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We rarely visit dentists except in emergencies. Before the pandemic, this situation caused us to knock less on the door of dentists in the pandemic. During this period, the decrease in appointments is observed in Turkey as well as in the world. So is going to the dentist risky? We asked the experts…

One of the effects of the corona virus on our lives has been a critical decline in the number of dentist visits. At the end of this remarkable decline, which was also observed worldwide, there were 19 million fewer dental visits in the UK since March than last year.

Unfortunately, periodic oral and dental health checks throughout Turkey can not become a habit, mostly in emergency situations, abscesses, unbearable pains in the morning we knock on the doors of dentists during the pandemic period we went less..
In the process before Covid, dentists who wear masks, sperines, gloves and glasses during the examination and procedure trained on this issue. Turkish Dental Association (TDB) chairman “we can safely say that dentists are one of the most trained groups of physicians in our personal protective equipment for patient care and in the training they receive on preventing the transmission of infectious diseases to a person. This is the standard of Dentistry, which we normally wear glasses, visors and masks when looking at our patients. In other words, Covid did not affect our working system much, except for small changes in some interventions,” he said.

Chairman Of The Turkish Dental Association: “at the initial stage, the female protector can treat the female in Turkey dental clinics with a preventative measure, while the fear of Covid-19, widespread fear of dentists, as treatment is delayed due to financial reasons and indifference, the event that can be prevented with a simple intervention can gradually grow.”

Another name that answers our questions is Dt. Miray emphasized that measures such as routine galoshes and mask supply, fever measurement, hand disinfection supply, changing the hood cover after each patient, keeping the appointment intervals wide are standard.

Dt. “Doctors and staff working with personal protective equipment replace masks, shields and disposable bibs after each patient to both protect themselves and avoid cross-infection” Miray said. After the patient leaves the treatment room, in addition to surface cleaning, disinfection of particles that can hang in the air is provided with spraying tools known as fogging devices. Covid-19 is not the first known risky disease for dentists,” he said, adding:

“Due to other diseases transmitted by blood, bodily fluids and air, dentists have faced all these risks since the pre-epidemic period and have taken all the measures I have mentioned above since before. During this period, there are no risks or obstacles associated with performing dental treatments. Disrupting dental treatments can cause bigger problems.”

Dt. Miray: “with the participation of our friends of physicians in Turkey Dental Health Hospitals in filiation teams and therefore the application of restrictions on Turkey dental treatments in state hospitals, the patient load of private clinics also increased. During this period, we can say that the intensity of the treatments applied changed rather than the number of patients. While aesthetic expectations decreased, the number of treatment and preventive procedures increased.” she said.

In addition, while some practices in the Covid-19 process were considered risky, a directive entitled “Turkish dental procedures to be followed in clinics due to the covid-19 outbreak” was published on the official website of the TDB on March 21. Dt. Miray emphasized that in addition to the decrease in the demand of the public in reducing visits to Turksh dentists in Turkey, sending dentists to filiation in public is also effective and said:

“Almost 70 percent, 80 percent of employees in the public sector were removed from the fily. Her reflection was that while an oral and dental health centers in Turkey would normally be given 1700-1800 appointments, appointments began to drop to 200, 300.”
The OECD’s report on “habits in Turkey”, which we mentioned in the introduction of the article, is illuminating. In Turkey in 2018, the average dentist visit per person per year was 0.7. It is worth noting that the number is quite low compared to the countries in the study. In 2018, the average number of doctor visits per person per year was 9.5. In Germany, a person visits a doctor on average 9.9 times a year and visits a dentist 1.5 times.

The relationship of oral and dental health in Turkey, especially with the upper respiratory tract, is also emphasized by scientists. Prof. Dr. Paperclip said, ” We emphasize the sensitivity to oral and dental health, whether Covid-19 or not. In addition, given the relationship of oral and dental health with the upper respiratory tract, we need to pay more attention during this period.” Miray also highlighted this issue.

Dt. Miray “The relationship between pneumonia and oral hygiene, which can occur especially after Covid infection, has recently been revealed by scientists. In other words, poor oral hygiene in lung involvement with Covid has a negative effect on the course of the disease. During this period, in addition to personal cleaning, it is absolutely necessary to brush the teeth and tongue at least twice a day with the right technique,” she said.

Corona research: mouthwash kills virus in lab in 30 seconds corona research: mouthwash kills virus in lab in 30 seconds.

Dt, which also spoke about recent news that mouthwashes can also be effective against Covid-19. The story also mentioned the difference between Celestial mouthwashes. ” Mouthwashes with alcohol or chlorhexidine content unfortunately do not have a direct effect on SARS-CoV-2 virus elimination, ” she said.:

“Alcohol-containing mouthwashes on the market must contain about 60-80% alcohol in order to completely eliminate the virus, which is a very serious cause of irritation to the oral mucosa. Instead, it is assumed that the use of preparations containing povidone iodine (PVP-I), which appear to have an effect on virus elimination, can provide 3-hour protection in preventing respiratory infections.”
Besides brushing, we recommend gargling and flossing. Every evil has a benefit; even if it is for a reason like Covid, even if it is for fear, I hope that there will be a habit in society about oral and dental care.

Dr, “If we look from the eyes of the public, the spread of Covid-19, the transmission and the lack of personal compliance with precautions, they were afraid not only to visit the Turkey dentist clinic, but also to go to the Turkey doctor, noting the perception that going to Turkish medical centers is risky. I’m a pediatric dentist. Normally, families don’t have the habit of bringing their children to the Turkish dentist regularly; they can say, ‘the child becomes Covid, I become Covid.’ Of course, this is not just a situation specific to Turkey. All over the world, there is a perception that the virus will be infected as long as you go to the best dentist medical centers in Antalya Turkey,” she said.

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