Especially recently, those who are curious about the application of jawline filler, which is often mentioned by its name due to the preference of celebrities, Istanbul Medical Aesthetic Physician Dr. tells more about it.

The jawline application has become quite widespread recently. Actually, it would be wrong to say jawline application. It is more accurate to say that the jawline region is being clarified. Because it is not enough to apply only to a specific area, such as the nose, lips, to make the Jawline line obvious.

Can anyone get it done or how is it done?

First of all, before starting this process, the person should be at their ideal weight, even this ideal weight should be in the direction of some weakness. On heavy and excess adipose tissue faces, this line makes itself even more obvious. If the person is at their ideal weight or reaches their ideal weight, the face line should be examined well.

The main point of support for our face is that our cheekbone support should be good. It would be a mistake to practice without cheekbone support. The second priority is the chin tip. As a second step for faces with the chin tip behind, we bring the chin tip to the ideal line. In fact, people can test it themselves at home. If the pencil touches the chin from the side profile at an angle of more than 15-20 degrees, then its jaw is behind, and first they need a chin filler. And finally, the corner of the chin. If the person does not have enough jaw corner support, the Jawline line already appears in most patients after supporting the jaw corner. After the line appears, we can also support the Jawline line if it is necessary to make it even more obvious according to the person’s condition.

Getting more attractive and natural results

Now we are not treating patients as a single region by saying ‘Let’s make lips for you, let’s do under the eyes for you’, no matter what application they want, but as a whole face, which is not a ‘holistic approach’. First, we save the face from negative expressions such as tired, drooping, sad, and then we do applications such as Jawline highlighting that adds charm. It would be a mistake to only make a lip filler for a person with deep lines that go down the edge of the nose, which we call the nasolabial groove. There is even a phrase that I often use ‘First, after making the face neutral from minus, it is necessary to make it positive, that is, attractive.’ Actually, that’s why Jawline highlighting is so popular. Within the framework of the ‘holistic approach’, both the person gets rid of the negative appearance such as tired, drooping and gets a more attractive facial features and a more natural result is obtained with total application.

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