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Men and women who have loose muscle skin, damaged abdominal muscles, or have excess fat in the lower abdomen prefer to have a tummy tuck is know as abdominoplasty to improve the appearance of their abdomen. The usual causes of a flabby, saggy belly are pregnancy and/or excessive weight gain. Turkey Medicals, “We asked Dr. about the tummy tuck method; Tummy tuck is a very common surgery and ranks second in the list of frequently performed in aesthetics procedures.”


For patients who may benefit from a complete shaping of the body, liposuction with a tummy tuck in Turkey may be an option. This option helps to flatten the anterior abdominal region, as well as to create a thinner waist by freeing up permanent fat areas, especially in the lumbar region.


Wondering if you would be considered a good candidate for tummy tuck surgery? The following people are a good candidate:

– Who is in good health,

– Who has excessive abdominal skin caused by pregnancy,

– Who has more skin due to weight changes,

– The skin of the abdomen is worn out due to aging or heredity,

– With weak abdominal muscles and back pain caused by excess abdominal fat muscle,

– Who is not planning to get pregnant,

– Who does not plan to lose a lot of weight,

– People who are not using tummy tuck surgery as a weight loss replacement are a good candidate.


Tummy tuck surgery begins with an incision in the lower part of the abdomen, on the fold just above the groin area. Although the incision length varies from patient to patient, it is kept below the bikini line. Excess skin, consisting of abdominal skin and fat, is raised to the level of the ribs, which muscle the abdominal “rectus” muscles. The muscles are then tightly stitched together along the length of the abdomen. Excess skin and fat are then cut and sutured and arranged, a thin plastic closure is made on the wound. Since the belly button also slides down with the tummy tuck, a new belly button is created in an aesthetically appropriate place.

Abdominal lipectomy is a type of tummy tuck performed on overweight patients.


Since tummy tuck is a procedure performed with general anesthesia in Antalya hospital, there is usually 2 days of hospitalization after surgery. During this period, moderate discomfort may be felt in the abdominal area, which can usually be alleviated with medications prescribed by the doctor. There will also be some swelling, which should last only the first month. Strenuous physical activity or exercise should not be resumed until six to eight weeks after surgery, but most patients can return to work and normal activities after a week.

Although it is expected to see an improvement in the abdominal area about two weeks after the operation, its full effects will not be seen until about six months after the procedure. Before this period, a gradual improvement in the appearance and contour of the abdomen can be noticed.


Are there any scars left from tummy tuck surgery in Turkey?

It is inevitable that there will be traces left in the tummy tuck surgery, but its appearance can be minimized according to its location.

Does tummy tuck eliminate stretch marks?

A tummy tuck helps to remove most of the cracks under the belly button, but the cracks located above the belly button remain.

Should I lose weight before getting a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck is not a weight loss surgery. For this reason, it is important to be at a healthy weight or close to it before tummy tuck surgery and to maintain this weight for a few months before the procedure. Since the tummy tuck will remove excess skin from the abdomen, the remaining skin is re-covered over the muscle frame for a more pleasant contour. If a significant amount of weight is lost or removed after a tummy tuck, the results of the tummy tuck will return.

What are the risks and complications of tummy tuck surgery?

As with any major surgical procedure, tummy tuck surgery has its own risks. However, complications such as bleeding, infection, and fluid collection under the skin caused by surgery are rare and are often prevented by regular postoperative checkups by a doctor. If problems such as excessive bleeding, accumulation of fluid under the skin, lumps under the skin, edema that does not go away are noticed after surgery, the surgeon should be contacted immediately.

Are the results of tummy tuck surgery permanent?

As long as the weight remains constant and does not fluctuate significantly after surgery, the results of tummy tuck surgery are largely permanent. If excess weight is gained or becomes pregnant after a tummy tuck operation, the skin and muscles of the abdomen are stretched again, eliminating the effects of tummy tuck.

Can I get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

Although there is no risk for a person or a baby if they become pregnant after a tummy tuck operation, it is recommended that the expectations related to having a child be completed before the procedure. Pregnancy will once again stretch the skin and muscle of the abdomen, reversing the consequences of the procedure.

Is a tummy tuck only done for women or can it be done for men??

Both men and women can benefit from Antalya hospital tummy tuck surgery. Pregnancy is the main factor in the need for a tummy tuck in women, while intra-abdominal lubrication, especially caused by drinking and excess weight in men, disrupts the aesthetics of the abdomen. Both women and men may notice an excess of skin on their bellies that does not disappear as they get older, and both may have excess, loose skin on their bellies due to significant weight loss. In all these cases, tummy tuck surgery helps to provide the patient – male or female – with a more taut, smoother body.


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