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An assoc who noted that the looseness and sagging observed after pregnancy with women and men who gain weight because they remain stationary at ‘home in Turkey’ during the pandemic can be corrected with a simple operation. Our doctor gave detailed information about Turkey tummy tuck operations.

Turkey Medicals member and Turkish Aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist who warned, “It is very important that the operation is performed by specialist doctors, said that the belly button should look natural. “Body harmony can be corrected with a custom-planned tummy tuck aesthetic in Turkey,” was said.

For people with fat-skin excess, sagging and similar problems in the abdominal area for various reasons, one of the treatment methods that has started to be applied very often in recent years due to the developments in medicine has been tummy tuck operations. The increased weight gain of those who spent their time at home motionless, especially during the pandemic period, increased interest in this operation. While men also prefer tummy tuck operations, especially in women and in the post-pregnancy period, looseness and sagging in the abdominal area, which is often seen, can be stretched with a simple operation applied by plastic surgery methods and the abdomen is restored to a proper appearance.


In the minds of many people who are thinking about Turkey tummy tuck surgeons, question marks also appear about the belly button. Aesthetic and plastic surgery specialist Assoc. Dr. said that the natural appearance of the belly button is an indispensable part of the aesthetic of the abdomen, and this surgery should be performed by specialist doctors in Turkey. Assoc. Dr. noted that despite the strictest diet, exercise, regional thinning and tightening methods being tried, providing an image of a tight and thin abdomen or maintaining the current ‘hourglass’ image becomes difficult with age. Weakness in the front wall of the abdomen and sagging skin, especially excessive fluctuations in body weight or after pregnancy are common conditions that express confidence, continued;


“Over time, these conditions weaken the anterior abdominal wall support, and the person faces an increasingly sagging belly area. The most important reason in women is pregnancy, while in men as a result of excessive weight gain and loss, the loosening of the belly skin and muscles leads to relaxation and sagging of the structures in the front wall of the abdomen. Genetic factors related to connective tissue and skin are also another element that affects the stability and appearance of the anterior abdominal wall structure. Normally, all these structures form a support structure on the front wall of the abdomen, preventing internal organs from dominating outwards and making the abdomen look flat. Abdominoplasty, also called’ Tummy Tuck’, is the name of a surgical procedure in which excess skin and fat are removed from the sagging belly area and the loosened abdominal muscles are tightened again. Tummy tuck aesthetics, body harmony can be corrected with a personalized planned tummy tuck aesthetic. If it is done effectively, it should be considered as an important plastic surgery that gives very good results, which can be applied without fear.”


One of the questions that most tamper with the heads of those who are thinking of having a tummy tuck operation is ‘what will happen to my belly button’. Dr. explained to the patient in a full tummy tuck operation that they created a new belly button using their own belly button. Tummy tuck belly button, emphasizing that trust is very important in terms of the aesthetic appearance of the abdomen, gave the following information: “Normally the inside of one’s own belly button, so your wife is connected with the portion we are not changing any operation. We keep that part in place. But when we remove the excess skin, we stretch the top skin and bring it down. Exactly where the original belly button corresponds, we create a new place in the skin that we brought, and remove the belly button from there. But this process should be done with a special technique, and its traces should not be seen from the outside. Using a special technique, we try to make the belly button in its most original form. In tummy tuck surgery, the shape and structure of the belly button forms the most important part that can be seen from the outside in the post-operative period.

Because of this condition, the natural appearance of the belly button after surgery in Turkey should be an indispensable part of the aesthetic of the abdomen and should be done by specialist doctors in Turkish JCI hospitals in Turkey. In order to avoid scars after surgery, special techniques should be used in the operation.” was stressed.


During tummy tuck surgery, the procedure is not applied only to the abdomen and navel. Dr. emphasized that the waist area is also important. Stating that the fat shaping and skin tightening procedure applied to the waist area at the same time as the tummy tuck procedure provides a thin waist structure, Dr. noted that this helps to form an hourglass appearance on the body. “Taking bagel-shaped oils on the sides of the abdomen and towards the waist is a procedure that can be done in combination with abdominal stretching. By thinning regional fat deposits in girdle style with liposuction, the abdominal area reaches aesthetic perfection. While we take fat from the waist with liposuction, we simultaneously tighten the skin with the ‘J Plasma’ device, the latest innovation in technology. Similarly, by applying J Plasma to the back and under-bra areas, we correct the skin folds that form here without leaving a trace.”


One of the complaints of many women who give birth is abdominal muscle separation. An assoc who stated that this condition can be corrected with abdominal aesthetic operations. Dr. stated that especially during pregnancy, abdominal muscles are seen more in cases that are separated by moving away from each other. Emphasizing that muscle separation occurs due to formation of a space between the muscles, forward bulging and dislocation occurs in the abdomen, Trust said: “With a tummy tuck operation in Turkey, this bulging is corrected by bringing these novelties closer together. By bringing these muscles closer, the same amount of thinning occurs in the waist. In women with advanced abdominal muscle separation, a serious thinning of the waist is achieved by this method, and while the abdominal muscle separation is corrected in accordance with the patient’s needs, the folds in the waist and back area can also be removed without traces with J Plasma,” he said.


J-Plasma removes cellulite and offers us a new, rejuvenated, firmed skin in one session. It can be applied to any area with excess fat, including waist, belly, back, basins, inside legs, arms, bananas, knees, calves, wrists, tickles. The non-surgical cellulite removal J-plasma in Turkey is a new generation of skin tightening technology applied to patients with loose skin in body shaping, and this application is not a classic surgery. Dr. “In this way, it can both shorten existing collagen fibers to the maximum extent and ensure the formation of new collagen fibers,” our Antalya doctor said.


In the process of motherhood, that is, pregnancy, childbirth and raising children, we learn many new concepts that we cannot previously define, said Assoc. Our 20 year experience Doctor in Turkey gave the following information:

“At the beginning of these comes the separation of the abdominal muscle, which is one of the complaints of the woman who gave birth. During pregnancy, the growing uterus flexes the abdominal muscles. This, in turn, causes the separation of two large parallel muscle fibers that come together in the middle part of the abdomen and can cause swelling in the abdomen at the point where the two novices are separated. If you have a two-year-old child, this discomfort leads to a belly that does not disappear after birth, despite the weight of the baby, and to the question of when you will give birth.”

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