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Bad posture is not as simple or trivial as thought, but a serious health problem. It even causes more mental and physical health problems than most people know. These problems can have long-lasting effects on your overall health for the rest of your life. Health problems caused by poor posture, i.e. impaired posture, physical therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Prof.Doctor and Turkey Medicals member, told us well.

Negatively affects the health of the spine

Poor posture increases the load riding on your spine by altering the natural curvatures of your spine. In a natural, healthy state, your spine has its own curvature; there is a natural cupping on the neck, a natural hump on the back, and a natural cupping on the waist. The curvature of the spine to the sides does not exceed 3-5 degrees, practically the spine is flat when viewed from behind.

After slumping on your desk and standing in the same position for years and standing badly, the natural curvatures of your spine disappear. In fact,excessive tension in your spine can become so bad that the integrity of your spine is damaged, the discs become compressed, degenerate, the ligaments stretch, lengthen or shorten, the joints become compressed, spasms and weakness in the muscles around the spine.

In this way, it causes your discs to weaken, jam, and wear out your spine. These changes not only cause long-term pain and discomfort, but also impair your spine’s ability to absorb shock and maintain proper balance.

Causes depression and stress

As mentioned earlier, bad posture does not just show upset and decadent, it really upsets and collapses on you. Those who make a habit of bad posture age earlier, are more depressed and more anxious.

For example, people with good spine health and posture have been found to have higher testosterone levels. This lowers the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, by giving them a sense of strength and control.

To have positive hormones that positively affect your body, to perceive yourself and the world around you happier, pay attention to your posture, maintain your spine health.

Digestive problems arise

Poor posture does not only affect the spine; it also affects your digestive system. It is easy to notice that poor posture can affect your shoulders, neck, waist because they are visible.

But staying in unnatural positions for a long time in your body negatively affects all internal organs. Wrong sitting and standing compresses the bowels.

This, in turn, negatively affects digestion and causes acid, reflux, gasiness and hernia gastrointestinal problems. Even more surprising, poor posture can also affect metabolism, leading to weight gain and fat accumulation around the belly.

Leads to increased pain

Your body is not happy when your spine, which gives your body its shape and provides your flexibility, and the joints attached to it are not in a healthy order, sequence.

The way your body expresses it when it is not happy and peaceful is pain, if there is pain and pain, there is a problem somewhere in your body.

In fact, poor posture causes chronic spine pain (lower back, neck, back) and disc degeneration. This is due to increased tension in the muscles, joints, tendons, other soft tissues and bones around the spine.

Poor posture can cause pain in parts of your body, including your hips, shoulders and neck. Head can lead to pain. Your body composition supports the weight of your various body parts, but in cases of poor posture, much more weight is placed on the tissues to support it.

For example, when the head is kept tilted forward, the load on the cervical vertebrae can increase 3-4 times. In case of bad sitting, the weight of the breasts increases several times, putting extra strain on the back vertebrae and shoulder joints. Good posture allows your body to effortlessly support the weight of your head and other body parts.

Cardiovascular and lung problems may occur

Poor posture damages your digestive system as well as your lungs and heart. An Australian study of poor posture has shown that people sitting at their desks all day have shorter life spans and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Part of the reason for this increase in risk is that poor posture also restricts blood and oxygen flow. Because of poor posture, it becomes difficult to breathe, talk and exercise.

Every cell in your body needs oxygen to live and do its duty. That’s why it’s important to help oxygen circulate as freely as possible through your body.


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