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There are bacteria and viruses that cause diseases in meat that is undercooked or consumed raw. Faculty Member “About 20 percent of the meat of animals in countries such as Argentina, Brazil was found to have the rota virus, which manifests itself into diarrhea, especially in children aged 0-5 years. Every year 200 thousand children die from this virus in the world. It is very important that the meat is cooked with the right heat treatment in hygienic conditions,” was said.

Drawing attention to the dangers of undercooked meat consumption, Dr. Lecturer, drew attention to the hygiene conditions and cooking time during cooking, noting that rota virus, salmonella, which especially threatens the health of children.it warns against bacteria and viruses such as coli.

200 thousand children lose their lives every year in the world

Stating that Rota virus infection manifests itself with diarrhea in children aged 0-5 years, Dr. Lecturer said, “The animal gets these bacteria and viruses from the water it drinks, the decoy it eats. If raw meat is not properly heat treated, bacteria and viruses pass to humans. Disease-causing viruses cause health problems, especially in children. In the studies conducted, 200 thousand children lose their lives due to the rota virus every year in the world,” he said.

Meat should be cooked at a minimum of 70-72 degrees

It is important that the correct heat treatment is carried out when preparing the doner, Dr. Professor said, “The internal temperature of the meat should be at least 70 degrees. Harmful bacteria and viruses will disappear at this temperature. I

n raw meat, there are bacteria that we call ’coli‘, ’salmonella‘, ’staphylococcus aureus’. These are all the disease-causing bacteria. Even if the customer wants the meat undercooked, the internal temperature of the meat should be 70 degrees,” he said.

Symptom of the rota virus: Diarrhea

Dr. Lecturer who stated that diarrhea is a prominent symptom, said, “We will pay attention to hygiene conditions, we will wash hands properly. The virus does not have a lasting effect on the child, there is no known cure, but there is a vaccine. The risk of contracting it decreases after vaccination. An animal can get such viruses and bacteria from the water it drinks, the food it eats.

The main problem is that the meat processed in the slaughterhouse is not made in the right conditions. If production is carried out without paying attention to hygiene rules, then raw meat, in addition to the presence of bacteria such as coli, salmonella, there may also be a rota virus,” was said.

It will not come into direct contact with fire

A 15-year doner meat master, said that a good Turkish doner kebab should be overcooked, saying, “Overcooked kebab meat does not leave its flavor. In our country, half a loaf of bread with doner meat sandwich should be 25 TL more or less the price should be like this. meat is inedible below 25 TL because the cost of decent meat is 150-160 TL per kilogram,” he said.