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Dental implants teeth in Antalya Turkey are known to prevent bone loss. Why should we have an implant when our tooth is pulled out, in what cases should the implant be made? Dentist in Turkey, gave information about the subject.

Should the Dentist implant be made?

Dental Implants prevent bone loss. What does this mean? Normally, when a tooth is pulled, the bone tissues in the pulled area melt. This is a physiological meltdown that we don’t want. If an implant is applied to this area immediately after the tooth is removed, this bone loss does not occur. In this way, since there is no bone loss in this area, gum withdrawal is also not seen, and aesthetically much more excellent results occur.

There are no options other than an implant that protects the amount of bone in the attraction area.One of the biggest advantages of the implant is that there is no operation on adjacent teeth. Normally, when you make a fixed bridge, both your teeth adjacent to the gap must be cut. Implants are made only in the shooting cavities and the side two teeth are not touched at all.Implants give you teeth in the most natural appearance. The impression of your own natural tooth during chewing and, of course, the sense of self-confidence that you lose when you smile.

What should be considered in the care of implants?

First, your oral hygiene is very important. As it is important for your natural teeth. Otherwise, you will lose your natural teeth as well as your implants. if you do not perform a rigorous brushing of your implants, your own teeth and gums, swelling, redness, bleeding will begin in your gums as a result of a bacterial attack. This is followed by bone resorption, and destruction continues until implant loss. Of course, caries and gum problems occur in your own teeth in the first place.

As a person who has already decided to have an implant, it means that you will be able to easily achieve hygiene with the level of importance and consciousness that you give yourself. We assume that with a little training and routine checks that will be given by your doctor, you will become a problem-free implant patient.

Another important issue is smoking. You should not smoke, especially as it will negatively affect recovery after surgery.

Does every Turkish dentist implant?

All over the world and in our country, dentists who have been trained in implants do it. Implant trainings are given through various courses or university-based trainings. Implant is a very meticulous and detailed issue. It requires continuity in education. In our country, there are many dentists who successfully perform implants. The relevant dentists develop themselves by taking these trainings abroad or in our country. Implants are now an integral part of General Dentistry.

Another issue that you should evaluate when you want to have an Implant is complete sterilization. Do not doubt that you will use implants that you will make with a successful team and in a sterile environment for many years.

Will I have pain when I have the Implant in Turkey?

Dental implants are placed in the jawbone under local anesthesia. Therefore, you do not feel pain during the operation. 3-4 hours after the operation, you may feel pain when the effect of anesthesia passes. As this level of pain can vary from person to person, it is not in the form of unbearable pain. Of course, contacting a dentist in Turkey will prescribe you painkillers to reduce these pains.