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Arched rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey?

Each of us has a different nose shape. For this reason, our nose stands out as the most characteristic part of our face. However, many people are not satisfied with shape of their noses. Although this dissatisfaction is mostly caused by aesthetic perception, the structure of the nose can also make it difficult to breathe. Especially if the bone in the back of the nose is too curved or arched, these aesthetic and functional disorders may be greater. An arched nose can be congenital, or it can also occur with a subsequent blow. However, the arched nose is genetically widespread in Turkey.

Surgical operation is usually needed to correct arched noses. If the nasal arch is larger and curved, surgery is the only solution.

During the first examination performed with the patient, the nasal structure is carefully examined. With preoperative evaluations, it is determined whether the nasal arch is included in the cartilage structure or in the bone structure. In some cases, both can be together. As a result of this evaluation, it is determined how much the belt should be taken.

As it is known, nasal aesthetic surgeries can be performed with two different techniques, closed and open. But we prefer this technique because the open rhinoplasty technique allows us to see the nose structure more.

The operation is performed as previously planned. After the belt is removed, the bones in the wings of the nose are brought closer together, resulting in a natural result. If no complications are encountered after the operation, which lasts about 4-5 hours, patients are discharged after a day. A big change manifests itself from the first week after surgery, but complete results appear after about 1 year. As with all rhinoplasty operations, bruises and swellings are observed around the nose in the first weeks, but they will disappear in a short time. The plaster and tampons used to maintain the new shape of the nose during the operation are removed within 7-10 days at the latest. The part that patients are most worried about is the removal of these tampons. However, since silicone tampons are now preferred instead of old-fashioned cloth or plastic tampons, patients do not need to be afraid of pain or pain. It is very normal for you to suffer some pain after the operation, it is also possible to prevent these pains with painkillers if necessary.

Patients can return to their daily routines within 1 week after nose surgery. Sleeping with a high pillow for a while after the operation is useful in terms of preventing edema and possible bleeding. Patients can return to their normal eating habits one day after surgery, but they should stay away from bitterness and spices for a while. Excessive mimicry and laughing should be avoided for a few days after surgery.

If you have any other questions about arched rhinoplasty, you can contact us to get a free consultation. We are waiting for you at our clinic.


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