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Sagging body is one of the problems that occurs when a large amount of weight is lost. The skin and muscles and expand when weight is gained. After losing weight, the skin and muscles that have lost the ability to tighten muscle in some cases cannot be restored and restored.

This condition, which can occur in different parts of the body such as the back, abdomen, arms and legs, causes sagging. It may be possible to solve this condition, which is difficult to solve with most applications, by best back aesthetic surgery in Turkey.

Sagging that occurs in different parts of the body after losing weight often causes significant complaints. Muscles and skin stretch and expand due to the increased body surface during weight gain. When the weight gained is returned, the skin that has lost its elasticity cannot return to its former state by not being able to use the tightening feature completely. Muscles, on the other hand, have difficulty returning to their former forms. One of the areas where body sagging can be seen in individuals who have experienced weight changes is the back area.

Stretching the Back with Exercise and Diet

Diet and exercises can be an important tool for eliminating sagging in the back area. The development of muscles in the back area becomes a big step towards muscle sagging. But skin flabbiness may not respond to all the efforts given, depending on the body structure. Aesthetic surgery may be necessary to destroy the skin that has lost its elasticity and appears in a surplus state.

What is Back Lift Surgery? How is It Done?

The procedure performed to eliminate sagging in the back area is called back lift surgery. It is done by stretching the skin with the established techniques, which leads to sagging. For back lift surgery, it is very important that the aesthetic patient loses a sufficient amount of weight and the fat content in the operating area is very important. If the fat content in the operating area is too high, Antalya liposuction may need to be performed before back lift surgery. It is possible to perform back lift surgery only after 6 months after liposuction is performed.

There are two different approaches that develop depending on the region where the sagging occurs in the back area and the techniques used:

– In the upper back stretching process, excess skin is removed from the bra area with an incision and excess skin is removed upward. This procedure, performed with general anesthesia, is completed in about 2 hours.

– In the lower back stretching process, the upper layer of tissue in this area is removed to coincide with the upper part of the butt area and the fat layer under the skin is left. This tissue is placed downward to make the butt plump, and the bottom butt skin is pulled up. It is aimed at plumping the butt area, lifting and stretching the lower back area. This procedure, performed with general anesthesia, is completed in about 2 to 2.5 hours.

The Healing Process After Back Lift Surgery

The healing process of upper back stretching and lower back stretching will be different from each other. After the upper back stretching operation, 1 night of hospitalization in Turkey is required in the hospital and rest is required for up to 1 week.

In lower back stretching surgery, because everyday activities concern the butt area, it is necessary to pay more attention due to the tension of the butt. After 1 night spent in the Turkey hospital after surgery, the rest period can be extended to 10 days, and a corset should be worn for 1 month. After both operations, it is recommended to refrain from sports activities for 1 month.

The incision we make in the upper back stretching process is so that it stays inside the bra area. If the lower back is in the process of stretching, it is necessary to regularly perform scar treatments to properly heal the scars that have formed. It will be possible to see the results clearly in the lower and upper back stretching procedures after 1 month.

Regular exercises and diets will be of great importance in ensuring the persistence of the results of back lift surgery and maintaining the features of the back area that have acquired a tight appearance.

Turkey Medicals – you can contact an expert plastic surgeon in Turkey to find out everything you are interested in about back lift surgery and to get information about the processes that develop depending on your condition to help best.


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