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Turkey Medicals member and Clinic in Antalya department of Beautician answered the curious questions about the laser hair removal process, such as “how to apply laser hair removal, will the hair completely end with laser hair removal”.

There are many topics that individuals who want to have laser hair removal are interested in about the application. Since one of them is how to apply laser hair removal, we believe that it is necessary to explain and examine this question in detail.

Laser hair removal is performed by contacting the body of the laser device head with a cold gel and sending wavelength lights to the hair follicles. Since this procedure can be easily applied to all areas, it is an almost painless procedure that is completed with minimal pain and suffering and even compared to similar procedures. different types of applications have emerged with more than one device in laser hair removal applications.Roots are very important for determining the application time and application setting of the person’s skin type in the application performed thanks to the spread of cold gel on the clean body and the rays of the laser head.

With the right analysis and sufficient treatment to be applied, the individual can easily get rid of all their unwanted hair and the hair can be removed from the body so that it does not come out forever. Of course, there are laser, heat and hair follicles, and there are some questions about this procedure with the help of a device, one of the most asked of which is whether the procedure is harmful.


Laser hair removal is not a harmful procedure, even at the point of some ailments, it is recommended by specialist doctors one-on-one. When the cause of intense darkening on the skin is incorrect applications, this bad image can be treated with a laser, and the problem of excessive hair growth that occurs due to hormonal disorders can be solved radically. In addition, the permanent solution of the ingrown problem that happens to almost everyone with these problems is through hair removal.

It is not recommended for cancer patients and those who experience the consequences of this disease on the skin, as well as pregnant women. In such diseases, it is recommended to do hair removal when the treatment process is over or when the pregnancy is over.

It is quite normal that you experience the question of is it harmful, especially during the decision-making process, but when you start the process, it is possible that you will experience that there are no side effects and harm at the end of the first session yet. The reason why it is not recommended for cancer patients is due to the sensitivity to infection developed during chemotherapy treatment and many side factors. But it is also necessary to answer the question of whether cancer does it.


No, it does not. Laser hair removal is not associated with any operation procedure that triggers cancer. It is not one of the factors that causes cancer. Although the question of whether people have cancer with a laser procedure on the skin comes to mind, since the early days when hair removal was invented, there has not been a single patient who has had cancer because of the laser. Because laser hair removal is not applied to every person indiscriminately, your specialist doctor can give you clearer information about it.


Laser hair removal can be applied to individuals who are in the period of menstruation who have reached the age of development. The sitting of this age in women and men corresponds to the age of 15, if there are no developmental disorders. every person after the age of 15 can safely have a laser done.

Gaining and losing weight the changes that occur in the body do not affect the process. Thanks to the developed technologies, it is now possible to apply it for four seasons.


Laser hair removal can be used by the following individuals There is no definite distinction between the following individuals who cannot use it. The main thing here is the analyzes that specialists do on your skin. If your dermatologist declares that hair removal is not the right application for you, then you may not be able to use it. Every person who is healthy and does not have any diseases in the risk group can safely get rid of unwanted hair thanks to laser hair removal from the age of majority.

There are no drawbacks to the procedure performed by the method of penetration into the hair follicles under the skin, nor is there any risk of death.

In whole body laser hair removal procedures, genital area laser hair removal is one of the most curious areas by the user.


Laser hair removal is unlikely to harm virginity. Because the application is not applied to the vagina, but to the hairs outside the vagina. In order to damage virginity, the device must be pushed into the vagina, which is certainly not the case in practice. As there is no laser application that harms virginity, this is just a superstition.


Thanks to the hair removal procedure regularly performed by a specialized clinic, close to one hundred percent results are obtained in the disappearance of hairs. Although this result is achieved a little later due to the fact that the area is moist in the inner part of the genital area, at the end of all sessions you say goodbye to the hairs you don’t want to come out again.

When you do a short research on what is the device used and the preferred center in the comments that the hairs are not completely finished, you will see that there is an error in the application and in the preferred place. With the right application, laser hair removal gives the best result at the point of unwanted hair.


Laser hair removal devices can be examined in different groups according to the current technology.

When we make a list among the devices, the following devices come:

– Nd Oil Hair Removal Device

– Alexendrite Laser

– IPL (Photo Hair Removal Device)

– Ice Laser Device

– Diode Laser Device

– Household Laser Devices

Since the assembly and operating logic of each of them are different, it makes no sense to make a firm judgment that it is this device that is the best. That is why devices should be evaluated within the scope of the feature.

You may not be able to see it because it has not been added to our list of rugby devices that have side effects and are almost never preferred anymore, it is recommended that you also stay away from the operation with this device as much as possible.

There are also sub-distributions and device brands of the devices included in the list according to different characteristics.

It is also worth noting that the most popular in recent years have been ice laser and Soprano devices. The main factor in choosing an ice laser is that it is a painless and painless method. The fact that the pain with the ice effect is minimal or even almost minimal provides a greater comfort zone for many users.


To get the best result from laser hair removal, we need a set of tricks. With these points of attention, it will be possible to achieve the most successful result. Because the duration of the session is determined as 4-6 weeks; this period is the time when the effective result will be obtained. If you do not follow the sessions regularly, you will not get results. So, the first step is to go to the sessions regularly. If there are substances such as deodorant and perfume on your skin that remain in the wax during the application of laser hair removal, it negatively affects your results. The procedure will allow you to get more efficiency when applied to a clean skin. Jul It is recommended not to stay in the sun too much during the laser and to use sunscreen especially in the summer if it is necessarily going to stay in the sun. To get the best result, you need to proceed with a system that suits you. Apart from these, there are no topics that you should pay special attention to, but you can also experience how easy it is when you start the process. Those who will determine what is best for you are definitely specialized beauty centers and clinics. If you are a doctor and a specialist, the maximum results can be obtained from laser hair removal procedures performed in the company of an esthetician.


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