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Today, as in every field, dental treatments can be completed in as little as an hour thanks to the digital technology that has developed in the field of health. Since dental patients in Turkey do not need to go to the clinic many times, they no longer avoid treatment, they can see from the screen how their teeth will be after treatment.

Attractive, healthy teeth indicate the quality of life, make us more confident in ourselves. A happy smile is the most natural right of every person. This is also one of the most important parts of our daily lives. Self-confidence also plays a big role for our social environment and psychology.

How happy can we laugh as a society? Do we have the teeth to laugh happily? We often encounter people who have advanced caries in their mouth because they do not pay attention to their dental health, or who feel the need to close their mouth with their hand while laughing due to dental problems.

So, what can dentists do to solve such problems? What treatment opportunities do digital technologies that are developing today offer for patients? There are treatments to solve such problems with our teeth: such as surgical interventions and orthodontic treatments with braces. However, these may not make our smile beautiful sometimes. This is not a problem without a solution. Digital technologies are coming to the rescue of dentists and patients in such situations.


10-15 years ago, it was even a dream to share photos on the phone, but nowadays you can make video calls wherever you are in the world. This technological progress has also rapidly affected dentistry, so much so that it is enough to move our camera around the teeth to take an image from the inside of the mouth. After about 8-10 minutes of operation, we produce the patient’s tooth and finish the single tooth treatment within 45 minutes.

The most important obstacle for patients to accept dental treatments was the long treatment sessions and the really high aesthetic expectation of the patients. High-quality, attractive and tooth-colored fillings are now easier thanks to digital technologies. The digital technology system provides long-lasting and aesthetic treatment opportunities in one session, without long treatment sessions. Digital technology system is a computer-aided application that is performed for all ceramic fillings, crowns and veneers in just one appointment.

What is the digital technology system treatment procedure?

First of all, the dentist meticulously prepares the tooth by cleaning the carious or damaged area. Then, with the help of a digital technology system camera, it takes a 3D image of your tooth and sends the data to the computer. The dentist designs the filling or crown to be formed from a ceramic block, and the digital technology milling system produces this design.

What are the advantages of the digital technology system for patients?

First of all, it saves time. The digital technology system is designed, manufactured and applied to the patient, the restoration of which takes place only in one treatment session. Patients do not need to come to the clinic more than once for several weeks to be treated. Patients do not have to travel with a temporary filling material in their mouth until their final prosthesis is ready. We used to cover the remaining tissue with a temporary filling material until the restoration was prepared in the laboratory after the carious tissue was removed. After that, the patient would call us within a few days to complain that the temporary filler had fallen off or that he had accidentally swallowed it in his sleep. In this case, we had to call the patient back to the clinic and renew his temporary filling. These troubles have been left behind thanks to digital dentistry.


There is no need for applications that disturb patients such as silicone measurements. Patients do not bite the measuring spoon for minutes. Thus, it is prevented that their mouths become numb or their jaws ache. In addition, taking silicone measurements in patients with a gag reflex turns into torture for both the patient and the doctor. Thanks to digital cameras, this is also prevented. In the digital technology method, the dentist takes an image of the patient’s teeth in seconds with the help of a small camera and transfers it to the computer. In addition, restorations produced with a digital technology system are one of the longest-lasting types of restoration. This has been proven by long-term clinical studies.

How reliable are the digital dentistry applications you described?

We all see that new applications are coming out with claims that they will make great strides in the health sector, but then their use gradually decreases or they are completely eliminated when side effects are seen. The digital technology system is, in fact, not a new system. We can say that the digital technology system we use today is now the fifth generation. Currently, 2 percent of dental clinics in Turkey have it. We are also within this 2 percent.

What kind of process awaits patients who say ‘I want to improve my smile’ when they arrive?

First we look at whether orthodontic treatment is needed. Then prosthetic planning comes into play. At this point, we are using digital dentistry and a digital technology system. First, images are taken with a pen-sized camera from inside the mouth. Then these images are processed on the computer. You are shaping the restoration that you will make on the created digital model. And then the computer-aided manufacturing system digs your design out of a ceramic block. The dentist inserts the manufactured prosthesis into the patient’s mouth and the treatment is completed.


What opportunities does digital dentistry offer in aesthetic treatment?

Thanks to digital dentistry in medicals Turkey, it is possible to reduce the number of sessions in aesthetic treatments as well as in other treatments. But the biggest advantage is that it gives clear information about how the patient will look before starting treatment and after treatment. Thanks to this, dentist patients are able to choose their appearance before starting treatment. The changes that we made together with the patient on the three-dimensional image on the screen are reflected directly in the restorations that will be produced. After the treatment, we can take images of the patient again and show him how close we are to the appearance we chose together before the clinic treatment in Ankara, Antalya and Istanbul, Turkey.

Does what we call dental aesthetics go parallel with health?

– People with an aesthetic smile have an increased self-confidence, and this, in turn, affects their behavior in society.

– Self-confident people are becoming more comfortable, and this, in turn, positively affects their psychology.

– Therefore, we can say that aesthetics has a direct relationship with health.

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