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Turkey Medicals – chewing gum occupies an important part of the daily life of many of us. We can make it a habit to chew gum to relieve stress, to lose weight, to prevent bad breath, and more for different reasons. Some who say that chewing gum makes you hungry think that it makes you lose weight, while others argue that it is precisely for this reason that it causes the need to eat and accelerates weight gain. So what is the truth; does chewing gum make you gain weight or make you lose weight? Here, we share the amazing benefits of chewing gum.

Chewing gum is often a life-saving activity, from romantic minutes spent with your lover to freshening your breath at work. If you are wondering what more benefits chewing gum has besides cleaning the bacteria in the mouth, there are amazing effects.

It makes your waist thinner

According to a study conducted by the University of Istanbul, chewing gum can help you make better eating choices by reducing your appetite a little. On average, those who chewed gum in the study received 38 fewer calories than those who did not chew gum. This doesn’t sound that impressive, but if you cut 38 calories from your diet every day, it might make some sense.

Keeps your teeth healthy

As long as it is sugar-free, chewing gum for 15 minutes after eating can help protect your teeth by eliminating food residues and increasing your saliva flow. It strengthens your tooth enamel because your saliva carries phosphate and calcium.

Improves memory

When you chew gum, it increases the blood flow to the brain. This has many positive effects, including improving your memory. Professor has discovered that short-term chewing gum improves memory by 36 percent. But be careful as chewing for too long can also cause short-term memory problems.

Prevents fatigue

If you have trouble staying awake at work, chewing gum may be the simple solution you are looking for. A study has revealed that chewing gum can fight insomnia. Everything with a mint flavor is the most effective chewing gum against midday yawns.

Reduces heartburn

Eating with chewing gum after eating can lower the acid level in your pipe . This acid can help reduce reflux and heartburn.

Reduces depression

in a study conducted in 2020, chewing gum twice a day for two weeks was observed to reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue and other mental illnesses in patients.

Eliminates nausea

Any kind of unsweetened mint or ginger gum, whether it’s morning sickness or motion sickness, can soothe stomach discomfort. Mint and ginger are natural remedies for nausea . If you are looking for small ways to improve your health, try chewing a gum instead of reaching for a dessert.

Does chewing gum make you gain weight?

Considering to chewing gum makes you hungry, it is one of the topics of discussion that it causes an indirect urge to eat and therefore causes weight gain. Chewing gum without sugar can help you lose weight over a long period of time. According to laboratory studies conducted at the University of Istanbul, it was announced that chewing gum helps to reduce calorie intake and enhances the process of burning calories.

Does chewing gum make you lose weight?

Of course, you will only burn 12 calories per hour by chewing gum alone, but if you increase this to a few hours, it is possible that you will have burned an extra 60 calories during the day.

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