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Aesthetic dentistry should concentrate on the whole smile. The smile design takes the whole picture in the frame where the lips and gums aesthetically support the teeth. The smile can be expanded, the teeth are whitened and the lips are made fuller.

If you give the opportunity, your teeth will tell your age.

If it is a cosmetic smile renewal procedure, it can erase years from your appearance.

What is a smile refresher?

The smile renewal process may include non-surgical arrangements, the smile can be expanded, the teeth can be whitened and the lips can be filled.

As people get older, the lips usually become thinner, losing their elasticity, wrinkles form, and their faces begin to show their age.

The design of the smile includes the entire picture in the frame where the lips and gums aesthetically support the teeth. The focus is on the development of the whole smile.

Aesthetic dentistry in Turkey is not based on patching, it is necessary to concentrate on the entire smile.


How do we know if a person is the right candidate for a smile refresher?

In order to understand whether a person is a suitable candidate, the doctor must first evaluate the entire face of the patient and listen to the person’s expectations.

The shape and design of the teeth of each patient should be individual. The facial contours of each person are different, and these different features help determine the character of each person.

The starting point of the smile design is to determine the midline of the face. The middle line between the front teeth should be drawn relative to the Dec line of the face.

The amount of appearance of teeth and gums varies from person to person, depending on the position of speech and smile. For example, when you draw a line that crosses both corners of your mouth while laughing, you will find a young smile on the front teeth at a rate of 75-100 percent that is below this line. Even just by changing the plane in which the edges of the teeth pass, and making the corners flatter or rounder, we can create different types of smiles. For example, for someone who wants to look more aggressive, the teeth can be made straight without any soft folds, for someone who wants to look more cute, the front teeth can be made slightly longer than the neighboring teeth, and the canine teeth can be made slightly longer with a rounded point. Old photos will help to find out what features you like or don’t like in your original smile. Your dentist will help you feel that the teeth belong to you by reflecting the features you like on the photos you have brought to your teeth.

Currently, laminate veneer porcelain, teeth whitening and zirconium porcelain applications are performed as the most current aesthetic dentistry applications.


In areas that are difficult to clean, special interface brushes should be preferred for the cleaning process. During bridge cleaning, interface brushes and dental floss manufactured for bridges should be used again, and the old bridges should be renewed as soon as possible. Teeth are cleaned naturally by the cheek and tongue when chewing food. In cases where there is a lack of teeth, there is a more intense accumulation of food on the opposite and side teeth, since there will also be no chewing on the side where there is no tooth. After your problems with the teeth have disappeared, you should continue your regular dental care. You should not disrupt the use of toothbrushes, dental floss and toothbrushes. You can use mouthwash as a support. Do not neglect dental checkups and dental stone cleaning every six months. Don’t leave the water out of your hands. Drinking a lot of water, especially at an older age, can also be used as an important weapon in the fight against bad breath by preventing your tongue from drying out.


What are the consequences of staying away from Antalya dental treatment?

Even a very small bruise can become very serious if left untreated. Some people stay away from going to the dentist until their pain becomes unbearable because they are too afraid of the pain they will hear during treatment. This fear of pain causes the person to stay away from the dentist until the dental problem becomes severe, often they have to go to the dentist urgently. At this point, a simple caries will grow and turn into serious operations leading to root canal treatment or tooth loss. In addition, people who avoid routine dental checkups and gum treatments may experience problems leading to very severe gum disease; cheap and simple procedures turn into large and costly practices, and the entire mouth will need to be rebuilt to regain healthier function.


Too much consumed meat, protein-rich foods such as milk, fragrant foods such as garlic, onions, radishes; due to the intense sulfur content, it can cause odor. Too much coffee and alcohol consumption, as well as smoking, are also among the causes of bad breath. Decongestants Brushing your teeth and flossing, brushing your tongue, using mouthwash, or consuming deodorizing foods such as parsley, mint after eating will help the smell pass quickly. Bad breath does not improve only with the usual methods of cleaning the mouth, such as brushing your teeth, rinsing your mouth. Dentist treatment in Antalya should be carried out by descending to the source of the odor. Although there are a wide variety of reasons involved in the formation of this type of odor, it is known that 85-90 percent of it is caused by the oral environment.


Caries, abscesses, gingivitis, hard-to-clean gum pockets on the Teeth are common causes of bad breath. Gum pockets and bridges that cannot be cleaned easily under the buried 20-year-old tooth that cause food accumulation, coatings that have not been renewed for years and have a bad compatibility with the gum are also among the sources of odor due to nutrient accumulation and decaying.

Removable dentures with incompatible, uncleaned or rough surfaces with food accumulation also smell due to food residues. In such cases, caries should be cleaned, gum treatment should be performed, problematic 20-year-old teeth should be pulled out.


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