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  1. Dentistry, nursing. (In accordance with the Law on the Practice of the Style of Medicine and Poetry).
  2. Pharmacy (in accordance with the Law on Pharmacists and Pharms).
  3. Veterinary (according to the Law on the Operation of the Veterinary Association and its Chambers)
  4. Responsible director in private hospitals (in accordance with the Law on Private Hospitals).
  5. Advocacy (in accordance with the Law on Advocacy).
  6. Notary public (in accordance with Notary Public Law).
  7. Security officer in private or public institutions (in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Some Institutions and Institutions and Their Security).
  8. Inland waters include fish, oysters, mussels, sponges, pearls, coral exports, diving, seeking, guiding, captains, wheelers, clerics, (In accordance with Cabotage Law).
  9. Customs consultancy (in accordance with Article 227 of Customs Law No. 4458).
  10. Tourist guide (in accordance with Article 3 of the Professional Law on Tourist Guiding No 6326).


New change for Foreigner doctor taken off the list of prohibited duties and jobs in Turkey, as of 2012 the foreigner doctor work permit in Turkey issued and published in the Official Gazette is still in force and remains valid for foreign doctors who will receive a work permit. But this foreign doctor work permit, issued in 2012, excluded dentists, pharmacists, midwives and carers from this arrangement. In order to obtain a work permit for a foreign doctor, first of all, foreign doctors who want to work in Turkey must have an approved state of equivalence of diplomas, graduation certificates or specialty certificates and have also been registered by the Turkey Ministry of Health.

In order to obtain a foreigner dentist Turkish work permits, people should not be prevented from performing their profession and should be able to speak Turkish at least at B level. In order for foreign doctors to obtain a work permit, in addition to these documents, service contracts that specify the amount of monthly fees received from the health institution working must also be submitted to the Ministry of health. A foreign doctor’s work permit occurs only in private hospitals and clinics. Work permits are not issued for foreign doctors in state-affiliated hospitals.

The conditions required to obtain foreign doctor work permit will be briefly listed as follows;

– The equivalence of medical school diplomas or specialty certificates must be approved and these documents must also be registered by the Ministry of Health.

– There should also be no legal actions that prevent doctors who will receive a foreign doctor’s work permit from performing their profession.

– In Turkish Turkish language exam, which will be conducted by the Turkish teaching practice and Research Centers of Universities, people must show success at the level of B or higher.

– For a foreign doctor’s work permit, a work and residence permit must also be obtained in Turkey in accordance with the relevant legislation.

– Professional financial liability insurance, which is mandatory for doctors, should be taken out.

The documents required for a foreign doctor work permit are as follows;

– Approvals indicating that the equivalence of diploma or specialty documents has been accepted by the relevant authority.

– Turkish Turkish language exam conducted by the practice and Research Centers of teaching a document stating that the Grade is B and above.

– For the first time in Turkey, doctors who will perform their profession will be taken from the Ministry of health or representative offices of the Republic of Turkey of the countries from which they come, and the document that does not prevent the profession from being made by law.

– A service agreement that shows the amount of monthly fees paid to foreign medical personnel that have been made between the private medical institution and foreign medical personnel

In order for foreign doctors to obtain a work permit in the health sector in Turkey, there are documents that must be submitted. These documents must be submitted to the relevant institution in full and in full. In cases such as lack of documents, work permits will not be issued and documents will be requested to be completed. In order to obtain a work permit for a foreign doctor from foreign medical personnel, the documents requested are as follows.

A request for a work permit has been written to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. According to law 2527, foreigners will be asked to report this issue in their wishes in order to obtain a work permit in Turkey.

Foreign personnel must have an application form. The application form must consist of 4 copies, 3 pages, photos taken in the last 6 months, real copies signed by the employer and a foreign doctor.

– Copy of notarized or consular approved passport translated into Turkish

– A copy of the diploma of the Faculty of Medicine, notarized or approved by the consulate, translated into Turkish

– 1 resume should be edited in Turkish and should not exceed 2 A4 pages.

A notarized copy of the valid residence permit must be submitted to the authority in applications for a foreign doctor’s work permit that will be made from Turkey. (the case to be considered in this document is that the duration of the residence permit must be at least six months, except for the permit granted for the purpose of education, and the application must be made within this period. People who will remain outside this period will need to apply to the representative offices of the Republic of Turkey in their country.)

Other documents requested in the regulation according to the types of indefinite, exceptional and independent work permits must be submitted separately. These documents vary from person to person and are specifically requested from people if necessary.

Applications that will receive a foreign doctor’s work permit in the health sector must prepare four separate files, 1 Actual 3 copies, and submit these files to the relevant authorities in full in the application.

Documents requested from institutions and organizations;

– A request for a work permit must be sent to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

– A list of insured services showing the number of all Turkish and foreign employees working in the institution, this list will only belong to the last month.

– Balance sheet and profit and loss statement approved by the tax office or chartered accountant for the last year of the institution that wants to hire a foreign doctor.

– If the organization that wants to hire a foreign doctor has foreign capital, the original of the Turkish Trade Registry newspaper or a sample approved by the organization must be among the documents showing the latest capital and partnership structure of the institution.

– Documents such as the certificate of conformity, the Activity Permit letter and the license of the institution obtained by the provincial health directorate must also be among the Foreign doctor’s work permit documents.

Foreign doctor working conditions in Turkey;

– Medical personnel who want to obtain a work permit for a foreign doctor will be able to perform their profession in private medical institutions with the registration of providing the following conditions.

– Certified status of equivalence of diploma or specialty documents registered by the ministry.

– Absence of any legal obligation to perform the profession.

Turkish language proficiency exam, which will be held within the scope of the Turkish language teaching practice and Research Center, which will be organized by universities, to get a grade of B or higher.

You may find more government released books online here for browsing..

– Obtaining a work and residence permit in Turkey, which is regulated in accordance with the legislation on obtaining a work permit for a foreign doctor.

– Compulsory professional financial liability insurance for doctors must be made.

Documents to be prepared for obtaining a work permit for a foreign doctor are very important. Any errors or omissions in the documents will mean that work permissions cannot be obtained. For this reason, people who will apply for a foreign doctor’s work permit should prepare their documents in full and complete.

Documents required to apply for a foreign doctor’s work permit;

– Foreign doctors who will apply must accept the equivalence of their diplomas and specialty documents by the relevant authority. For this purpose, the higher education institution must recognize the equivalence of diplomas. This document should be strictly. If not, Formation will be requested.

– Original document showing that B success score was obtained from the Turkish language exam to be entered.

– A document that will be obtained for the first time in Turkey from the Ministry of health of the countries in which they come, or from the embassies of the Republic of Turkey located in their country, stating that the profession is not prevented by law.

– After obtaining a work permit, the contract between the institution that will work and the applicant and the service contract that shows the amount of monthly wages must also be included in the documents.

– People who want to obtain a work permit for a foreign Doctor Who creates the necessary conditions and documents apply first to the Turkish Ministry of Health. People who have documented their professional qualifications and expertise will receive a work permit from a foreign doctor by applying to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security with documents that they can become a doctor, which they will receive from the Ministry of Health. These permits are usually extended for two years at first, and for one year at 2 times in the following years.


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