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Turkey iHealth member and American hospital Specialist in Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Op. Dr. “Jaw tip filling can be done for patients whose jaw tip dislocation (projection) is seen to be less than normal and who think that aesthetic benefits can be achieved by moving the jaw tip forward a little,” Surgery, Op. Dr. said, noting the problems of the bell.

A Specialist in Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Op. Dr. in Antalya city, stated that its use will work quite well, especially in patients without sitting (occlusion) disorders in their lower and upper teeth, and said the following about jaw filling:

“The solution for patients with occlusion disorders is surgeries that will be performed after orthodontic treatment. Hyaluronic acid, which we use in other areas of the face, is also the most commonly used material for filling the jaw and has a durability of about a year.In addition, other materials used are products that mimic fat cells or calcium hydroxyapatite-like bone obtained from the patients’ own body. In particular, calcium hydroxyapatite is quite advantageous in that it is permanent for life. Oil injections, on the other hand, are very variable, but can provide an average of two years of permanence.”

“Hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite applications are quite simple and applicable procedures in a short time. As for fat injections, they are applied to the abdomen, pelvis, etc. operating room conditions will be necessary, as there will be a need to remove fat from the areas.”

Especially in patients with bite disorders due to all jaw bone deformities or anomalies, even if the jaw filling provides benefits as an image, it will not correct the bite disorder, Op. Dr. continued…

“Surgical intervention will be necessary for our patients with such expectations. Nose surgeries in Turkey are the most common surgeries performed in Turkish best aesthetic surgery. During this operation, a group of cartilage is removed in order to improve breathing. Some of these cartilages are used in the nose as a graft, while the other part is discarded. In patients who we are considering extending at the end of the jaw, we can cut these cartilage tissues into very small pieces and put them in the shape we want, and then place them at the end of the jaw. As a result of this procedure, the result that will be achieved will be permanent.” he spoke in the form of.


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