Lip filler is one of the most popular aesthetic applications in recent years. Many people want to expand the size of their lips or increase their fullness. Filling methods are being resorted to at this point. Turkey Medicals member and hospital Beauty Coach in Istanbul, she gave information about the right and wrong lip fillers.

Lip fillers, which are made both to prevent wrinkles caused by age-related mimic movements and to give volume to the lips, have recently become very important. Dermal filler injections are applied to the points where the upper and lower lips meet and it is aimed to give volume and create contours to the lips. When applying lip filler, it is of great importance not to disrupt the golden ratio, which is the harmony of the structure of the nose, lips and chin on the face.

The fact that the procedure is performed by a specialist doctor is one of the most important points. But there is some hearsay misinformation about lip fillers, which women in particular pay great attention to and demand.

So what are these true and known mistakes?

Mistake 1 – Lip filler gives an artificial look

The truth is: The applications that create a fake image on the lips are artificial tissues and lip implants. Dermal fillers that will be applied in a dose will allow you to get perfectly natural lips. In addition, when the amount of injections is adjusted according to the person and the procedure is performed by experienced hands, professional results will be achieved.

Mistake 2 – Lip filler has side effects

The truth is: When dermal filler is applied to the lips, physiological changes such as redness, slight bruising and swelling may occur according to the person. But these changes disappear by themselves within 1-2 days after application and do not pose any risk.

Mistake 3 – Applying lip filler is a painful procedure

The truth is: Thanks to the innovations brought by today’s technology, there is no pain or pain during filler injections. The fact that the preferred filling materials have a local anesthetic content also helps to perform the procedures more comfortably. The state-of-the-art products used further increase the efficiency of the process.

Mistake 4 – Lip filler is permanent, there is no turning back

The truth is: Dermal materials applied during lip filler do not have permanent properties. Because filling materials are absorbed by the body over time for reasons such as a person’s physical characteristics, life habits, and external factors. But the procedure retains its Decency on average from 8 to 8 months.

Mistake 5 – The lip filler process takes a long time

The truth is: The filling process does not take long, on the contrary, when it is performed by doctors specializing in the field, it can be completed in as little as 10-15 minutes. Before the procedure, creams that provide a local anesthetic effect are applied and injection is started after 15 minutes.

Mistake 6 – A few days after the injection it is necessary to be fed only with liquid

Decisively: The lip filler procedure does not require rest after it, and it can be done even between days, and the person can return to their normal life instantly. In addition, all kinds of liquid and solid nutrients can be consumed. It will be healthier not to consume hot drinks only for the first 1-2 hours so that local edema does not occur.

Mistake 7 – The lip filler procedure is a procedure unique to lonely women

The truth is: Men, like women, lose skin elasticity as they get older. The loss experienced can also be reflected as sagging on the lips over time. Therefore, no gender discrimination is made in lip application. Both sexes may need lip filler and have an injection procedure.

Error 8 – The process becomes noticeable only after a few weeks

The truth is: Dermal filler starts to give results as soon as it is injected into the lip, there is no need to wait for weeks. Although there is a little edema after the procedure, this condition passes in a short time with a cold compress and the lip gets its ideal volume.

Mistake 9 – Lip filler does not have any contribution to lip shaping

To be honest: The doctor’s expertise and competence in shaping the lips with a filler play a big role. With the right specialist and the right injection technique, personalized lip designs can be made.

Mistake 10 – Dermal filler and around-the-mouth botox produce the same effect

The truth is: Botox removes dynamic wrinkles caused by mimic movements around the mouth, while lip filler fills in static wrinkles formed over the years and gives volume to the lips. In other words, the results of lip filler and botox procedures are different from each other.


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