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Thanks to the developing technologies in the field of dental teeth, a new application at Istanbul and Antalya hospital centers is entering our lives every day. Porcelain lamina, dental diamond or pink aesthetics are just a few of them.

Appearance, clothing, girth, behavior and manners are parts of behavior and attitudes communication. The saying ‘people are greeted with their clothes and sent off with their ideas’ is also one of our idioms that reveals the importance of the first impression. Our ideas about the people we see for the first time are formed in seconds. It is important in this context to be able to create the first impression positively and correctly. It is clear that it is necessary to take this opportunity well, especially if we do not have very long hours to tell the other side about ourselves. Especially in working life, the uncertainty caused by dealing with many different people in a business environment requires being more careful about the external appearance. Since people make judgments about the other side according to their first impressions and the image they perceive, one of the first and most effective ways to create a positive effect is to pay attention to the external appearance.

For men; dirty, unkempt hair and beard, unkempt, yellowed teeth and bad breath, torn, discolored or dirty clothes, the heavy-scented perfume, work shoes worn with white socks, tie, shirt collar when not in use, the chest hair, the look of used business attire with boots, sneakers, sandals, sabo, unpainted and ragged shoes, written karikaturlu, cartoon character ties, belt tattoos in visible places that attaches to pagers and cell phones, earrings, chain; the image degrading factors can be considered.


The first impression is formed by the mutual interactions that people receive and are given complex information about themselves, their identity, what they represent. The first effect is created not so much by what has been said, as by how the image is, as by the movements and manner of speech. A powerful effect is formed in a matter of seconds, and a persistent thought is built on appearance, sound and movements in a period of time from half a minute to four minutes.

Studies have shown that at the first encounter there is less than four minutes to make an impression on the opposite side. Physical characteristics such as age, gender, race, height, weight, color and facial features are visually and quickly transferred to the opposite side. But intelligence, abilities, reliability, social class, attractiveness, monetary status, etc. it becomes clear later, and it’s not always exactly true.

Some of the people use their intuition, trust and weigh the facts they see, while others have difficulty evaluating non-verbal cues. Since it is not known how long and how the other party will judge the person, it is necessary to create a good impression at the first time.

Nowadays, when the understanding of aesthetics is constantly changing, teeth are considered one of the most important complementary elements of facial aesthetics. In order to have smooth and white teeth, the various dental specialties such as Turkish orthodontics, implantology, periodontology and aesthetic dentistry techniques can be used.


In the competitive environment of business life, the interest of managers and employees in dental aesthetics is increasing day by day. It is possible to make your teeth more radiant by whitening the natural color of your teeth with the whitening process, which is one of the most applied methods in dental aesthetics. In this method, the teeth are whitened by cleaning the stain-forming residues that have accumulated between the prisms inside the teeth with a special whitening gel that is applied to the teeth for an hour in cold light. Decolorizing gel is applied to the teeth in a process such as cold light.

Jaundice of the teeth can develop either genetically or with advancing age and depending on eating and drinking habits. There are two different methods of whitening. For home whitening, the dentist in Antalya prepares molds suitable for your mouth size for you to wear on your teeth. A medicine is placed in this mold and placed on top of the teeth to be whitened. It should be worn for an average of four to six hours a day. The second is the whitening process applied in the office. For cleaning the pores on the teeth, gels with hydrogen peroxide, i.e. oxygenated water or its derivative carbamide peroxide are used. These substances are activated by giving laser light for 45 minutes and whitening occurs.

The active material used in the teeth whitening process is very important. You should definitely use the system recommended by your Antalya dentist. Products sold in grocery stores outside can damage teeth and surrounding tissues.

The process of home teeth whitening takes an average of five days. In the process of laser teeth whitening, which we apply in the office in about an hour, the result is obtained immediately. Depending on the habit and oral care, whiteness can be maintained for a long time. Nevertheless, treatment with the whitening toothpastes can be supported in this process.


The application areas of porcelain laminate, which is the technique of gluing a specially prepared layer of porcelain in the thickness of the nail, the desired color, size and form on the front side of the tooth, are as follows:

Excessively dark teeth, for which the method of teeth whitening is not enough

Treatment of fractures caused by impact

Closing the muscle in the front teeth

Conditions where teeth that appear on the smile line should be covered due to caries and wear


Although crystals that are glued directly without eroding or eroding the tooth a little are no longer very popular, there may be those who want to apply them. If the popular oral jewelry is diamonds, it is applied only by the Antalya dentist. It is applied to the surface of the tooth by opening a cavity with a diameter as small as the pointed part of the stone and can be used for life.


A healthy gum should be light pink in color, firmly attached to the tooth and bone, and have a shiny but lumpy appearance similar to an orange peel. An aesthetic smile is possible not only with white, uniform teeth, but also with gums that are compatible with these teeth. The name of aesthetic gum applications is pink aesthetics. The health, color and level of the gums complement the dental aesthetics. The first step to ensuring a harmonious and clean smile is to ensure jul and gum harmony.

The most common problem in the gum area called pink aesthetics is gums that look excessive or asymmetrical gum levels. It is possible to correct them with a small operation called gingivoplasty, which is performed with a laser.

In this treatment, the excess area is removed with a laser without the patient feeling anything with local anesthesia to be performed on the patient. Despite the surgical application, botox can be applied to two points under the nostril if the gums appear during the smile. So, without a change in expression, the upper lip falls out somewhat, and the gums do not appear. The main thing here is to know the facial muscles very well and apply between to the right points.


Crystal Supported Coatings

Now it is possible to make fixed dentures that can mimic the natural structure of the tooth one-on-one and transmit light using metal-free crystal-supported porcelain even on coated teeth or bridges. In addition, these teeth, which are completely ceramic and do not contain metals, can be processed layer by layer and all the tissues of the tooth can also be imitated in color and intonation.

Aesthetic Fillers

Currently, aesthetic fillings are used to treat carious teeth, replace amalgam fillings, and reformulate the shape of teeth.


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