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Turkish Pharmacist made important warnings about vitamin and mineral supplements in that egg. Stating that cardiovascular and liver problems will increase in coming years due to unconscious use, Pharmacist also warned against selenium eggs in grocery stores.

President of the Pharmacists’ Chamber, said that the most valuable thing for metabolism instead of food supplements is to take them naturally. It is worth noting that no fortified foods should be used, regardless of the level of minerals and vitamins, warned the citizens.

Cardiovascular problems will occur in society

 Pharmacist made the following warnings about food supplements:

“It is said that it is natural, it is organic, it is a food supplement, nothing will happen. Along with this, cardiovascular and liver problems will occur in the society very seriously in the coming years. We say that you should not use them without consulting your doctor, recommending your pharmacist, and especially having your levels of these vitamins and minerals measured.

Because none of them are innocent, but because they are advertised through ads as if they are innocent, natural and organic, society uses them in faith.

The demand for vitamin d has increased

Vitamin D is the most popular thing with the recent pandemic. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that is very difficult for you to get rid of toxic poisoning, which we call intoxication, to get rid of troubles. Because it melts in oil. It may take a few years for it to be removed from the body. The most basic task of vitamin D is to contribute to the withdrawal of calcium from the intestines. When you overeat, there is an excess of calcium in the body, which we call hypercalcemia.

When there is too much calcium, it also leads to dementia, fainting, more importantly, very serious heart problems, problems that disrupt the heart rhythm.

More are storming cytokines

Vitamin C doctors also recommend a lot during the pandemic period, we also recommend it. But the excess of vitamin C causes a cytokine storm. It will be very difficult for you to get ahead of it. The simplest problem is gastritis, heartburn, diarrhea in the first place. But these are the most innocent side effects.”

Beware of selenium eggs in grocery stores!

Stating that food supplement products are sold even in grocery stores, Pharmacist emphasized that they should not be used irresponsibly and said:

“Citizens are saying, ’what about iron, we always need iron, blood maker’. Excess iron also has a lot of troubles. Now there are eggs with selenium in grocery stores. These cause advanced kidney and liver damage. We say don’t use it irresponsibly, take it if you need it. So, how to tell from a shelf in a grocery store whether you need it or not? It’s on sale there, inserts are being made, ‘Buy 3, pay 2.’ Oh how lovely.

Use it if the doctor has recommended it, if it is within his knowledge. Other than that, do not consider any organic, natural or food supplements innocent. As an example, I say this. Oleander plant is organic natural, when it was claimed that it is good for cancer, because of an irresponsible explanation, many cancer patients saw it as a hope, drank it and lost their lives. There were obesity drugs sold on the Internet, how many markets they put out.”

There is no advertising in medicine

Warning citizens that it is necessarily problematic if the products sold on the Internet are sold cheaply, Pharmacist noted:

“The price of the drug is single. The authority is the Ministry of Health. Many market lights went out in this one too. The drug does not have advertising. Because the most basic purpose of advertising is to direct it to consumption. They look at trade in the national and international company. A pharmacist is not a merchant. The pharmacist has no customers. Either he has a patient, or he has a sick relative.

Of course, I can’t read this part of the intention to say if celebrities are using it or if it’s an ad saying that they are using it. These should be strongly avoided. I think that cardiovascular, liver and kidney problems will increase in Turkey in the near future. Because it is used very irresponsibly.

The danger of spoilage of products on the internet

Internet and pharmacy prices are different. The manufacturer of this is one. Why would he give it expensive to the guy who pays properly and cheaper to the other one? If there is a low price, there is a problem here.

There have been problems with storage conditions, deterioration has begun, its effectiveness has decreased. He gives it to someone for half the price so as not to throw it away.”