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1- Istanbul Nose Aesthetic (Rhinoplasty)…

The nose is an aesthetic and functional organ that affects the appearance of the face. Rhinoplasty (aesthetic nose surgery) is the reshaping of the nose shape with a surgical procedure. Aesthetic nose surgery is one of the most common plastic surgeries performed by both men and women in the world and in our country. The procedure performed is to reshape the nose by changing the structure of cartilage and bones.

With rhinoplasty surgery, the size of your nose can be reduced, enlarged, the shape of the tip of your nose can be changed, the nostrils can be narrowed, or the angles formed by the nose with the upper lip and forehead can be changed, and the bony protrusions on the back of the nose can be corrected by removing. In rhinoplasty, a natural nose image should be aimed without exaggeration.

In cases where there is difficulty breathing through the nose, interventions aimed at solving breathing problems in the same surgery (septoplasty, turbinate resection…) can be done. Especially in nasal surgery, aesthetics and function are an inseparable whole. In this context, successful nose surgery should provide a natural nose image that is compatible with your face and should relieve breathing.

Before making a decision for surgery, it is necessary to think very carefully about your expectations and share this with your Turkish doctor. The most ideal candidates for aesthetic nose surgery are those who come not for perfection, but for the purpose of correcting their appearance. If you are physically healthy, psychologically balanced and realistic in your expectations, you can be a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

Aesthetic nose surgery can be performed from the age of 17 for boys and 16 for girls. The thickness of the nasal skin, nasal curvature (axis), nasal size, previous nasal surgeries and wound healing problems can negatively affect the outcome of the operation.

It is examined in detail inside and outside the nose by your doctor. If an additional disease or problem is present, it is detected at this stage. Your necessary photos are taken for rhinoplasty surgery. These poses are used to plan your surgery. In addition, work is done on images taken with a digital camera in a computer environment. So you can have an idea about the postoperative image.

Istanbul Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed in two ways, open and closed technically.

In the closed technique, all incisions are made inside the nose. The surgeon completes the operation by working from the inside. Unlike the open technique, surgery is performed by making a 3-4mm incision under the tip of the nose. The biggest disadvantage of the open technique is that it leaves a mark on the tip of the nose. But this scar becomes almost indistinct after a well-performed operation and remains under the tip of the nose. Many patients forget this scar after surgery.

Which technique is better is always a topic of discussion among doctors who perform this surgery, and no decision has been made on this issue. Nevertheless, consult your doctor about this and trust him. Every surgeon will get the best result with the methods he knows best and believes in.

2- Istanbul Breast Aesthetics (Augmentation)…

If you are not satisfied with the size of your breasts, breast augmentation aesthetics is an ideal option for you. With breast augmentation aesthetics;

It can give your breasts fullness and vitality,

It can make it stand in balance with your body structure,

You can regain your self-confidence in yourself.

Am I a suitable candidate for breast augmentation aesthetics?

One or more of the following conditions are indicators that you may be a suitable candidate for breast augmentation aesthetics.

If you think that your breasts are too small,

When you wear clothes that cover your body, if the chest part seems big to you,

If you feel shy when you wear a swimsuit or bikini,

After having children, if your breasts have shrunk and become deformed,

When you lose weight, the shape and size of your breasts have changed,

If one breast is smaller than the other, you are a suitable candidate for breast augmentation aesthetics.

3- Istanbul Facelift (Rhytidectomy)…

If you are also tired of the signs of aging on your face. A face lift operation is an ideal option for you. This operation, called Istanbul rhytidectomy operation, eliminates the signs of old age in the face and neck area. With a face lift operation;

Sagging areas on the cheeks,

Wrinkles in custody,

Wrinkles that form around your lips,

The accumulation of fat in the temples,

Muscle loss,

It is an ideal option for destroying

Am I a suitable candidate for a face lift operation?

If you want to have this operation, you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill the wishes of others.

If you are also;

If you are physically healthy,

If you do not smoke,

If you have realistic thoughts,

It means that you are a suitable candidate for this operation.

4- Istanbul Fat Removal (Liposuction)…

Although there are no problems in his health and he also does regular sports, some people have distorted body lines due to localized weight. This condition is more of an inherited condition.

Istanbul Liposuction is an operation that allows you to remove excess fat from a certain area of your body and give that area a new appearance. Liposuction;

To The Calves

To The Hip

To Your Wife

Upper arm

To the chest part

To The Back

To the neck and temples

It can be applied to wrists.

Although liposuction is performed alone, it is sometimes performed together with an Istanbul face lift operation or a Istanbul hip lift operation.

Liposuction operation:

The first step; anesthesia

Medication is given to you during the operation to make you feel comfortable. General or local anesthesia is applied. Your doctor will provide the most suitable option for you.

5- Istanbul Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)…

A tight stomach is very important for aesthetic appearance. Although sometimes sports are done and supported by this diet, the sagging that occurs in the abdominal area does not disappear. If you are also complaining about such a situation, an Istanbul tummy tuck operation is an ideal option for you.

Am I a suitable candidate for this operation?

Abdominoplasty is an ideal option for men and women who have a sagging abdomen, who cannot get rid of this condition even if they do diet and sports, who want to have a tight and tense abdomen. If you also have the following conditions, it means that you are a suitable candidate for this operation;

If you have a sagging belly,

If your belly sagged after pregnancy,

If your belly has sagged due to the effect of old age,

If a lot of fat has accumulated under your belly button and you can’t get rid of this condition, you are a suitable candidate for this operation.

If you want to have children in the future, you should discuss this situation with your doctor in Istanbul.

Turkey Medicals Co-ordinator, “Plastic Surgery in Istanbul hospitals does not just mean plastic surgery. The integrity and external appearance of the human body may be impaired for many reasons, such as tumors, infections, work and traffic accidents, and burns. These changes in the human body can affect a person’s daily life, disrupt their aesthetic appearance and mental health.” was said.

Some functional and aesthetic deformities that exist at birth can also lead to the above-mentioned problems in a person. Istanbul plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that brings a person into society by correcting these problems that are congenital or arise later, making a person’s life easier from a functional, aesthetic and spiritual point of view. Istanbul Plastic surgery specialists are not magicians who recreate a person; they are medical doctors who repair an organ that has deteriorated in appearance or lost its function in accordance with basic surgical principles in order to make it acceptable in appearance and functional.


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