Genital aesthetics are among the methods that women have often benefited from in recent years. Genital aesthetic methods, which are sometimes performed to eliminate factors that cause physical problems, and sometimes only negatively affect women from a psychological point of view, can have results that make them laugh. Here’s what to know about genital aesthetics…

Genital aesthetic by surgeon in Turkey are among the methods that women have often benefited from in recent years. Genital aesthetic methods, which are sometimes performed to eliminate factors that cause physical problems, and sometimes only negatively affect women from a psychological point of view, can have results that make them laugh. Genital aesthetic interventions that eliminate the problem with the most appropriate method, taking into account the needs, expectations and complaints of the patient, can often also allow patients to regain the comfort of sex life. Among these initiatives, one of the most preferred is labioplasty.


Labioplasty is an operation performed to give the outer lips and inner lips in the vagina a more aesthetic appearance. The inner lips are moist tissues located just below the outer lips, invisible from the outside, rich in blood vessel and nerve endings. The inner and outer lips are two pieces and merge just above the clitoris. For the most part, the outer lips cover the inner lips while the legs are closed. But sometimes the inner lips can also have a drooping or asymmetric appearance, and in this case the inner lips appear under the outer lips when viewed from the outside. At this point, labioplasty surgery comes into play.

This operation, which can also be performed to correct the asymmetric appearance of the inner lips, can also be performed so that the sagging inner lips gain a smaller form. Saggy inner lips disturb women not only from a psychological point of view, but also from a physical point of view. A variety of ailments can be experienced due to friction, and women also experience problems such as the inability to wear tight clothing due to this problem. Women who experience different problems in their sex life, such as self-confidence problems, use their preference in favor of the genital aesthetic method in question.


Since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, the patient will not be able to feel any pain or pain. During labioplasty, the excess tissue is removed and the inner lips are given a more symmetrical, aesthetically smooth appearance. Recovery time is also very comfortable for the patient. It is necessary to stay away from environments such as the sea, pool, sauna and hammam only against the risk of infection during the healing period.

At the same time, the patient is prescribed antibiotic medication. It will be useful for patients to make their choice for this operation in favor of experienced doctors. In this way, you can encounter results that make you laugh. Especially in Istanbul and Antalya, The Obstetrician and gynecologist op. Dr. Experienced physicians save patients from their complaints using the latest techniques. Genital aesthetic interventions make it possible for the patient to have a more comfortable life.


Vaginoplasty is also one of the most common operations. For women who experience the problem of vaginal enlargement due to various reasons, this initiative gives the vagina a narrower form. For this reason, the operation in question is popularly called ‘vagina narrowing surgery’. Elements such as difficult births, having given birth in large numbers, or advancing age lead to the problem of vaginal enlargement. This brings with IT problems such as the sound coming from the vagina during sexual intercourse. As a result, problems such as loss of self-confidence in women, sexual reluctance can also occur.

The easiest way to eliminate all these problems is to have vagina narrowing surgery. The duration of the operation is not the same in every patient, but it is usually completed between 30-60 Minutes. In addition, it is possible to perform labioplasty surgery in the same session together with this operation. Accompanied by a short and smooth recovery period, it is possible for the patient to get rid of the problems they experience due to the enlargement of the vagina.


Anesthesia is applied to the patient before this operation, which is performed to narrow the vagina. It is not possible for the patient to feel any pain or pain thanks to general anesthesia. During the operation, the vagina is narrowed by 3-4 cm. The excess tissue is removed through an incision, and then sutures are applied. Since self-dissolving sewing threads are used in the body, there is no need to remove stitches later. Recovery time also varies from patient to patient, but let’s also note that there is no operation that requires clinical rest. For this operation, the Obstetrician and Gynecologist operator doctor in Antalya are the most preferred. Many elements such as being experienced, serving in a very central area of Antalya, communicating with their patients and answering all the patient’s questions in detail are the route of women for vaginoplasty.


Perineoplasty is an operation performed to correct the perineum region in an aesthetic sense. This operation, which can also be performed simultaneously with vagina narrowing, that is, vaginoplasty, can be a deep-rooted solution to the problems experienced due to the irregular appearance of the perineum. The area of the perineum is the section between the entrance to the vagina and the anus. Episiotomy incisions do not heal properly during childbirth, which can cause protrusions or depressions in this area. The problem in question negatively affects women not only from a physical point of view, but also from a psychological point of view. Therefore, women benefit from perineoplasty to get rid of this problem they experience.


This operation is performed to correct the folds in the perineum area and eliminate the skin protrusions. Before the operation, the patient is subjected to anesthesia, and thanks to anesthesia, it is also impossible for the patient to feel pain or pain. The operation, which is performed by applying an incision to the skin, removing excess tissue or folds, and then applying stitches, is completed in a short time. Patients do not need to take a long break from work or daily life to benefit from this operation. We can say that the recovery time after the operation is also very short. At the same time, since clinical rest is not required, the patient is discharged shortly after surgery.


Clitoris aesthetics are also commonly referred to by names such as ‘aesthetics to increase sexual pleasure’. This operation is performed to eliminate excess tissue on the clitoris, that is, folding. Because the presence of excess tissue on the clitoris leads to the result that women cannot junkle during sexual intercourse, and therefore the patient’s sex life is also negatively affected. It is possible to eliminate this problem, which leads to problems such as inability to orgasm, with the operation performed in only one session.

Sagging tissue on the clitoris has similar results. Sometimes genetic factors, sometimes elements such as weight loss, can lead to sagging of this tissue. Age progression can also lead to the formation of wrinkles in this area. But removing excess tissue with the operation in question allows more stimulation of the clitoris, and it also makes it possible for women to get rid of the problem they are experiencing.


Every woman can benefit from hudoplasty surgery if there is no health problem that prevents the operation. The operation is performed under anesthesia and no pain or pain is felt. Excess tissue is removed through the incision and then stitched to the place where the incision is applied with sutures that melt spontaneously in the body. In this way, the operation will also be completed. If the patient does not have a complaint, it is possible to be discharged on the same day. You may just need a few days rest at hotel or home in Turkey.

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