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”One of the most important indicators of our health is our vascular age,” said, listing 3 ways to calculate this and what needs to be done against rapid vascular aging…

The rate of vascular aging varies depending on the person’s risk burden, which means that the greater the risk factor, the faster they age. For example, a 40-year-old person’s vascular age may be 70 or even 80. That means his health is under threat. Here are questions about Insidious vascular aging and a specialist in Cardiovascular

Turkey Medicals member and Turkish Surgeon Professor Doctor in Antalya Turkey. HY’s responses…


Human age (calendar age, biological age) can be evaluated by taking into account many factors, and our vascular age may also be different from our calendar age. The most important result of vascular aging, which we define as cardiovascular diseases, is responsible for one out of every 3 deaths in developed countries. Rapid vascular aging and vascular diseases and risk factors health boosts that starts are as follows: in the family, cardiovascular disease, advanced age, male gender, diabetes, hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol, high LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good) cholesterol, high triglyceride levels, high CRP (signs of inflammation), stress, and inactivity.

Although there are factors that cannot be changed, such as genetics and gender, to delay vascular aging and prevent their disease, we can eliminate or reduce modifiable risk factors such as lifestyle and habits. We should regulate factors that we can control, such as smoking, inactivity, eating, quit smoking, eat Mediterranean-style, stay away from foods containing salt and sugar and additives, keep our blood sugar, blood pressure under control and pay attention to our mental health.


Framingham scoring: vascular age, total cholesterol, HDL, high blood pressure, age, smoking, diabetes, such as the answers to questions about risk factors can be calculated by the score created by.

Pulse Wave Velocity: by calculating the increase in vascular blood flow rate with Doppler ultrasound, vascular stenosis and vascular age can be measured.

CIMT (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness): vascular age can be calculated by measuring the thickness of the muscle that forms the inner layer and middle layer of the carotid novelization.
How do we protect our veins from Covid-19?


The best way to do this is to protect yourself from the disease itself. Covid-19 causes inflammation in the vascular structure, damage to the internal surface cells of the vessel, spasm and widespread clotting, leading to vascular blockage and disrupting the nutrition of the target organ. However, heart failure develops directly due to damage to heart muscle cells. In many people who bypass Covid-19 and regain health, this damage continues and causes serious cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, first of all, in the covid-19 pandemic, the mask is a blood thinner recommended by doctors for vascular health, etc., to protect against the disease by following the rules of distance and hygiene, etc. such medications should be used regularly.

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President of Organ Transplant Center at MedicalPark Hospital Antalya

Turkey's world-renowned organ transplant specialist. Dr. Demirbaş has 104 international publications and 102 national publications.

Physician's Resume:

Born on August 7, 1963 in Çorum, Prof. Dr. Alper Demirbaş has been continuing his work as the President of MedicalPark Antalya Hospital Organ Transplantation Center since 2008.

Prof. who performed the first tissue incompatible kidney transplant in Turkey, the first blood type incompatible kidney transplant, the first kidney-pancreas transplant program and the first cadaveric donor and live donor liver transplant in Antalya. Dr. As of August 2016, Alper Demirbaş has performed 4900 kidney transplants, 500 liver transplants and 95 pancreas transplants.

In addition to being the chairman of 6 national congresses, he has also been an invited speaker at 12 international and 65 national scientific congresses. Dr. Alper Demirbaş was married and the father of 1 girl and 1 boy.


Eczacibasi Medical Award of 2002, Akdeniz University Service Award of 2005, Izder Medical Man of the Year Award of 2006, BÖHAK Medical Man of the Year Award of 2007, Sabah Mediterranean Newspaper Scientist of the Year Award of 2007, ANTIKAD Scientist of the Year Award of 2009, Social Ethics Association Award of 2010, Işık University Medical Man of the Year Award of 2015, VTV Antalya's Brand Value Award of 2015.


Doctor of Medicine Degree Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Ankara, General Surgeon Ministry of Health Turkey EKFMG (0-477-343-8), University of Miami School of Medicine Member of Multiple Organ Transplant, ASTS Multiorgan Transplant Scholarship. Lecturer at Kyoto University. Lecturer at University of Essen, Research assistant at the University of Cambridge .

Professional Members:

American Society of Transplant Surgeons, American Transplantation Society Nominated, Middle East and Southern Africa Council Transplantation Society 2007, International Liver Transplantation Association, Turkish Transplantation Association, Turkish Society of Surgery, Turkish Hepatobiliary Surgery Association.


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