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Breast lifting in best Antalya hospital clinic is performed using silicone prostheses (implants) are among the most preferred aesthetic procedures worldwide. Physical lines in the body that change and become obvious after puberty may not be liked by the individual himself over time, and this is extremely normal. Causes such as insufficient breast volume, congenital symmetry disorders, or the fact that the breasts appear small compared to the width of the breast can lead to a lack of self-confidence and create unhappiness. For those who decide to change and want to have a breast prosthesis, many questions and concerns come to mind. About the possible risks and unknowns about breast implants Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery specialist Doctor member of Turkey Medicals, next he gave information.

Pregnant women or breastfed women should delay breast surgery decision

The process of breast development in the human body continues until the end of puberty. After this process, people’s weight, hormonal balance and breast structures may change depending on factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or old age. Although the age required for Turkish breast aesthetics is at least 18, the operation can also be performed at an earlier age if there is a medical requirement. In implant methods applied for both augmentation and synchronization, the main goal is to ensure that the person is happy with their appearance. In women who are considering breast aesthetics in Turkey, plans after surgery are very important. For example, if a person is considering pregnancy in Turkey immediately after surgery or is still breastfeeding, the operation should be postponed. Although not for life, patients are advised to avoid factors that will lead to sudden weight or hormonal changes from the person during the 6-9 months after breast augmentation surgery. Because otherwise, these are factors that make the process difficult.

Those with implants from the past have no problems with pregnancy

Although women who have breast implants in Istanbul and Ankara are not negatively affected during pregnancy, they may experience small changes in shape due to the growth of the milk glands. Since breast aesthetics operations can be performed more than once, such situations can be corrected with easy and practical interventions. In addition, although light breast implants do not have to be removed from the body during pregnancy, they also have no negative effects on Foreigner or Turkish citizens pregnancy in Turkey.

Breast implant does not prevent breastfeeding

Many women who have had breast implant surgery note that they have no problems breastfeeding their babies in the following period. It is known that the gel used especially in B-Lite implants does not affect breast milk. In short, silicone breast implants, which pose no obstacle to breastfeeding, can be applied to every young girl who has completed her development. These young girls can become pregnant during the rest of their lives and breastfeed their babies safely.

The rumor that breast implants cause cancer is not true

In the past, it has been rumored that breast implant operations cause breast cancer. But in the literature studies have shown that silicone implants do not have such an effect on cancer. In contrast, silicone prostheses are used quite often in women who experience breast loss due to breast cancer treatment. Many people wonder if implants have a negative effect on ultrasound, MRI, or mammography when they see increasing cases of cancer today. Like other CE-approved implants, B-Lite implants do not interfere with the application of these imaging methods, and in some cases even provide an advantage.

For those who exercise regularly, choosing the right implant is important

After breast aesthetics, the healing period can be observed as a different process in each person. Although the first days are more difficult in general terms, people can return to their daily lives within 4 to 6 weeks. But this does not apply to early intensive sports activities, but to simple actions such as walking, performing household chores, or carrying items. If a person has an active and heavy Sporting Life, it is not dangerous to have an implant inserted, but it is necessary to consult a specialist who performs the operation at the right time. If a person does regular sports, it is important that the implant is not heavy in terms of comfort. Lightweight B Lite implants compared to other prosthetics with up to 30 percent of the same volume are the most ideal type of implant for women who play sports.

Does the scar remain after breast Aesthetic Surgery?

Male breast implants in Turkey are used in implant operations performed with the help of a light breast prosthesis. For this reason, The shape of the breast has both a soft and natural appearance. But, like any operation, of course, small incisions are used in this method. The scars planned for the operation are stored in such a way that they remain where the natural shape of the breast creates a shadow. Of course, the first appearance after breast Aesthetic Surgery is not the best. So naturally, the patient may worry about his future appearance when he sees the stitches in his body. But this concern is unwarranted. In a short period of 3 months, the bruising and swollen appearance caused by incisions decreases every day. Over time, the Implant reaches its true form by adapting much more to the body.

Does having implants lead to other diseases?

The health effects of breast aesthetic operations, which are preferred by millions of people around the world, have been investigated in detail and are still being investigated. Currently, there is no clear data that breast implants cause a different disease. However, if we consider that aesthetic operations, like any operation, take place under anesthesia, of course, there are low lower risks. At the very beginning of these risks comes the risk of bleeding and infection. An intense bleeding during the operation leads to the formation of a hematoma in the body, while a second operation may be required for a solution. In addition, since silicone prostheses are considered foreign substances for the body, there is a small risk of infection. Often these infections occur in the membrane tissue surrounding the prosthesis. Of course, these risks can be eliminated by using the right technique and the right product.

Does the breast implant rupture?

Implants used in breast aesthetics should be products designed not only to save the instant appearance, but rather to have long-term comfort. Although there are many different silicone implants on the market, the lightweight breast implant B-Lite products with the most advanced features of recent years guarantee this quality by offering the highest possible quality. B-Lite offers comfortable use for many years after operation, excluding risks such as tearing or wear. It demonstrates its success with close to 100% in both surgeon and patient satisfaction.

Is there pain in the healing process in breast implant application?

The most comfortable period for breast aesthetic operations is probably the time period covering the first 6 hours. Because at this early stage, the effect of local anesthesia used in the operation continues and prevents the person from feeling pain. The patient has only a feeling of tension in his body. Although the effect of anesthesia passes after an average of 6 hours, although it varies from person to person, it actually means that you can now be discharged. Sometimes experts can give 1 night hospitalization, but usually after 6 hours, the patient can stand up. With the end of the early period after surgery, the patient may begin to feel a mild pain. The reason for this is the feeling of pressure, tension and fullness in the body. But unbearable pain is not involved here, and it can be easily controlled thanks to pain medications prescribed by a doctor. 3. the person feels much better after the breast implant is inserted. As the day begins. The pain decreases, the breast implant adapts to the body, and the person’s stress also decreases. 7 if there is no exceptional case. From the day on, the uncomfortable sensations in the body disappear completely, and within a few weeks, visible bruises disappear. Although the healing process in breast aesthetic surgeries is difficult in the first few days, it is quite fast together with the experience of the specialist doctor and the quality of the product used. B-Lite breast implants are one of the types of implants where the healing and adaptation process is the fastest. The B-Lite implant, which does not create weight on the breast tissue, especially along with the lightness it has, allows you to perform all kinds of social activities, including diving and flying.

Should breast implants be replaced after a certain period of time?

Although breast implants manufactured in the past usually have an expiration date, this restriction has disappeared with today’s technology. Patients no longer have to remove or replace their breast implants after a certain period of time.

Does Implant weight cause posture disorder?

The most commonly preferred round and drop prosthesis types for breast aesthetics can be produced in different volumes. These prostheses, selected according to the patient’s body structure and expectation, appear with different weights in different products. The lightness of the prosthesis also prevents posture disorders. B-Lite products, which are 30% lighter than other implants, will not cause posture disorder, preventing you from feeling extra weight in your body after the best breast in Turkey by Antalya surgeon doctors.


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