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Tourism and Culture Minister said, “Forward-looking early booking rates have also increased compared to last year. All this shows us how achievable the $35 billion revenue target we have set for 2022 is. We should not consider these goals sufficient as a sector and we should work to move them higher. That’s a number we’re naming. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey will move this higher by working as hard as we did last year with the unity of hands.”

The International Eastern Mediterranean Tourism Fair, which is one of the largest tourism fairs in the world, opened its doors at Istanbul congress and exhibition center after two years. At the fair, tourism destinations branded with different characteristics of Turkey met with the visitors.


Shaping the tourism sector of the organization re-realization of expressing happiness from the culture and Tourism Minister, “this trade fair to open in Istanbul with the participation of more than 200 companies from 51 countries, despite the challenging conditions, we have successfully left behind may be taken as a short summary of the year of 2021. After a difficult 2020 year of Turkish tourism, it has achieved a pleasing momentum in 2021. By successfully implementing the Safe Tourism Certification Program, which was implemented the previous year, and by taking the right promotional steps abroad with the coordination of the Tourism Promotion and Development Agency, we have reached the top of the 2021 targets in tourism. in 2021, we welcomed a total of 30 million 38 thousand visitors, an increase of 88 percent compared to the previous year. we have reached the psychological limit of 30 million. in 2021, our tourism revenues again reached a total of $ 24 and a half billion, an increase of 103 percent compared to the previous year,” he said.


Turkey Tourism and Culture Minister, “In order to crown the positive developments, we will also carry out special promotions for tourist profiles from Central Europe, the Baltic States, the Gulf States and the United States in 2022 under the coordination of the Tourism Development Agency. This year, our advertising campaigns will take place on television in 21 countries, digital in 86 countries, and in more than 200 printed publications in 15 countries. We will accelerate our PR activities by hosting press members, opinion leaders and tour operators from at least 60 countries in our country. With the introduction of the Tourism Development Agency into our lives for the last 2 years, Turkey has become the busiest and most influential promoting country in the world. in 2022, it will continue these activities without interruption with our sector again. The Turkey health tourism congress guides potential of our country and more tourists prefer Turkey to uncover the most effective to increase cooperation with tour operators and agencies abroad we started,” was said.


For Istanbul and Antalya including figures, examine the data of the last year more than 2 times the daily limit 2019, we had record Revenue in pursuing a parallel course with the average:

Forward looking early booking rates have also increased compared to last year. All this shows us how achievable the $35 billion revenue target we have set for 2022 is. It should not consider these goals sufficient as a sector and should work to move them higher. That’s a number we’re naming. We will carry this higher by working together as we did last year. In the last 3 years as the state and the private sector by giving them hand in hand in 2018 dollars dollars income per person as if we have received 647 834 brought 2021, moving higher up in 2022, with the emphasis on quality not quantity of income oriented 2023 tourism strategy step-by-step.


Tourism Minister, who pointed out that Istanbul is one of the major players in tourism, said, “With the establishment of Galata Port, which has one of the largest and most important airports in the world, it has the best international transportation infrastructure needed for rapid tourist growth after the pandemic. The Tourism Development Agency and Turkish Airlines will continue their promotion strategy in a joint way from now on and develop their network with new protocols for the direct connection of Istanbul and other provinces of Turkey that are considered the holiday and tourist capital of Turkey. It is of great importance for us to introduce the historical values, archaeological artifacts, registered buildings and cultural assets that Istanbul, a unique tourist center has,” was said.


May 28- June 12, 2022 the second of the festival, which is the largest cultural and art event in Turkey with more than 2,800 artists and 7.8 million visitors, will be held with a much larger international participation,“ said the Minister, recalling that the first International Beyoglu Cultural Road Festival last year was held. We are expanding these festivals by spreading them to Ankara and Izmir. It is also very important for us that Istanbul is a world-famous gastronomic city. For this purpose, the Tourism Development Agency is working very intensively. By May, we will have achieved significant gains. It is a great advantage for our country that our projects, which are already of great interest, are an international brand to be introduced at such an exhibition,” was said.


Tourism and Culture Minister, who also made statements about the Safe Tourism Certification Program, continued words as follows:

“Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, we have taken swift action as ministry and industry players and implemented the certification program together. As of December 31, 2021, the number of facilities and vehicles certified as Safe Tourism has reached 11,475. at the end of 2020, this figure was 7,223. Every day its number is increasing and expanding. As a ministry, we have pressed the button to give a new dimension to this concept while implementing safe tourism on the one hand. The concept of sustainable tourism is an increasingly important element. At this stage, we decided to move the Safe Tourism Certificate to a second stage. Green Tourism has made an important cooperation for the Safe and Green Tourism Certificate. Turkey will again be the first country to sign a principle and develop a national program before the government.

Sustainability is very important for the future. Together with this certificate, we will have fulfilled the needs of the Paris Agreement. Within the framework of these rules, there are certain obligations that the hospitality and tourism sector in Turkey must fulfill by 2023, 2025 and 2030. The law on the professional association of tourism is a necessity, and we see the positive results of legal regulations every time. If we want qualified tourists as Turkey, this does not happen with a wish. We need to quickly define the process of classification, certification, starting from the hospitality sector.”


Expressing that wishes the fair to be beneficial for Turkey and Istanbul, Istanbul Governor said: “At the end of 2019, we have reached an excellent figure in tourism as Istanbul. That’s 15 million. in 2020, in March, the world and we will have completed exactly 2 years of fighting the epidemic. During the period when humanity has not experienced it for 1.5 centuries, everything has changed between us and the world, whether we know production, supply, logistics or not. In days when Istanbul fell silent, 5 million visitors came to Istanbul.

Our goal is that the figure that our state and our government have estimated for Istanbul was 22 million at the end of 2023. The fact that our minister came from within the sector, he knows very well what the competition is about tourism, and the heroism of our state and nation in the fight against the epidemic has brought us a stance like this.

An excellent project was signed under the name of Safe Tourism Certificate. Our Ministry and all our stakeholders took swift action. We have brought our foreign tourist guests to the forefront to make them more comfortable than their own homes. We have constantly checked on everyone who provides services, from welcoming them at the door. We have given confidence. So we started with 5 million and came to 9 million. we are shouting to the world from Istanbul with the fair in 2022. we will hopefully close the 2-year loss in 2022-2023. as of the end of 2023, the strength that we have achieved with the vaccine in the fight against epidemics in the world, Turkovac is now receiving intense attention. 2022 will be a remarkable leap for us in terms of tourism figures.”


Governor of Istanbul said, “There is 95% satisfaction in the polls conducted among foreigners who have decoupled in the last 3 years. This is a great honor for Istanbul a popular medical and holiday destination. It’s definitely not enough. We want to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction and protect it. Because of the 1.5 trillion dollar pie as Turkey such a wonderful, unique country, 2,500 years Istanbul was the capital of 3 Empires this is our best brand value, the old value in all areas of tourism related to the strength of the leadership of the Ministry of the force, together with the target we are confident that we will reach a figure of 22 million visitors this year.

Offering over 650 best facilities in Istanbul, the full center of health tourism, our strong facilities, our strong structure related to technology, attracts our guests related to health tourism from all over the world to us,” was said.


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