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Hypothyroidism is a disease with insufficient hormone production by the thyroid. Children’s Health and diseases related to hypothyroidism, pediatric endocrinology specialist Prof. Dr. the spokesman said.

Hypothyroidism, known for the small secretion of thyroid hormone in nodules, is a disease that negatively affects the body system. Turkey Medicals member and Child Health and diseases, pediatric endocrinology specialist Prof. Dr.descriptions of the disease…

What causes the formation of the disease?

If thyroid hormones are under-produced due to a problem in the thyroid gland or thyroid hormone synthesis steps, this table is called hypothyroidism.

Does it cause mental and growth retardation?

The most important feature of congenital hypothyroidism is that if treatment is delayed, it can create serious conditions such as intelligence and growth retardation.

What are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?

– Decreased growth rate
– Drowsiness disorder
– Weight gain
– Intolerance to cold
– Dry skin
– Constipation

What happens if there is a delay in knowing the disease?

The most important hormone that provides brain development is the thyroid hormone. Therefore, delay in the treatment of congenital hypothyroidism leads to serious neurological effects at the first 3 years, when brain development is fastest. For example, it causes intelligence and growth retardation in children!

What causes thyroid disorders?

Hashimoto’s disease is the most common cause of thyroid dysfunction in the childhood age group, especially after the age of 5-6 years. This disease, which occurs as a result of the destruction of the thyroid gland by an autoimmune reaction, leads to atrophy and insufficient production of hormones in the cells that produce thyroid hormones. Many factors play a role in the formation of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In addition to a strong genetic transition, viral infection, chemical or hormonal, etc., which causes autoimmune in children. various environmental factors are also effective.

Is there a cure for hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism child treatment occurs when the missing thyroid hormone is replaced. The amount of L – thyroxine required by the child is given as a single daily dose and dose adjustment is made with thyroid hormone tests performed at regular intervals. 3 in some cases of congenital hypothyroidism, which is thought to be temporary. at age, the drug is discontinued and the table is evaluated. In children with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, thyroid hormone therapy is also performed when hypothyroidism occurs. Drug dose adjustment is performed with regular follow-up and additional treatments are given for these problems if there are other accompanying diseases.


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Born on August 7, 1963 in Çorum, Prof. Dr. Alper Demirbaş has been continuing his work as the President of MedicalPark Antalya Hospital Organ Transplantation Center since 2008.

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