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The most important issue about breathing is the use of the right muscles when breathing in and out. Based on my own experience, I can say that even those who use muscles, waist and back muscles, neck and chest muscles and even butt muscles while breathing can be geniuses. As you know, the muscle that should be used when breathing is the Diaphragm muscle.

When breathing in and out, if you get help from muscles other than the diaphragm muscle you will shut down your respiratory system. When you use your chest muscles instead of the diaphragm, the area where the diaphragm is located becomes hard. This also causes tension in a physical and emotional sense.

When you breathe using your diaphragm, more space is created in the body for the function of breathing. The energies in the areas that are energetically closed due to past traumas are regulated again. The closed areas of the respiratory system are opened. With the opening of the respiratory system, visible improvements in respiratory disorders are observed.

Apart from the diaphragm muscle, there are two other diaphrag muscles in our body. One of them is the pelvic muscles and the other is the vocal diaphragm muscles. For a full breath, it is important to include these two diaphragms in the breath.

The vocal diaphragm muscle is located in the throat muscle, and the pelvic diaphragm muscle is located in the pelvic part of the body. Together with the diaphragm, these two diaphragm muscles are located in a horizontal position parallel to each other in the body. Nov. The pelvic diaphragm supports the posture of the organs in the downward position of the body within the body, allowing them to easily perform their functions. The vocal diaphragm, on the other hand, plays a role in the extraction of sound. The breathing will deepen and become beautiful in the sound extracted to the extent that the shopping deepens. We can think of these three diaphragm muscles as Novices that open to each other. When one door is opened, other doors also start to move.

The pelvic diaphragm muscle of those whose abdominal part is too tight is in a short and shrunken position. Deep breathing is out of the question in such a situation. This also indicates the presence of anxiety in a person’s life. When the main diaphragm muscle is unable to complete its downward movement while breathing, the vocal diaphragm takes over the entire task, which is similar to digging a hole with a fork. Breathing becomes very tiring. As long as the breath cannot be completed, the body quickly turns to the next breath before completing the exhalation in order to get the breath it needs. That is when an impossible thing is attempted to be realized. The correct thing is to focus on deepening the first breath instead of shortening the exhalation and running to the next breath.

As long as we are not aware that you are doing wrong, you will find yourself in a constantly striving breathing pattern.

Now you have learned the facts. It is in your hands to make proper breathing a priority in a physical sense for a happy and peaceful life.

Always With The Light of Love



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