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The main purpose of Turkey holistic dentistry is to solve your dental problems by affecting the rest of your body as little as possible. Side effects are taken into account and the complications that may occur are tried to be reduced.

As Turkish dentists, the first task should be to avoid using materials that will harm health or create health problems in the future, regardless of what happens. Our experience shows us that there are no diseases, there are patients. A material or material that does not cause problems for thousands of people can cause problems for one person. In such cases, dentists should not say, ‘No, it’s impossible, there are no such complications or side effects of this substance’.

We can read many complications such as ringing, electrification, changes in taste in some patients as patient complaints in some foreign forums of implants that are applied smoothly in millions of people and do not cause problems, although it is rare. In the same way, although they are done very properly in Turkey patients undergoing root canal treatment, we can witness various complications.


At the moment, as in other European countries, they are fighting to make mercury fillings that are completely filled in the USA, and we hope that this poisonous material can be withdrawn from the market in the near future. Until then, it’s up to you to refuse mercury fillings or find a dentist who chooses safer options. In summary, biological dentistry considers teeth and gums as a whole part of your entire body, and all medical treatments take this fact into account.

The main purpose of this type of holistic dentistry is; it is to solve your dental problems by affecting the rest of your body as little as possible.

Do not forget that your health can be significantly affected by treatments taken in your traditional dentist’s office.

Most often the effect is not immediately noticeable.


Currently, implants continue to be applied without a biocompatibility test and are often used in extraction sites where inflammation develops.

Autoimmune diseases are often exacerbated or even begin with metal implants. In addition, an event called oral galvan transplant occurs when you insert two different metals into your mouth. From metals, you create a battery that will serve to take the ions of metals into your mouth and at the same time generate electricity. You may not realize it, but a small electrical current is the basis of the biological functioning of your body and the source of a foreign power, especially when introducing a product that is constantly there, can reveal imbalances that can contribute to health problems.

This galvanic toxicity occurs when the metal in your mouth reacts with your saliva, over-stimulating your brain. This indicates whether the metal in your mouth is a silver filler, a metal coating, or a metal implant.


A taste of metal in your mouth

Feeling of electric charge when using metal utensils

Chronic insomnia

It is a difficult task to find suitable materials that will replace the metals already used. However, you can now choose a much better option if it is necessary to replace an entire tooth.

Dental caries (cavities) is a reflection of common diseases in your body. If you allow the caries to progress to the place where it enters the nerves and blood vessels, the bacteria will hide in the tiny cavities of the tooth. It is impossible to eliminate the inflammation that has been going on for a long time, and this phenomenon can lead to infection. That is, never postpone the treatment of problems such as toothache or caries.


In the root canals, almost all of them contain colonies of bacteria that can cause major diseases in your body. In such cases, antibiotics will not have an effect because the bacteria are protected inside your dead tooth. And when these bacteria settle in other parts of your body through your bloodstream, they can cause more serious conditions such as these. These diseases are as follows:

– Heart and circulatory diseases

– Rheumatism and articular rheumatism

– Diseases of the brain and nervous system

Taking control of your dental health is as important as proper nutrition and exercise for physical health. The two are interconnected, not separate systems; each affects the other.


An interesting discovery in the 1900s during his research by inserting infected teeth that he received from humans into the bodies of other animals. The same chronic health problem and even death occurs in the animal shortly after the tooth, let’s say, is placed under the rabbit’s skin, for whatever reason the former owner of the tooth suffered. That is why we call it not only the presence of bacteria in the body that creates systemic dysfunction, but also the concentration of toxins produced by these bacteria. Dr. Thanks to Price’s work on the effect of dental root canals on systemic health, we now know that they can cause the following health problems today:

Cardiovascular diseases

Pain and pains due to inflammation caused by the body

Diseases related to the brain

Diseases of the nervous system

Weakness in the immune system




The first step we can take to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases or cancer is to keep your teeth and gums healthy and caries-free. So how can we do this?

Teeth will be brushed regularly at least twice a day

Dental floss will be used

If possible, the toothbrush will be replaced every three months

Dead cells and bacteria in the tongue will be removed by scraping with a special tool or the edge of a spoon

Fluorine and chemical-free toothpaste will be used

Acidic foods and drinks will not be consumed much

Hydration will be provided with clean/purified water

A healthy diet will be.


The high predictability and long-term success of implant treatment is well documented. Complications arise, as they can happen after all kinds of prosthetic or surgical procedures. In recent years, a number of authors have looked specifically at implant-related complications and care needs.

When integration with bone tissue occurs, which we call osseointegration, complications can be divided into biological and mechanical ones. Biological complications, including adverse soft tissue reactions, sensory disturbances, progressive marginal bone loss, and loss of integration, have been reported in the literature.

Mechanical complications may include fractures or loosening of components in the system. The etiology and frequency of these complications are not fully understood due to the inability to establish standards in data collection methods.

Calling dentist patients with dental implants for regular check-ups can be minimized or such complications can be prevented. These usually include patient satisfaction, oral hygiene compliance, occlusal compliance, implant and prosthesis durability, general soft and hard fairy-implant tissue health, and radiographic follow-up evaluation.


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