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While meeting a winter season again, prepare your skin with the care it needs,Support skin dryness with home care, the correct care of your skin and the order of needs. Turkey Medicals, “Aging of the skin does not consist only of wrinkles. Loss of elasticity, a tired pale complexion, signs of skin dryness, skin aging are involved in glazing.” was said

Then it’s time to choose the special intensive treatments that your skin needs.

Unfortunately, our skin will age. There’s no way out of this. When we look in the mirror one day in the past years, some of us may see these signs of old age earlier than our biolegic age, some of us may see them later, Of course, the signs of skin aging of a person are different. These factors are lifestyle, working life, nutrition, regular sleep, movement, genes, correct or incorrect care. It is entirely in your own hands to know these factors correctly and to be able to keep them in balance. It is necessary to know the structure of your skin correctly and to meet its needs with the right care. Today, skin care is a lifestyle and a necessity. It is like feeding or drinking water when you are thirsty.

Proper care of your skin and sorting of needs

– The structure of dry skin, as if thirsty for water

Symptoms of skin dryness; Due to the upper skin becoming too dry, flakes,flakes and peeling begin. Fine lines intensify from the lower floor to the upper skin. It increases especially in thin skin areas around the eyes, neck and above the lips.

The cause of skin dryness: The cause of skin dryness is that fat production slows down by the age of 30 and a decrease in adipose tissue begins. Being in an air-conditioned environment, staying in the sun too much and cold weather affect the skin. Using cosmetic products with the wrong active ingredient content that are not compatible with your skin are the factors and causes that increase skin dryness.

How to reduce dry skin:Choose care products containing active ingredients that your skin needs and adapt to the season.Do not use alcohol-containing tonics, lotions, eat a healthy diet to reflect your skin from the inside out and consume plenty of water 1.5- 2 liters is enough.

Intensive treatments that quickly relieve and solve skin dryness: The upper skin that causes skin dryness has two layers.In order to remove the unnecessary upper layer, the dead layer that dries, flakes with “Diamant micro dermabration” or peeling is removed and a smooth layer is obtained. With the “Meso-Myo-Poratation” method, Hyaluron Serum, a high moisture store containing Hyaluron Acid active ingredient that the skin needs, and Vitamin Serum containing Vitamin A-E-F, which reduces dryness that nourishes the skin, are penetrated into the lower layer of the skin by the newly arrived skin. It gains vitality, brightness, elasticity by structuring under the skin. The oil and moisture balance of the skin is regulated, and thus skin dryness is eliminated, preventing and slowing down the signs of aging.

– Support skin dryness with home care

To prevent skin dryness, quench thirst, that is, lack of moisture, with the ” Hyaluron Serum” that the skin needs. The weather has started to cool down now, so feed your skin with ” Vitamin A serum”. Apply an exfoliation and mask to your skin once a week. With peeling, the dead layer is removed, the pores are opened, the skin breathes, and the oil, moisture balance of the skin is maintained with the mask.

Application: Soften it by holding it on your face for 1-2 minutes as a light tampon with a warm moist comprex towel. The skin softens and the pores open. Then apply craem peeling to the skin with moist fingertips in the form of massage. Clean the peel with warm water, tonic it, nourish it with the “Pure energy mask”, which energizes the skin.

Living environment: If you are working indoors and in front of a computer, these factors create skin dryness. So, spray mineral water on your face from time to time, it Decontaminates your skin. If you are in an outdoor environment, definitely wear protective. Of course, eating healthy and consuming fluids is also of great importance in our lives, because the reflection of the skin from the inside out determines that you are healthy.


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