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Every year since 1987, February 9 is recognized by the World Health Organization as World Smoking Cessation Day. It is also known as the number one cause of lung cancer due to cigarettes, which contain more than 7 thousand chemicals, more than 80 of which have been proven to cause cancer. The corona virus can also be quite severe in individuals who smoke and in those with smoking-related chronic respiratory diseases.

Awareness efforts are being made on World Smoking Cessation Day on February 9 every year against smoking, every use of which is harmful and causes the premature death of one of both users. Experts note that “The process of quitting smoking may not be easy, but it is an important requirement for health. Being addicted to a substance that unwittingly lowers our immune system threatens our health.” description found.


Stating that cigarettes are a poison containing more than 7 thousand chemicals, more than 80 of which have been proven to cause cancer, Dr. said that smoking is the source of many serious diseases, said, “More than 8 million people worldwide die due to smoking-related diseases, and 2 million of these deaths are due to passive smoking alone. Smoking causes at least 20 types of cancer, especially lung cancer, which is the most common and most common cause of death in our country. Every year, more than 2.5 million people die due to these smoking-related cancers. As it is clear from these data, smoking is the most important preventable cause of cancer-related deaths. Again, smoking is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases, which are the most important cause of death other than cancer. Chronic respiratory diseases, which are important both in terms of loss of life and quality of life, are one of the common problems in people who smoke and are exposed to cigarette smoke. In addition, cataract formation, skin diseases, anxiety and depression, difficulty in having children are also conditions caused by smoking. The corona virus is also quite severe in individuals who smoke and in those with smoking-related chronic respiratory diseases,” he said.


Pulmonologist Doctor,“The process of quitting smoking may not be easy, but it is an important requirement for health. Being addicted to a substance that unwittingly lowers our immune system threatens our health. There are thousands of chemicals and hundreds of toxic substances in cigarettes. More than 70 percent of toxic substances lead to cancer. It affects the circulatory system, increasing the risk of stroke,” he said.

Stating that the February 9th Smoking Cessation Day offers an opportunity to provide important awareness on behalf of community health, the Turkish Pulmonologist Dr. smoking lungs and the respiratory tract that leads to some of the changes that emerged gradually over several years showed the impact from the memories of some people said, “The lungs and respiratory tract of mucus increases in volume and the number of cells responsible for producing non expands. Structural changes occurring in cells lead to thickening of the consistency of mucus, while increasing the amount of mucus produced. It is also known that smoking damages the functions of small cilia, called cilia, which are responsible for clearing the lungs, and reduces their number. When all these changes come together, the lungs cannot effectively decontaminate the excess amount of viscous mucus produced. Thus, excess mucus remaining in the respiratory tract increases the risk of infection and can lead to complaints of chronic cough, which reduces the quality of life,” he said.


Stating that smoking damages the circulatory system as well as the lungs, Pulmonologist Doctor “There are thousands of chemicals and hundreds of toxic substances in cigarettes. More than 70 percent of toxic substances lead to cancer. Nicotine is addictive; it causes the heart to beat faster, blood pressure to rise, and arteries to narrow, shrink, and harden. These effects on the circulatory system increase the risk of stroke in people who smoke, but can lead to the fact that the main arteries supplying the brain are filled with plaque. As the duration of this addiction, which reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the cells, causes less nutrition of tissues, affects sexual life, triggers cardiovascular diseases and threatens human health, it becomes more difficult to get rid of the negativity caused by smoking,” he stressed the scope of the problems caused by smoking.

Covid-19 began to take measures to a healthier lifestyle along with that; however, it still could not smoking cessation, indicating that the light reached the desired level at the point of merda Erdemir, smoking Covid-19 it should be remembered that there is a significant risk factor for asthma, COPD, lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, particularly oxidative stress that causes damage to the tissues causing all of disposing step is very important to get rid of this addiction, he said.

Stating that it is not easy to quit smoking, but it is also not impossible, as “ALO 171 Smoking Cessation Hotline, which can be supported to quit an unhealthy habit such as smoking, can be reached around the clock. Assistance can be obtained from medical units that provide services on smoking cessation. Thanks to these supports, first of all, the person’s smoking addiction is evaluated and a personalized treatment plan is drawn up. It takes time to get rid of the effects of smoking, but when success is achieved, every breath taken without smoke brings you one step closer to healthier days,” he said.


President of the Turkish Anti-Smoking Association Assoc. Dr. made a statement on February 9, World Smoking Cessation Day. Associate Doctor, “20 thousand passive smokers lose their lives every year in Turkey, even if they don’t smoke. The rate at which a child (unborn) of a father who smokes has cancer is 20 percent,” he said.

Since 1987, February 9 has been recognized by World Health Organization as World Smoking Cessation Day, the President of Turkish Society for Fight against Smoking (TSSD) Assoc. Dr. also made statements on the subject and explained the harm of smoking.


Assoc., who says there are 20 thousand passive smokers in Turkey. Doctor used the following statements;

– 20 thousand people are killed by smokers in Turkey every year, even if they don’t smoke. There is no difference between dying by suicide and decimating by smoking. Smoking is destroying future generations.

– The rate at which a child of a father who smokes has cancer is 20 percent. The poisons contained in cigarettes destroy the p50 gene, which protects a person from cancer.

– This gene is also genetically transmitted from father to child. Since the p50 gene of a father who smokes is destroyed, the child is also born without this gene. Although the boy does not smoke, he gets cancer at the age of 25.


It is worth noting that 35 percent of women who smoke during pregnancy in Turkey give birth to children with disabilities, Assoc. Dr. said, “We pay around 26 million pounds for cigarettes in Turkey. With these paid money, other needs of the society can be met. Smoking makes you addicted for life. It’s very easy to start smoking, but it’s not easy to get rid of it. First of all, you need to put forward a strong will. It is necessary to see the real face of smoking before you start smoking,” he said.


Assoc., who noted that smoking harms not only people, but also the environment. Doctor, “About 50 percent of forest and city fires in Turkey are caused by smoking. Nearly half of the fires in Istanbul last year were caused by cigarette butts. Turkey is becoming deserter, we should see the harm that smoking does to the world,” he said.


Stating that there is no need to send troops to invade a country in the 21. century, Assoc. Dr. said the following;

– When you make the people of a country dependent on cigarettes, you will wear out that country economically, socially and in terms of health. Smoking destroys all the organs of the body. I drink 3 a day, I’ll be fine! don’t say it.

– Poison is a poison. There are about 3 thousand poisons in cigarettes. Cigarette manufacturers add different flavors to cigarettes to keep economic power in their hands. People don’t smoke easily after the age of 20.

– It is young people between dec ages of 13-20 who are important. People in this age range start smoking through wannabes.

– We must protect our young people, smoking is an infectious disease that spreads through wannabes. Community leaders should definitely not smoke in front of children and teenagers.


Assoc., who noted that all cigarettes on the market have passed the control of the Turkish Hifzissihha Institution. Dr. ended his words as follows:

– The nicotine value of cigarettes that have passed the supervision of this institution is obvious. Cigarettes smuggled into Turkey do not pass the health check. In case of an excessive hike, people start using unregistered cigarettes. Since the size of nicotine cannot be measured, great dangers to health arise.

– It also causes a large tax loss. They dominate an economy worth about $ 300 billion annually. There are cartels that promote the spread of smoking, as well as an illegal smoking cessation center.

– There are electronic cigarettes and smoking cessation methods that are harmful. Definitely do not come to the game of any place that the Turkish Ministry of Health does not license.

– These dangerous methods leave more permanent damage. It makes people more addicted to smoking. Let’s not pollute our air, let’s not let anyone spit in our air.


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