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A balanced and healthy diet, as well as regular sleep and exercise, is one of the factors that make a person healthy, says an Internal Medicine Specialist, “Low energy, body aches and insomnia are the most common symptoms of vitamin deficiency today,” was said.

International Istanbul Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist gave detailed information about the relationship between vitamin deficiency and weakness.

Dr. “Vitamins and minerals taken with foods play a big role in a person’s healthy life,” was said. Vitamins, which are divided into two main groups as fat and water melts, have many tasks such as growth, cell regeneration, and energy production. In this sense, the importance of vitamins in maintaining the body’s biochemical functions cannot be discussed.

Vitamins that contribute to the healthy functioning of the skin, tissues, organs and bones and perform their normal functions can be taken as supplements under the supervision of a doctor when they cannot be adequately taken through foods. Many different complaints can be seen in a person with a deficiency of one or more vitamins,” he said.


Dr. “Anemia and complaints of the nervous system, as well as eye, skin and bone disorders, often occur due to vitamin deficiencies, ” was said. Symptoms such as a person’s memory function decline, low energy, weakness and fatigue are some of the symptoms that occur due to vitamin deficiencies. Low energy, body aches and insomnia due to Vitamin deficiency are the most common symptoms of vitamin deficiency today.


Although physical fatigue often comes to mind when it comes to low energy, weakness, indifference, exhaustion, lethargy and fatigue, these complaints can also be mental. “Physical fatigue can be explained as the inability of a person to do the work that they can normally do due to novelization or low energy. Mental fatigue, on the other hand, leads to an inability to concentrate on thoughts and events. Mental fatigue, which leads to a person being sleepy and pensive, can also be caused by a lack of vitamins, such as physical fatigue,” he said.

Dr. member, said that low energy, which is common today, often develops due to vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin B12 deficiency is widely seen in society, said Dr. Vitamin B12 helps regenerate red blood cells, known as red blood cells, and strengthens a person’s nervous system, was added. Dr. “A lower level of vitamin B12, which facilitates the use of protein taken through Foods by the body, can lead to fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite and anemia in a person. Vitamin B12 deficiency, which causes a person to have difficulty collecting their thoughts and taking action, is caused by very small amounts of B12, a type of water-soluble vitamin, being stored in the body,” he said.


About half of vitamin B12, which can be stored in the human body up to 4 milligrams, is stored in the liver, said Dr. “Vitamin B12, which has an important share in the synthesis of DNA and Nyelin, also allows the production of red blood cells,” Doctor said. Although vitamin D, one of the vitamins that cannot be synthesized by the body, can be taken through foods, the main source of vitamin D is sunlight,” he said.

Vitamin D deficiency can also be felt fatigue and constant weakness, said Dr. stressed that there is an important link between vitamin D and low energy. A vitamin D deficiency, which can cause a person to feel powerless, reluctant and constantly tired, can be easily eliminated by taking vitamin D supplements and sunbathing in the open area, the amount of which is indicated by your doctor. Doctor stated that the importance of vitamin D supplements increases even more when it is not possible to get enough sunlight.

Dr. “Complaints of weakness and fatigue can often occur with vitamin B12 and vitamin D, as well as vitamin B5 deficiency, which is involved in the release of hormones and the production of red blood cells, ” is said. Including egg, fish, chicken, cheese, and beans, such as a deficiency in resolving many foods through food sources of vitamin B5 is extremely easy, but, if necessary, the B5 vitamin supplements can be taken in person,” he said.

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