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Sunspots in Turkey are one of the most common skin problems. Although the best time to get rid of this problem, which flares up in summer in Turkey, is in winter, you are not yet late. You can also get effective results from treatments that will be applied these days.

There are many types of skin spots that are a common problem. But Turkish sun spots, postpartum spots and acne spots are the types of Turkey beach spots we often encounter. Especially with the increasing damage of the ozone layer, the risk of exposure to the harmful effects of UV rays has increased. “The most important point that we insist on to our patients in the treatment of all types of spots is that effective protection from the sun’s rays is the sine qua non of Spot treatment,” said.

Turkey iHealth member Skin Dermatologist Doctor in Antalya Turkey gave the following information about the causes of stain and treatment methods on holidays in the Turkish Mediterranean sun, sea and sand:

Sunspot (Melasma)

Sunspots (melasma) are brown formations seen on the face. It’s a pretty common problem. They usually occur after their 20s. It is more common in women than in men. It is often bilateral and symmetrical in the face area. As a sunspot, it is divided into superficial, deep and mixed types. Superficial sunspots respond well to treatment. Deep-seated ones respond hard to treatments. Melasma, which is a combination of superficial and deep spots, that is, a mixed type, is the most common type of melasma. Sunbathing, pregnancy, hormone treatments and birth control pills trigger sunspot.

It occurs more often in people with dark skin. The mechanism of spot formation is that the cells that make color in these regions produce more color than those in the Spotless region. As a result, the sun-spotted areas immediately darken. Thyroid diseases can often occur in people with sunspot.

Patients with sunspot melasma in Turkey should constantly use broad-spectrum sunscreen and stay away from artificial light sources such as tanning beds. Hormone drugs should not be used unless very necessary.

How do the sunspots on the face pass?

Before treatment, the depth of the stain should be determined. Spot creams, oral antioxidant pills, laser treatments and chemical peels used to treat sun spots can be used alone or together. Those who complain of sunspots should regularly use sunscreen products with a factor of at least 30 every 4 hours during summer and winter. And no direct sun exposure.

Here are the treatment ways

Mesotherapy: in the treatment of spots, injecting small amounts of vitamin C, glutation, transexamic acid, pyruvic acid, and antioxidant substances such as salmon into the spot area, under the skin, can lighten the stain color. It is not a classic method, but it increases the effectiveness of treatments by using it in combination with other methods.

PRP and Dermatherapy: any method that repairs the skin in the treatment of blemishes blepharospasm in Turkey can open the blemishes. Because the Spotted areas are actually areas with sun-damaged cells. In PRP treatment, 8-10 ml is taken from your own blood into 1 tube and centrifuged and growth factors (GF), which are very special proteins, are separated. When these growth factors are given to the spotty area, they initiate a repair activity and remove the cells that cause the spot.

Istanbul Chemical peeling the term “Peeling” means a controlled peeling of the upper layers of the skin. The goal is to make the skin look brighter, taut and smooth, creating healthier and younger cells. Products used in chemical peeling applications regenerate the cell by increasing collagen synthesis.

Plasma energy: if a substance is energized when it is in a solid state, it first passes into a liquid and then into a gaseous state. If we continue to give energy when we are in this state, that is, if we apply gaseous energy, then we will get plasma. By using energy-charged gas molecules as “plasma energy”, it reaches directly to the lower regenerating layers without destroying the upper layers of the skin.

Laser treatments in Antalya, lasers used to treat spots are effective by peeling or destroying color cells melanocytes. Brown spots are erased by intense light and laser treatments at the wavelength where the pigments are sensitive.As a result of repeated 4-5 sessions once every 3-4 weeks, it is possible to capture the smoothness of the teenage years.

A new generation of oxygen therapy: recently, a new generation of skin care is a new way to get rid of spots… so you get free, smooth, spotless and balanced skin is not a dream. The importance of oxygen in terms of skin cells has been known for many years; intensive oxygen support allows difficult-to-heal wounds to heal easily. In this way, the skin cleanses, cleanses and receives useful “nutrients” that will be given to it.