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If there are no major underlying health problems, you can get healthy, radiant and lush hair in these ways. Here’s the formula for revitalizing your hair, which is deflated by unbalanced nutrition, stress and the wrong habits…

Your hair is affected very quickly by external factors, while some wrong habits, stress, unbalanced diet, such as conditions wear out more. Turkey Medicals member and private hospital in Antalya dermatology Specialist Dr, talks about the easy and simple ways to get healthy hair, in which cases it is necessary to go to the Turkish doctor, was said.


When washing, combing or spontaneously, 50-100 pieces of hair in the resting phase are considered commonplace in a day. But if the amount shed daily exceeds 100 strands, if you feel a significant reduction in your hair, if your hair strands are gradually thinning, if you receive warnings from your environment that your hair is decreasing, you should not neglect to consult a doctor. If there is no white exclamation mark-shaped sheath at the root of the spilled hair, even if the amount spilled is below 100 strands, if the hair looks broken or torn where the root should be, do not forget to seek help from a doctor again. Because behind hair loss can lie many health problems, from iron deficiency to rheumatism, thyroid diseases to zinc and biotin deficiency. The problem with the disease late when referenced physician and the underlying factors it can grow even more, and also the hair loss can become permanent. Istanbul Hospital Dermatology Specialist Dr. made important suggestions, noting that hair loss can be stopped if the cause of this cheesy table is not a serious disease, and sometimes even the hair can be so healthy and lush that it has never fallen out.


Frequent mistakes play an important role in hair loss. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to our habits for healthy and lush hair.

Wash every day, not every day

Avoid washing your hair every day and with too hot water. Wash with warm and not too pressurized water every day with a shampoo suitable for your hair type. Do not use shampoo or soap more than 2 times every wash. Gently massage the scalp during shampooing.

Don’t shape it often

Do not blow-dry more than once a week or shape it with a straightener /tongs. Avoid methods such as hair dye, perm as much as possible.

Opt for sparse toothed combs

Comb your hair daily, while doing this, choose a sparse toothed comb or brushes with natural bristles.


It is very important to care internally for lush hair. The path to this is through healthy and adequate nutrition. Meet your Protein needs with these nutrients.

Try to provide your need for protein that nourishes hair follicles and ensures hair growth from beans, lentils, eggs, fat-free yogurt and cheese.

For zinc, consume 6 tablespoons of legumes

Zinc has an important function such as stimulating hair bottoms and regulating the metabolism of cells located in this area. Dermatologist Dr. said, daily 1 serving ( 6 tablespoons dehydrated) legumes, 150 g of red meat/ fish or 1 handful of almonds/peanuts will be enough to meet the amount of zinc needed for your hair, he notes.

Meet your biotin needs with chicken

Another vitamin necessary for healthy hair is biotin (vitamin H, B7). Consume liver, kidney, mussels, lobsters, Trout, chicken breasts 2-3 times a week, egg yolks, legumes, cauliflower or potatoes once a week to meet your biotin needs.

2 bowls of yogurt every day is very important

Do not forget to consume 2 slices of cheese or 2 cups of milk or 2 bowls of yogurt every day. For example, 2 bowls of medium-sized yogurt that you will consume regularly will be an important source of protein and calcium for your hair.

Don’t forget green leafy green vegetables for vitamin A

For healthy Fue hair treatments in Turkey, during you can meet vitamin A from green leafy vegetables and fresh greens.

A handful of walnuts, nuts or almonds

It is useful to consume a handful of walnuts, nuts or almonds every day, Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, to maintain the natural cycle of hair.

Protect your hair follicles with 1 carrot

A carrot that you will consume daily protects the hair roots and scalp, provides hair growth, shine and durability.

1 coffee spoon inner pumpkin seeds

Consuming as much as 1 coffee cup of inner pumpkin seeds daily meets the amount of phytoestrogen needed for healthy hair.


Take advantage of these practices. Turkey Medicals specialist added, “The methods that can be applied against hair loss is as follows:”

Vitamins, serum, shampoo. Oral vitamins, appropriate serums and shampoos are recommended according to the person’s history, examination and examination results are combined.Mesotherapy: The Turkish mesotherapy method applied by experts is the gold standard in terms of its results. In mesotherapy, ready-made cocktails or mixtures prepared by your doctor are injected into the middle layer of your skin with the help of cooling sprays and very thin needles in sterile conditions. Thanks to this method, the slowed blood flow in the hair follicles is accelerated, while the vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed by the hair are delivered directly to the vessels closest to the hair. 6-8 sessions will be applied at intervals of two weeks, this process is enough to take about 15-20 minutes.

PRP: again, PRP (plateletrichplasma – platelet-rich serum), which should be applied by experts, is also another method that is considered the gold standard for the treatment of hair loss in Turkey. The method of applying platelets and growth factors contained in plasma separated from a person’s own blood by special methods to the scalp is called PRP. Just as with mesotherapy, it needs to be applied by the Turkish specialist in sterile conditions. 6-8 sessions every 2 weeks are enough.

Turkey Hair transplant: Hair transplantation surgery is another option in cases where all the treatments applied are insufficient or late, especially in male patients.

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