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Turkey iHealth member and Surgeon from the Practice Doctor told us what is curious about revision rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey that is possible to desired patients, who come from other clinics for correction.

Rhinoplasty after rhinoplasty surgery, the operation may need to be repeated. Revision rhinoplasty in Turkey is the name given to resection of rhinoplasty surgery for various reasons. Revision rhinoplasty aims to achieve the healthy and aesthetic appearance targeted by the previous surgery.

Even if each rhinoplasty operation is planned in such a way that it does not require a repeat, some situations may lead to the fact that you will be faced with the option of performing revision surgery.

Why Is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed?

Some of the reasons for revision rhinoplasty are that the shape of the nose is not as desired, asymmetries that occur during the healing process, breathing difficulties, nasal adhesions, infections that develop etc.

In addition, it can be said that the majority of those who have undergone revision rhinoplasty have dissatisfaction with the shape of the patients’ nose as the reason for the operation.

When Should Revision Nose Surgery Be Performed?

In order for revision rhinoplasty operations to be performed, at least a year must elapse since the first operation. This period should be waited for, as there is a minimum period of time that must pass for the nose to fully recover after surgery, edema to subside, wounds to heal. Except for emergencies such as infection, it will not be appropriate to have rhinoplasty surgery again before this time.

In What Cases Is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed?

– Dissatisfaction with the shape of the nose,

– Deformities that occur due to insufficient cartilage tissue,

– Collapses in the structure of the nose,

– Nasal congestion and breathing problems,

– Infections,

revision is the conditions that cause rhinoplasty.

How is Revision Rhinoplasty Performed?

Revision rhinoplasty surgery is difficult and risky compared to the first rhinoplasty surgeries. Factors such as the correct analysis, what is the problem or the patient’s expectation should be evaluated in all details and taken action.

Some revision rhinoplasty surgeries can be performed with a closed method, while others may need to be performed with an open method by removing cartilage from the rib due to the fact that there are larger problems. The size of the problems experienced is the determining factor in determining whether they are done by open or closed Rhinoplasty method.

Open / Closed Technical Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty surgery can be performed with both open and closed technique.

If there are minor changes in the revision surgery to be performed, the operation can be performed with incisions that open from the inside of the nose so that they are not visible from the outside.

Open method rhinoplasty allows you to perform nose surgery with an incision that opens from the middle of the nostrils. In cases where cartilage tissue is insufficient in revision rhinoplasty operations, an open method is used to add additional cartilage that will be removed from the patient’s own ribs.

Methods Used in Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty / Piezo Technique is a rhinoplasty method performed by vibration of sound waves.

Microtur: a micromotor is a method used to correct deformities in bone with thin tips.

Conventional Rhinoplasty is a traditional rhinoplasty method that uses both open and closed methods.

Holistic Rhinoplasty is a technique in which facial aesthetics is planned along with the aesthetic appearance of the nose. The result of rhinoplasty is to harmonize the contours of the face, which is supported by medical aesthetics applications such as botox filler rope hanger. The most important detail of the holistic technique is that all operations are performed in one session and the process of achieving the result is shortened.

Before Revision Rhinoplasty; a period of 1 year between previous surgery should be completed. It is very important for the completion of the surgical processes to determine what the problem is and to conduct a detailed analysis so that it does not happen again.

After Revision Rhinoplasty, the Turkish doctor’s recommendations must be strictly followed in order for the healing process to be completed with health.

Rhinophilosophy is the philosophy of rhinoplasty. In the process of reshaping the nose, a special technique is used for each person, taking into account their own characteristics, and the shape of the nose is given accordingly. Listening to the patient’s wishes, planning and implementing them with the opinion and experience of rhinoplasty specialist Turkish physician are indispensable parts of the process.

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