comfort, the operating depth is low.


It is used to control bleeding in soft tissues, tissue cuts inside the mouth; it provides a large degree of sterilization and rapid tissue healing in treatments. It works similarly to Nd YAG and has a diode lamp instead of a laser crystal. There are also disadvantages. The area of impact within the tissue is 0.5 mm. This area is half that of the Nd YAG laser. Because high heat is released during use, it can cause tissue damage, requires careful use.


Working in combination with air-water spray, this hydrokinetic hard tissue laser replaces the classic dental drill in many cases. Now you can hear the sound of water drops of a hard tissue laser instead of the repulsive squeak of a drill. Since the hard tissue laser does not create vibration and pressure, there will be no need for pain, needles and anesthesia in most cases. We can summarize the functions that this device performs without the use of needles and anesthesia as follows:

Cleaning of bruises

Preparation of the filling cavity

Correction of the smile line

General soft tissue operation

Secondary implant operations

Removal of dark spots on the gums

Bleeding control

Frenectomy is also performed using a hard tissue laser;

Opening the implant site

Sinus lifting operations

Bone transplant operations

Embedded teething operations

All kinds of bone surgery

All periodontal surgeries

Canal treatment procedures are performed successfully. All these operations can be performed accurately and without bleeding after the operation.

All kinds of bone surgery operations with the hydrokinetic cutting technique of this device can be performed without damaging the bone tissue, without thermal damage, and thus the bone fusion after the operation is at the maximum level.

Implant applications are successfully performed in a very short time using a hard tissue laser.

Removal of buried teeth is carried out in a very short time, and complications that may occur after the classical operation are minimized.


Herpetic lesions, also known as herpes, are sores around the lips and mouth caused by the herpes simplex virus. This virus enters the body mainly through an opening in the skin or mouth. Open herpes can be transmitted when the wound is touched or in contact with fluid leaking from the wound, when you share food or a knife that has come into contact with the germ, when you kiss or touch someone’s saliva.


Herpes usually heals on its own within a few days and disappears. If it causes pain or makes you feel bad, it can be treated. Treatments include skin creams, ointments, and some pills dec One of the most effective ways to get rid of herpes is laser therapy. If you can do laser treatment on time, you can prevent the appearance of herpes. If you feel tingling in this area before the appearance of herpes, immediately make an appointment for a laser treatment. If you have herpes, laser treatment will reduce your discomfort, dry the herpes and make it heal faster. The herpes virus that causes herpes is indestructible. If you get herpes too often, treatment can reduce the number and severity of herpes.


The benefits of using lasers to treat herpes include:

Relief is felt immediately

If it is applied when the lip starts to tingle, it prevents the appearance of herpes

After treatment, the growth of herpes stops

Accelerates recovery without any discomfort

The treatment is completed in a few minutes without the need for anesthesia

Herpes that appears in this area after treatment is milder and occurs less often.

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