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Turkey Medicals, “Here’s what we see when looked at people showing themselves on social media.”

We say it without noticing whether it’s a man or a woman, it’s as if there is a stereotype for both sexes, and everyone is trying to look like it. This is a type that stands out for its physical characteristics. It is possible to mention many of its details, but the most noticeable is the inflated lip in women and the thin nose in men. Of course, it is hardly possible to mention a single type. We should say more of a variation of stereotypes, but still their total number is not so much as to cross the fingers of both hands. Let us remind you once again, We’re talking about how people look. And let us tell you from the beginning, although some images are extremely repulsive and uncomfortable for us, We don’t care in the slightest who looks like what. We’re ashamed to say a word about who is dressed how or should be dressed. At most, we’ll say, ”Not for me,” and pass.

Because the question of how we look is a question of being a person at the very beginning. We look the way we want to be, to indicate belonging, to indicate separation, to be able to choose a spouse… We are also very interested in how we looked in our adolescence, in our youth, and even now. Of course, it’s not as intense or inclusive as it was in our youth, but it is… I don’t have a belly, my hair doesn’t fall out, at least these whites look symmetrical or something like that. For example, we were interested in decontamination sometime. Because our teeth have a color that is close to cream from birth. But when our dentist told us about a dental implant that we should have, the matter was over for us. This is not a cheap thing. Keep brushing your teeth regularly.

But, for example, We didn’t do this. We didn’t think about coming home and getting bleach from the closet in the bathroom and whitening our teeth with it. But there were a lot of people thinking about it… It’s not just teeth whitening, men are trying to make this lip called “French lip” at home by using various tools to make the woman’s lips puffy. This is a very dangerous procedure, because it can lead to the decay of the lip tissue. Not only that, but. For example, they squeeze their noses with a spoon for a thin nose. We watched a young woman. She was giving her tiny little electricity to her face with a tool to stretch her skin. There is also a big change in the areas of the body that are the subject of the operation. Now every square centimeter is being operated on. And this also has its fashions. There was a fashion for breast augmentation at one time. Decollete. We were very surprised when we heard that at one time a request for decontamination to special parts of the body had exploded. Currently, hip and lip augmentation is in demand. Men, on the other hand, are looking for eyebrow removal, male hair transplantation, fat removal, muscular body filling or calf, bicep and pec implant.

A step further is the beauty centers under the stairs in Istanbul and many.

There were those who lost their lives for botox in our country last year. Thousands of people have lost their lives in these underground places, which are very similar in the world, and continue to lose them.

But as we told you, this is a phenomenon as old as humanity. In the past, we have tried to become beautiful as men and women, and we have not been shy about using poison for this, for example. It is known that in ancient Egypt a salt with lead in it was used for make-up by both men and women. Lead was used for makeup in Rome and in Europe in the Middle Ages. Arsenic also atomic number 33, it was used for beauty in Europe and America until the XVIII century.

One of the reasons why the life expectancy of many famous monarchs is so short is considered to be these toxic makeup products, who at is first in place is Queen Elizabeth I of England.

Come on, in the past we didn’t know about beauty, but now we do. At least let’s not die for beauty now!


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