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Stating that diabetes is linked to both genetic predisposition and lifestyle, Internal Medicine Specialist listed the important symptoms of hidden sugar.

“If a person’s blood sugar level is high compared to the normal rate, but not high enough to diagnose diabetes, it means that the person has hidden sugar. Hidden sugar, called pre-diabetes, generally covers the period before diabetes occurs. If the problem of insulin resistance in hidden sugar, which is more common in obese and overweight people, cannot be solved, the risk of hidden sugar returning to Type 2 diabetes increases.”

Turkey iHealth member Antalya hospital clinic department Internal Medicine Specialist, gave important information.

What are the symptoms of hidden sugar?

– Gaining and losing excess weight at once,

– Increased desire to eat sweets,

– Constantly feeling hungry,

– Sugar drop,

– Do not doze off during the day,

– Irritability and anger problems,

– Blurred vision,

– Weakness and fatigue,

– Anxiety,

– Depression,

– Waking up hard in the morning,

– Increased feeling of thirst,

– Deterioration of blood sugar during pregnancy.

How is the diagnosis made?

A blood sugar or oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) can be performed to detect hidden sugar. In order for these tests to be applied, the person must remain hungry overnight. When it comes to fasting blood sugar, blood sugar is measured before breakfast. In OGTT, after fasting and drinking a glucose-rich drink, 2. sugar measurement is performed again per hour.

Who’s at risk?

The most important symptom of hidden sugar is a sudden hunger that develops. A person with hidden sugar first multiplies his meals, and then Dec time between meals is shortened. Because he starts to get hungry very quickly. Meal breaks Dec from 4-4.5 hours to 2-3 hours. A person with an increased degree of hunger turns to sweets in order to regain control of falling blood sugar levels.

– Those who have problems with excess weight,

– Those with a family history of diabetes,

– The width of the waist circumference is 102 in men and over 88 in women,

– People with high triglyceride levels,

– Those with low HDL cholesterol levels,

– Hypertension patients are at risk.

Who should take the secret sugar test?

– Those over the age of 40,

– Those with a body mass index above 25,

– Anyone who carries one or more of the above-mentioned risk factors should take the necessary tests.

Hidden diabetics have a higher risk of developing heart disease

The most important feature of hidden sugar is that it both turns into diabetes and increases the rate of developing other diseases. Studies conducted on this subject show that the rate of heart and vascular disease in hidden diabetics increases exactly 2-fold. Moreover, this risk increases 4-fold in diabetics.

If hidden sugar is detected early, this risk can be minimized if improvements are made in lifestyle and nutrition.

Is there a cure?

Lifestyle and nutrition constitute the treatment of hidden sugar. The goal is to bring the blood sugar level to normal levels. In this context, a completely personalized nutrition and exercise program is prepared. It is ensured that the person eats healthier, stays away from sugar, moves more. Thanks to this, the risk of developing diabetes is minimized.