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Applications that will prepare both the bride and groom for the wedding day are in this list.

Wedding season has arrived. The hall, decorations, invitations are being prepared. And how ready are you? What is the best time for aesthetic practice that you want to do? Turkey Medicals verified member Doctor in one of the founders of medical private polyclinics explained the medical aesthetics and care practices that will prepare the bride and groom for that day.


Some aesthetic interventions require a period of 2-3 months before the wedding date in Turkey.

In order to achieve a perfect and magnificent appearance, there are many applications that can be done without the need for surgical intervention. Medical private polyclinics Doctor, some aesthetic interventions before the wedding date 2-3 months time period is required by emphasizing, “Foreigner bride and groom candidates should consult a specialist about two-three weeks before the wedding dates and start applying the necessary treatment according to skin problems. Although the applications are generally painless, short-term redness or very mild swelling may occur. In order for this image to disappear and the treatment to fully take effect, it is necessary to perform the procedures a week or two before the wedding. So they can be a bride who not only admires at her own wedding, but also mentions her afterwards,” he said. Medical polyclinics Doctor explained the methods that can be applied just before the wedding ceremony and the procedures that require time.


Shimmer filling can eliminate detention bruises: a new concept combining Turkey Mesotherapy and filler techniques, shimmer filling continues its effect for about a year. No pain occurs, and bruising and swelling are experienced at a very low level. In practice, the ability of the skin to reflect light is increased and a noticeable glow is provided on the skin from the first application. Turkish Medical Doctor said, “amino-acid, antioxidant, vitamins and minerals in the glow filling applied to the face increase the protection of the skin against external factors. The method makes a difference because it can also be applied to the detention area, which is one of the most noticeable places on our face. The lower part of the eye bags and grooves, which are located between the eye and the cheek, can be treated comfortably. With Protein, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, detention bruises also disappear at a significant rate,” he said.

By applying a Turkey medical cheap tour package according to the type of care and treatment the skin needs, bride and groom candidates can have spotless, Shimmering Skin on the wedding day.

Flawless skin with skin treatments: the skin and subcutaneous tissue begins to age from the age of 20, noted Turkish Medical Doctor said, “there are complete care cures consisting of acne-blemish treatment, Sandy Peeling, moisture treatments and oxygen therapy to have a more vibrant, more stretched, natural and shiny skin structure before the wedding. By applying a package according to the type of care and treatment that the skin needs, bride and groom candidates can have spotless, Shimmering Skin on the wedding day in Turkey,” he said.

Beauty should be completed with hair care: the most noticeable area of the bride and groom after the face is the hair, reminding Turkish Medical Doctor noted that there are different treatment options that can give results in a short time for lush, glowing and healthy hair. Turkey Medical Doctor, “hair mesotherapy with candidates can be prepared for the wedding day. In hair mesotherapy, a liquid containing vitamins, antioxidants and different patient-specific compositions is injected that will allow the tissue to be nourished and strengthened by means of thin needles, descending 2-3 mm below the hair tissue. In this way, you can have healthier and bushy hair in a short time,” he said.

Laser hair removal in Turkey should not be forgotten: Laser Hair Removal, which can be started just before the wedding or months before, is the most successful method that destroys unwanted hair in front of beauty. Laser hair removal, especially the groom candidates neck, cheek and chest area for hair that they apply to themselves, said Turkey Medical Doctor said, “this practice, which has become the standard for brides, is now indispensable for men. Especially in order not to deal with unwanted details before the wedding ceremony, groom candidates can get rid of their hairs on the armpits, cheeks, ear circumference, cheekbones and neck areas in 15 minutes,” he said. 


Skin improvement cure with carbon peeling (pst): The Bride and groom candidates prefer carbon peeling to have smooth skin on their wedding day. Turkey Medical Doctor, “with this application, we are able to treat spots on the skin, enlarged pores, lubrication irregularity, sagging. It offers a separate advantage that it is painless and injection-free. After the procedure, which takes an average of 30 minutes, no side effects are observed, except for a slight pink on the skin. Generally, 5-10 sessions can be applied at intervals of 7-10 days according to the needs of the patients. After application, spots are removed, pores are reduced, tension is increased, wrinkles are reduced skin appears,” he said.

Firmer skin with a rope face lift: rejuvenation can be achieved without the need for surgery with a rope face lift ( d lift), which is a procedure of about 45 minutes. In order for the procedure to show its full effect, the application must be made 2-3 months before the wedding date. Turkey Medical Doctor, “face lift with rope (d Lift) is an application that is compatible with human tissue, based on the placement of specially produced ropes under the skin with the help of a thin needle. It provides the comfort of applying with local anesthesia. It shows a rapid recovery effect in the area where it is applied. The method, which offers the opportunity to treat the patient by keeping him in his social life, can be used safely in all patients, male and female.” said.

Botox-filling: Botox is made to prevent unwanted facial expressions and to prevent facial expressions or lines that begin to form with age, not to increase. The filling can be applied to make the lips look more natural or to give the cheeks and face Fuller in the areas needed. Turkish Botox and filler applications should also be done at least a month or two before the wedding, noted Dr.,”in order to achieve the desired result, the bride and groom candidates who are thinking of making these applications should choose a month or two before the wedding date, “he said.

Rhinoplasty hospital Memorial Acibadem MedicalPark Antalya Goz without surgery before the Turkish wedding, especially in photos to have a more holistic beautiful appearance, the number of bride and groom candidates who apply to rhinoplasty without surgery is quite large, noted Dr., “the proportion of the nose area is especially important for the beautiful exit in photographs. Bride and groom candidates can choose this application when they do not want surgery. After application; local swelling, bruising, redness that can sometimes last up to 15 days at the tip of the nose can be seen in a short time. One of the best things about this method is that we get a chance to try it from the front. Safe substances that can melt this filler within 2 to 3 days are also available if it is not liked. But so far, we have not had patients who are not satisfied with the nose and want to melt the filling,” he said.

The foreigner Bride and Groom candidates can choose this application when they do not want surgery in Antalya Turkey.

Radiofrequency treatment: with radiofrequency method, the skin can be renewed and have a healthy and tense appearance. Turkey Medical Doctor appointment center in Antalya said, “The main purpose of this method is to activate the healing mechanism of the skin with a heat that will not harm the skin and to ensure natural regeneration of the skin. With application, the number of cells increases, collagen and elastin tissue is renewed. Over time, pores shrink, elasticity increases, even spots due to skin regeneration decrease, that is, skin quality increases,” he said.

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