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An increase in blood pressure during pregnancy occurs in 5-10% of all pregnancies, but rarely causes dangerous conditions.

Turkey iHealth – high blood pressure during pregnancy, preeclampsia, or pregnancy poisoning is called when blood pressure rises to 140/90 mmHg and above during pregnancy, while blood pressure was normal before.

It is necessary to distinguish hypertension that does not have hypertension before pregnancy, caused or aggravated by pregnancy, from old and chronic hypertension. The first is more dangerous. In patients with old hypertension, antihypertensive therapy should be re-arranged with pregnancy and switched to drugs that can also be used safely during pregnancy.

While their blood pressure is normal before pregnancy and in the first two trimesters of pregnancy, these situations that report that the table is important in pregnant women whose blood pressure rises in the 3rd trimester should be questioned:

* Swelling of the hands and feet, face

* Persistent headache

* Right upper abdominal pain that does not go away

* Complaints about the stomach that do not go away

* Visual disturbances (blurred vision, loss of field of view, double vision, temporary loss of vision)

How is hypertension (preeclampsia) caused by pregnancy diagnosed?

* There’s a protein leak in the urine.

* There may be a decrease in the number of shaped elements called platelets, which ensure blood clotting.

* The LDH value may increase with the breakdown of red blood cells.

* Enzymes that provide information about liver function may increase.

* There may be an increase in the value of creatinine, which indicates kidney function.

Who is at risk for hypertension (preeclampsia) caused by pregnancy?

* It is more common in the first pregnancies.

* The risk is high in multiple pregnancies.

* Advanced maternal age increases the risk.

* Obesity increases the risk.

* The risk is high in those who have heart and vascular disease before pregnancy.

* It is more common in those who have a history of high blood pressure in their previous pregnancies and families.

What to do with hypertension (preeclampsia) caused by pregnancy?

There is no reliable and valid screening test for preeclampsia. The Doppler test performed in the second trimester has limited benefit in determining severe cases.

* At each examination, blood pressure should be carefully measured and weight recorded.

* Rapid weight gain during pregnancy should be prevented

* The use of low-dose aspirin should be recommended under the supervision of a doctor for those who have high blood pressure during previous pregnancies.

What is the treatment for hypertension (preeclampsia) caused by pregnancy?

If the baby’s well-being continues until this period, time should be saved by applying antihypertensive therapy in a limited pregnancy.

Pregnancy in severe hypertension:

* Before 24 weeks, unfortunately, the mother’s life is at risk.,

* If it is between 24-34 weeks, after the necessary treatments are applied to ensure the baby’s lung development, before the birth,

* If it is in 34-37 weeks, childbirth is required.

In addition, supportive treatments are required to prevent preeclampsia from developing into eclampsia, a form of which is similar to sara’s seizure. Hospitalization in Turkey, monitoring, the use of magnesium protects the mother from dangers until the birth of the baby. The only real cure for preeclampsia is childbirth.