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Smartlipo is an Nd: fat laser system. It is an innovative system designed to destroy excess adipose tissue. As in classical liposuction methods, the outer membrane of the fat cell is broken down and the fat content is revealed without causing mechanical trauma to the skin and adipose tissue. These fats are permanently destroyed by being absorbed by the lymphatic system. Since the fibroblasts inside the skin are also stimulated with this technique, stretching and tightening occur in the skin in the days following the procedure, skin sagging is not observed.. If your clothes don’t look the way you want because of a few extra pounds of fat deposits, you find your arms too thick and can’t wear short sleeves, you find your face chubby or want your food to disappear, but you don’t want to undergo traditional liposuction or general anesthesia, if there’s no difference in your cellulite and stretch marks despite dozens of different treatments, and most importantly, if you’ve had liposuction-related problems, Smartlipo (laser lipolysis) can provide the solutions you want permanently and in a single session.

1- Why Smartlipo?

– She doesn’t have long sessions that don’t end. One session is enough

– It was minimally invasive

– It can be applied under local anesthesia

– There is no incision, scarring or disfigurement

– Deformities due to liposuction can be corrected

– Bleeding and bruising do not occur

– It is very comfortable after application according to any similar process

– There is no recovery time, you can return to work and social life immediately

– No need for long-term compression bandages and corsets

2- To which regions is Smartlipo?

Puffy areas outside the face, back, bra strap, puffy oily area above the sexual area, breast enlargement in men (gynecomastia) and women, buttocks, hips, around and inside the knees, upper arms, cheeks, neck, especially loose and flaccid areas inside the legs.

3- How does the Smartlipo app feel?

Smartlipo is applied under local anesthesia and there is no pain during the entire procedure. Only a light touch is felt. These sensations created by the laser cannula end quickly. You don’t need to sleep in any way. Local anesthetic fluids given in by laser for 6-12 hours after the application leak slightly. Many of our patients do not need a painkiller pill or similar support for pain. Sometimes a simple oral(oral) painkiller can be used.

4- How long is the application period?

The face and neck application takes about 45 minutes. Larger areas, for example, the navel, hip, may take an hour

5- Is Smartlipo safe?

Yes, because the laser is effective only on fat cells. Neighboring structures are not affected by this, the computer system helps your doctor’s experience for a regular melting. And most importantly, the Smartlipo laser device and its application are approved by the FDA (American health organization in November 2006)

6- Is there a group of patients for whom the Smartlipo application cannot be made?

Applicable to all medical applications, patients with serious heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes bleeding disorders should consult with their doctors who are concerned about these issues and take the necessary precautions.

7- How long is the recovery time after the application?

The entire recovery time has been reduced to one week. But this surah does not affect social activities and working life. many of our patients can walk directly to home or work.

Actually, Smartlipo is a decadent lunch application.

8- When do the effects appear and are they permanent?

At least half of the expected result is seen as soon as the application is completed. Over time, along with lymphatic absorption (about 2 months), all thinning and contour improvement occurs.

We are born with a fixed number of fat cells, and the human body cannot make fat cells again, so permanent results can be achieved with a laser.

9- What are the advantages compared to liposuction?

In traditional liposuction, general anesthesia is usually needed. Fat cells are destroyed by mechanical trauma, and it is inevitable that there will be some bleeding and bruising. According to Smartlipo, it is possible to leave some traces because very thick cannulas are used. There may be small hillocks attached to fat deposits left behind unintentionally, and pits next to them (Smartlipo regularly dissolves all fat at the same depth, and irregularities cannot occur.) Deformities that have also occurred with previous liposuctions that have been undergone can again be corrected with Smartlipo.

10- Will my fats sag when they melt and this area empties?

With the effect of smartlipon on increasing fibroblast production on the skin, tightening occurs on the skin and sagging does not occur. On the contrary, the application area becomes more tense and tight than before.

11- Which regions see the most benefits?

With Smartlipo, it can be applied to all body areas, but it has much more effects on the hip, waist and belly area, especially in the facial tickle and neck area.

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