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Paradise is depicted with green without feeling hunger, because it is a natural nutrient medium that contains chlorophyll in its structure. Greenery is a green paradise. In such a nutrient environment, you can not starve anyway. We can depict heaven as a nutrient and living environment in the plecanta fluids of the mother’s womb. That’s how it is in heaven, when amniotic fluid is the baby’s habitat… when we talk about paradise, we think of nature, green and rivers, that is, fresh water, or when we see such places, we make an analogy like paradise. When the first pair of people wanted something, it would head towards them (the branches of the Tuba tree reach out or the phoenix).

According to rumors, this bird would pass through a person and leave its own flavor. We are talking about the “Hologram” lives that have become popular in the Metaverse. As it is clear from the divine teachings, the heavenly life makes us think that our universe contains higher dimensions based on the laws of physics. These narratives also show that 4-Dimensional space, the earth’s land that does not belong to Heaven, creates man in the place that belongs to another creation, intertwined with both universal mechanisms. The fruit of the oleander tree, which grew where this high-dimensional creation took place, was not only bitten by a person, but also caused the 7 dimensions of himself to curl inward and the 4-dimensional space-time to spread outward. Perhaps, until that day, a person who tasted hologram flavors felt the need for digestion and defecation by biting into a 4-D fruit for the first time. It was just an act of feeding, but it caused cosmic changes. The birth event is also an indicator of such a change in fact. A person is born into the world without fitting into his own container while living in the womb universe in a state of constant satisfaction with the umbilical cord in the womb…

Universal laws physical rules in inanimate beings Behavioral intelligence in living beings manifests itself in moral values in humans. Everything in the universe has a life and an effort to survive. This acts on the condition that it moves from one phase to the other. Although the continuation of vitality is seen as leaving a similar being to oneself, mankind has managed to become immortal with its ideas and thoughts. Aristotle, one of the immortal thinkers, proposed four basic components of creation. risto’s theory of life is very simply;

Food >> Soil

Drink >> Water

Draw >> Weather

Digest >> Fever (using food as calories)

All our nutrients come from the soil. No, no, actually, the source of all life is the sun, and there are opinions that say that we work on solar energy. Accordingly, sunlight is converted into food by plants, and we consume this food directly or through animals again. But there is another absurdity. During the digestion process, bacteria also eat from us… only when we have 2kg of bacteria in our intestines, up to 10 times as many live with us as with each of our cells. All phages (bacteria) are plasmoid, so they originate from the nature of water. But Viruses (viruses) are of a fever nature, which archaoviruses that can already live at high temperatures are one of the early evolutionary instruments…

We eat the nutrients that mother nature provides us with vegetable or animal food. In nature, we can drink water from a source, as well as find it in the form of milk from the animal’s breasts, or stored in oranges, watermelons, coconuts. Even the quality of the air we breathe changes the quality of life. Oxygen not only cleanses the blood, because it takes on the role of fire, which caustically activates our metabolism. Digesting nutrients includes the category of fire, because during the production of ATP, heat energy is released. This, in turn, provides the energy needed for the continuity of life. In the universe, which is expanding from the hot end to the cold end, the arrow of time flows into the future. Therefore, entropy (heat) energy is needed for movement so that the cost of time energy is paid.

Although we have been talking about Aristotle so far, in fact, we can make a diagnosis because there is a universal rule and harmony. One of the universal rules, the four basic pillars, called the Arch, manifest themselves in many systems as projections of cosmic columns. Again, another rule is the 3rd class rule, which is a double double creation or fire from water, which removes water from fire, age from dry, age from dry, etc. It is based on the parameters we have discovered in the Qur’anic data. For example, hydrogen is flammable, oxygen is flammable, but it is its main component in water. We will also try to advance our ideas through these general valid rules.

We can build our food groups on these four foundations;

1- Cold; Our nutrients belonging to the plant kingdom

2- Hot; All our resources belonging to the animal kingdom

3- Wet ; Natural water resources

4- Dry ; Salt components and mineral elements

For example, animal sources can be divided into 3 classes as meat products, dairy products and a completely different product called honey. Or we can even divide water resources into three, animal, vegetable and mineral (fresh water resources), so that you won’t find a fourth. Not counting the very dense phase environments called plasma, the solid, liquid and gaseous form of matter still follows the 3-class rule, except that even the plasma phase consists of collecting the 3-class rule of another parameter sampled in the form of a cloud called triple point under one roof.

When grouping food sources, they are divided into 6 groups as protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. But because we are looking for a 7 system, the AIR that is missing is actually a kind of our provision called numbered breath. We’ll increase these samples as we go, but let’s face it, our first source of food is air.

All plants convert minerals from the soil into nutrients through photosynthesis. Therefore, the food comes from the soil. According to assumptions, mankind first fed on plants that could be consumed directly. Perhaps they noticed that the most dried fruits last a long time. And at one point in the day, the fire not only burned the place where he fell, but made him blush in his flesh. The smell of cooked meat indicated that the whole flavor had changed.

Here it is necessary to remember the basic rule, which has become the nursery rhyme of pharmacology;

Each substance is a poison, it is only the dose that distinguishes between poison and non-poison.

It is a very important rule to cook foods in their dosage as well. If you keep the meat on the grill too much, the burn layer turns into a carcinogen that threatens not only your taste buds, but also your health. It is desirable that the dish neither remained raw, nor overcooked porridge. These delicate methods of preparation, according to which everything should be in moderation, have established a number of rules.

There is an energy that you spend when you want to cook something. The amount of energy required by the British to cook 1 kg of meat is calculated at 387MJ. The amount of energy required to cook a food is always the same, but it can vary due to pressure, for example, in a pressure cooker, the cooking time is reduced under the influence of high pressure. For this reason, when the conditions and the effects that occur change, the skill called mastery takes over the job. The concept called mastery means that the desired qualities are gained by acting on the processes as they move towards the desired point to be reached and the variables are developed by observing. The skill of a good master is the accumulation of knowledge and experience that occurs in order to get the highest added value from the materials and conditions at hand.


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